Legit Online Dispensary Shipping Worldwide – 100% Legit

There are thousands of online dispensaries shipping worldwide

But, which one to choose for your specific need?

and how to find the legit online dispensary shipping worldwide?

Don’t worry! I am here to help you out. 

Because after digging out the web for hours and asking some of my grower friends, I have got a list of the best legit online dispensaries that are not only reliable but also their product quality is premium than other sources.

So, let’s find out:

When it comes to buying weed products or seeds online, I never take risks. 

I prefer to buy only from 100% legit dispensaries that are reliable and have a market reputation. Because my money should be worth the investment.

And, so does yours!

Therefore, I have listed only those legit online dispensaries shipping worldwide, which are completely safe and have a great product quality too. 

You can trust any of the mentioned dispensaries for premium weed products!


Top 10 Best Legit Online Dispensary Shipping Worldwide

1. Kushfly


Kushfly is a 100% legit and licensed online dispensary in LA, California. And, this is one of my favorites!

Because this legit online dispensary stores almost every marijuana strain that you can look for. Additionally, you can find this store perfect for buying concentrates, accessories, edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, CBD, and much more. 

Hence, Kushfly has everything in one place!

While the quality of products available here is top-notch. 

For trend-lovers, you will find ‘new arrivals’ every month at their virtual store. 

And, the best part is that you will also get up to a 10% discount on ordering from Kushfly. Though they regularly change their offers. So, you have to look on their website for the latest one. 

Above all, placing an order at Kushfly is super easy. Thanks to the multiple payment options available. You can place an order via CC (Credit Card) and cash. 


  1. Best online dispensary
  2. Ships in most of the region
  3. Variety of products are available
  4. Faster shipping and delivery 
  5. Affordable price rates
  6. Regular offers
  7. 100% genuine and trustworthy store

Kushfly is one of the known names among weeders in the USA. It is because this dispensary is legally licensed and that is why it completely follows the laws of the different states in the country to deliver its specific products. 

So, for buying weed products without any legal worries, Kushfly becomes the perfect place.

Official Website

2. The Natural Remedy

the natural remedy

Searching out an experienced dispensary?

The Natural Remedy is for you my buddy!

Being in the industry for several years, The Natural Remedy knows what a weed enthusiast can look for in an online dispensary shipping worldwide.

That is why The Natural Remedy is able to offer top-notch quality products and services. 

From AAA & AAAA strains to in-house created concentrates, The Natural Remedy is a one-stop store for your all needs. 

Low budget? Never mind. 

Check out The Natural Remedy dispensary’s special section of products. Where you can find new stock of products at affordable rates. 

Within several years, The Natural Remedy has become the favorite online dispensary.

To buy a premium marijuana strain to extracts, edibles, topicals, tinctures, oils, and even mushrooms, which is rarely available on a legit online dispensary, you can visit The Natural Remedy any time!


  1. Everything in one place
  2. Reputed dispensary
  3. Quality products at an affordable price
  4. One of the best dispensaries in Canada
  5. Quality services

Without compromising on the quality, The Natural Remedy provides everything related to marijuana at a very affordable price. Hence, newbie weeders can also refer to The Natural Remedy for having quality products without pushing their budget. 

3. Crazy Cannabis

crazy cannabis

Crazy Cannabis has a crazy stock of weed products!

From high-quality edibles to premium concentrates or even the delicious strains, Crazy Cannabis has everything. 

This online dispensary is also an ideal store for beginner weed enthusiasts. Because the products available at Crazy Cannabis are quite cheap. Even you can have their premium range of products for under $100 only. 

Keep in mind that a cheap price never means that the product quality will be compromised.

Even you get far better products from new or unreliable sources. 

Additionally, you will get some discounts if you will buy in bulk here. Don’t forget to check their ‘mix and match’ deals, which is the special highlight of this dispensary.

Further this MOM dispensary Canada has regular offers on their products.

Although if you are only a concentrate lover then don’t forget to try out Cosmic Sauce of Crazy Cannabis. It will surely make you crazy with its potency and taste!


  1. Best MOM dispensary in Canada
  2. A wide range of products available
  3. Affordable store
  4. Premium products
  5. Get regular discounts

Overall, Crazy Cannabis is an ideal store for every weeder’s needs. Because it has almost every product available at a very affordable rate without compromising the quality. 

So, if you are residing within Canada then don’t miss this ‘gem’ dispensary!

4. Eaze


Eaze is one of the newest online dispensaries in California, which is legally authorized to sell weed products. 

This online dispensary holds over 100 kinds of vaporizers and 14 types of flowers. While concentrates, pre-rolls, tablets, capsules, gummies, and baked goods are already there.

Eaze provides $30 off on the first order of its buyers. So, you are sure to get affordable deals here. 

Apart from this, if you directly want to get their best selection then you can explore the ‘dank selection’, which will make you access the latest and best available products. 

And, the best part is that this selection contains products suiting every grower’s profile. 

