Weed Measurements Guide [Marijuana Quantities, Weights, Prices]

In the weed world, gram, eighth, quarter, and ounce are the terms that are frequently used for weed measurements. 

Moreover, these quantities are not referred to simply as they weigh rather, they have separate slangs in the real world. 

As you will go to buying weed, you might hear the terms like dime bag, dub, or zip. These are some terms that are used for buying a specific quantity of weed. 

Don’t worry! If you too are new to these complex terms. We’ll help you to know everything easily. 

Let’s get started:

Weed Measurement Guide


Weed Measurements: Different Quantities

In the marijuana world, due to strict legal policies and restrictions, you cannot deal in large quantities. Hence, smaller units are more used for purchase by the common people. 

Though medical patients have some more relaxation. 

Therefore, if you will head to buy weed then most probably you will be dealing under one ounce of weed in most of the places. 

So, what are the different quantities that are popular in the weed market? Let’s find out:

1. Gram

A gram is quite a common quantity of weed for measurement. It is the 1000th part of a kilogram. A gram of weed can easily fit in your palm or even in between your fingertips. 

Practically, to make it easier for you to understand, a gram of weed is enough for you to give a few joints. Though it depends on how you roll still you can enjoy it for a while. 

Moreover, there are even smaller quantities in grams that people use. Such as ½ gram and ¼ gram. However, it completely depends on the consumer that how much they want to use. 

What is the slang used for a gram of weed?

As said before, in the real world, people use slang for purchasing a specific quantity of weed. Hence, even to buy a gram of weed, there is slang used, which is “dime bag.” 

Though depending upon the region, you are living, slang might differ but, in most states, and cannabis-oriented locations a dime bag refers to the one gram of marijuana. 

Therefore, practically people refer to “dime bag” if they want to purchase one gram of weed.

How much does a dime bag costs?

Well, the price of weed depends upon many factors. Such as strain, potency, and location. If you are buying weed from the legal areas where weed is permitted then perhaps a dime bag might cost you around $10 to $20. 

Keep in mind that the quality of bud can affect the price, so, you must consider these factors as well while purchasing weed. 

However, on average, in most of the regions, a gram of weed should not cost more than $20. 

2. Dub 

It is two grams of weed. It is a higher quantity than a gram yet a dub in different regions might refer to a different quantity as well. However, under industry standards and weed world, a dub of bud refers to 2 grams of weed.

Just like a gram of marijuana, dub can also fit in your palms as it is hardly two nuggets of cannabis. For the smokers out there, a dub should give around five joints to smoke. 

How much does a dub Costs?

A dub refers to 2 grams of marijuana and therefore, it costs you around $30 on average. Again, different factors should be considered as well. At some places, a dub can cost you just $20, however, if you are buying a good quality strain then the price can as differ as $40. 

Overall, for beginner smokers weed is generally purchased in small quantity and hence, a dub of bud can be a go-to option for smoking.

3. Eighth 

Finally, now we are moving to the higher quantities. And, an eighth of bud is quite common among the weeders. 

Basically, it is 1/8th of an ounce. That accurately refers to 3.5 grams of weed. Although some medical dispensaries might offer 4 grams of weed just to make things easier. Still, technically, if we are talking about an eighth of bud then it means we are referring to 3.5 grams. 

What are the slang terms used for an eighth of bud?

In the real world, terms like half a quarter, slice, edify, and cut are used for an eighth of bud. These terms differ according to the regions. However, depending upon your location slang can differ but if you use eight of bud then it can do the job for you as well. 

Keep in mind, you have to make clear what and how much you want in any way. This is what matters overall.

How much does half a quarter can cost you?

Ok, this is where the price starts putting some pressure on your wallet. As said earlier, it is quite a common quantity for the smokers out there therefore, you can find different strains priced accordingly. 

Still, the average price of eight of bud ranges between $25 to $45. The better the quality of bud the higher the price!

4. Quarter

This is somewhat you are now into the bulk category. A quarter exactly refers to 7 grams of weed. 

Well, for the other things quarter can be a smaller quantity. However, as the weed regulations and laws are quite regulated that is why it is now under somewhat bulk category where weeders can enjoy weed for some days with the possession of a quarter of buds. 

As 7 grams of weed can easily get you around fifteen joints. 

However, how much the weed stock lasts depends on the consumption and how you roll as well.

What is the practical reference for the quarter of bud?

Practically, people refer to “quad” (two-eighth) while talking about a quarter of bud. Although regionally, there are different nicknames used for the reference to a quarter of weed.

How much does a quarter of weed costs?

Around $50 to $80. If you are buying from a reputed store then perhaps you can get a better-quality strain around $60. However, the initial price for 7 grams of weed can cost you an average of around $50 more or less. 

Keep in mind that weed price matters on many of the other things as well. So, you can buy accordingly after research.

5. Half Ounce

Now, we are dealing in a bulk quantity of weed. As half an ounce is 14 grams of weed and for the smokers out there it is the quantity that can keep them high for a few more days. Again, it depends on the frequency of usage. 

Still, half an ounce or 14 grams of weed is enough for beginner weeders to last around 3-4 days. As half ounces of weed can easily get you around 30 joints. 

For the smokers who smoke one gram or less per day, possession of half-ounce weed can even last for a week as well. Overall, it depends on how much you use.

What are the slangs used for half an ounce?

Half-O, half a zip, or half an O are the slangs that people use for referring to buy 14 grams of weed. Commonly half a zip can be easily understandable for the people as one ounce is referred to as zipping

How much the price is there for half an ounce?

On average, half an ounce of weed costs around $100 to $140. If you are looking to buy a premium marijuana strain then the price can get even higher. Still, on average, you can buy quality buds for $100 weighing half an ounce. 

6. An ounce or Full Ounce

An ounce is 28 grams of weed. And, honestly, in the marijuana world, it is a lot of, a lot of weed for an individual. Also, according to the laws in most regions, it is the limit of possessing weed as well. 

Though medical weed enthusiasts might not come under this restriction but for the common people out there 28 grams of weed is the last limit that they can possess for personal consumption. 

As the more quantity of weed can make the authorities believe that you are a distributor which is against the law. Therefore, according to the laws enforced in most of the states, one ounce of weed is enough to possess at one time. 

How many grams are in an ounce?

A full ounce or an ounce is exactly referred to as 28 grams. And, for the weed world, it is a bulk quantity. 

What are the slangs used for a full ounce?

One of the most common terms for referring to an ounce in the practical world is “Zip” or “A Zip.” Though some people also use the term “O Zone” for an ounce. 

How much an ounce of weed should cost?

The price range for one ounce of weed is around $150 to $200. However, you can easily get some discounts as well because of the bulk quantity. You can search out some stores which provide a good discount. 

However, if you are looking for a high-quality marijuana strain to buy then you might have to spend more than $200 as well. 

7. Quarter pound

QP or Quarter pound is a huge quantity of weed. Even for heavy smokers out there, a quarter pound can last for many days. For your easy reference, a quarter pound can give you around more than 200 joints.

A quarter of a pound weighs exactly 113.398 grams. For making things easy, we can take it as 113 grams. 

Still, this is a huge quantity of weed. Although for recreational users out there, it is not possible legally to possess this much quantity of marijuana. However, for medical weed enthusiasts, a quarter of a pound is the limit of weed possession in some regions. 

Though different region and state law differs, therefore, you have to be sure by your local laws that how much the quantity they are allowing you to possess.

How many ounces and grams are there in Quarter Pound?

One pound= 16 ounces

One-quarter pound (1/4 pound) = 4 ounces (Rounded off)

One pound= 453.592 grams ~454 grams

One ounce= 28 grams

How much does a quarter-pound weed costs?

A huge amount! A quarter-pound of weed costs that much amount that you can buy a MacBook Air!

The average price of quarter-pound weed ranges between $1,000 to $1,500 in areas where weed is not abundant or not legal. Though for the areas with legal permission and availability of this much amount of weed, you can get a quarter of a pound within around $900. 

8. Pound

Above all of the bulk quantities, a pound is the rarest quantity, that common marijuana user cannot have according to the laws. 

A pound of weed generally possesses by the legally authorized growers, dispensary owners, and distributors. A pound contains 16 ounces of marijuana, which is actually a huge amount. That is why this quantity of weed is restricted to a limited number of people. 

To make it easier for you to understand, a pound of weed can last for up to one year for an average smoker out there. 

How many ounces and grams are there in a pound?

1 pound = 16 ounces

1 pound = 454 grams (Rounded off)

¼ pound = 113 grams (approx. value)

1 ounce = 28 grams

¼ ounce = 7 grams

How much a pound of weed can cost?

A really huge amount! In the black market of the U.S, a pound of weed can cost easily around $2,000 to $4,000. While the price varies according to the product quality. On average, this much weed can cost $2,000 to $3,000.

How to weigh your weed?

Weighing your weed is easier than you think!

Especially when you have a digital scale. 

You can refer to any digital scale which can measure as low as 0.01 gram to 100 g of weed. 

Once you have the scale, you can follow the steps below to accurately weigh your weed:

Step 1. Gather all materials

Make sure you have gathered a table or place where you will measure along with the scale you have. (better to prefer a digital scale) Don’t forget the weed!

Step 2. Calibrate the scale

First of all, turn on the digital scale. Then calibrate it in grams. You can easily switch to different units. (if available in your scale) However, if you are not able to find your required unit then you can refer to the user manual of the scale that you have got along with that.

Step 3. Weight your weed

After switching to the required unit, in our case, gram, put a few weed nuggets on the scale and observe the readings. Two to three small nuggets will be enough to weigh one gram. 

Hurray! You have easily weighed your weed. Similarly, you can weigh as much quantity of weed as you want. Make sure your scale is supporting the unit and the weighing limit. For common weeders out there, weighing around 0.01 grams to 100 grams is quite easier with a common digital scale.

Tips for getting the accurate weight of weed and buying at a low cost

Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. 

  • Ask if you don’t know something

In offline stores, the budtender will weigh your weed clearly. Still, somehow, if you are unaware of the unit or referred quantity (which might differ according to the slang in different regions and locations), you can ask the budtender. He must explain to you about eighth, dub, quarter, and anything else if that applies to that region’s measuring reference.

  • Better to buy in bulk

If you are residing in the region where the local laws permit you to possess weed in bulk then prefer buying weed in bulk from the stores. As it costs you quite less per gram. Moreover, you can grab some good discounts as well. 

  • Refer buying from online stores

Online stores are a great option. They have a lot of weed varieties and regular deals, sales, and offers going on at their virtual store, which can not only make you access high-quality weed and its derived products but will also put less pressure on your budget. You can check out our guide on the best weed stores online here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much exactly a gram of weed?

Technically, it is the 1000th part of a kilogram. However, practically for smokers, it can give you a few joints depending upon how you roll.

  • What is a dime bag?

Basically, a dime bag refers to one gram of weed. However, people use slang for 1 gram of marijuana possession and the slang is “dime bag.”

  • How much does a gram of weed costs in California?

The average price of one gram of weed costs around $20 in California. However, the price can differ depending upon the retailer you are buying from and also on the taxes. While product quality is an obvious factor to fluctuate the price.

  • How many grams are there in dubs? How much it costs?

Two grams. Averagely, two grams of weed or a dub costs around $20 to $30. 

  • How much is an eighth of weed costs?

Depending upon your location, the price of an eighth of weed can range between $25 to $45. However, the price can be higher if you opt for a premium weed strain. 

Weed Measurements Guide: Conclusion

Finally, you know how much math is involved in the cannabis world. From quantities to the slang used for it, everything must be clear to you. Along with different quantities, the price also differs. 

However, with the given guide and information, hopefully, now, you will be able to access weed more professionally and confidently. 

Happy Shopping!

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