So, doesn’t matter you are just a beginner weeder or grower for several years, Eaze is your one-stop destination for all the dispensary requirements. 


  1. On-demand delivery
  2. Finest quality products
  3. Best brands and sellers
  4. Trustworthy online dispensary 
  5. Affordable price range

Give Eaze a try if you want to get the best experience from the MOM dispensary in the USA. From having quality products to selling at affordable rates and shipping to maximum locations, Eaze is worth investing money in 2023.

Visit Eaze

5. The Grow House Online Dispensary

The Grow House Online Dispensary

The Grow House online dispensary is the store that I rely on completely. 


Because your orders are completely safe here. Once you have paid them money they are sure to deliver your product to your location. Even if it gets lost during transit, they will re-ship the new package. 

Sounds satisfying? Well, yes!

That is why you can rely on The Grow House completely. 

Further, it is one of the reputed dispensaries from BC and people often look for it to purchase quality cannabis products including flowers, pre-rolls, CBD, edibles, and topicals. 

Though this dispensary is best for providing a variety of marijuana strains. As currently, it stocks over 100 quality strains. 

While the additional feature includes fast and instant customer support. And, the best part is that you will get reviews of genuine buyers on their website, which will help you know what’s the best here!


  1. Excellent product selection
  2. Reputed store
  3. More than 100 weed strains are available
  4. Fast and reliable customer support
  5. Regular discounts and offers

Summing up the features of The Grow House dispensary, though it has quality marijuana products most of the growers often prefer to buy marijuana strains from here. So, prefer The Grow House for your next purchase of quality weed strains. 

6. Amuse


Amuse is one of the qualities and reliable online dispensaries in the USA which sells cannabis, popular vape pens, excellent edibles, pre-rolls, CBD, get to sleep, concentrates for connoisseurs, almost everything with the contactless delivery system. 

This legally licensed store completely stands out for the quality and stock of products. 

However, one drawback of buying products from this dispensary is that it does not deliver the products at locations where weed is not permitted. Hence, you need to confirm the location first by visiting their website before ordering. 

Even though Amuse is one of the new dispensaries in the market but the facilities and services are far better than some other stores. 

As you can choose the cashless payment option after receiving your order. That means first you will receive your order then you can pay via swiping the card to the delivery man’s ATM terminal. Additionally, you will have the cash option too. 


  1. Legal and fully compliant dispensary
  2. Doorstep quality delivery service
  3. Best cannabis products
  4. Limited location delivery
  5. Multiple payment options

The best part of ordering weed products from Amuse is that you will have complete reliability on the company due to legal license holding. While the quality of service and products available here will amaze you for sure!

Visit Amuse

7. West Coast Cannabis

west coast cannabis

If you are residing within Canada then you can’t miss West Coast Cannabis dispensary for quality buds and guaranteed best prices. 

A wide selection of products and attractive bulk deals are highlighting features of West Coast Cannabis. For bulk buyers, it is the best dispensary because you will have an endless combo of mix and match deals at low prices. 

While they regularly give weekly deals on their virtual store. 

You can also grab free shipping from the West Coast Cannabis online dispensary if you will spend over $150. Moreover, the store earns an excellent rating at Trustpilot, which strengthens more the trust in this dispensary. 

If you are a first-time buyer then do check out their ‘best seller’ deals. 

While if you got any query then you can take help via online chat support which is open every day. Additionally, you will also have 24hr response time on mail during business hours. 

Hence, West Coast Cannabis becomes an ideal dispensary for those who love to buy products at heavy discounts, deals, and at a lower price than the market. While the quality services and customer support work as a cherry on the cake!


  1. 100% trustworthy brand
  2. Free shipping over $150 order
  3. Quality products
  4. Wide selection of strains
  5. Fast and responsive customer support
  6. Multiple payment options (including bitcoin)
  7. Weekly deals and offers

West Coast Cannabis is one of the popular dispensaries in Canada which is known for its quality weed products. While the dispensary has also earned a huge market reputation and positive reviews from buyers, which makes it a trustworthy source to buy weed products.

8. Herb Approach

herb approach dispensary

For weeders looking best mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, Herb Approach is the perfect place. This dispensary stocks one of the largest selections of products and flash deals. 

Apart from edibles, concentrates, and CBD, you will also find some amazing selection in mix and match packs. Don’t forget to check their flash sales to grab some fantastic deals!

Further, Herb Approach has actually good quality customer support. Because most of the queries are responded from experienced live agents unlike chatbots at some websites. 

The cherry on the cake is the experience of the Herb Approach. This dispensary has been in the market for several years and hence, it knows what to keep to attract most weed lovers.


  1. Best MOM dispensary in Canada for quality weed products
  2. Reliable and experienced dispensary
  3. Huge selection
  4. Supportive team
  5. Attractive deals and offers

Herb Approach has the market experience and better team which works hard to stand on the expectations of weed lovers. That is why at Herb Approach you get a good experience from its products and services.

9. The High Club

As a weed lover, who will not love to join The High Club!

Well, this MOM dispensary features an amazing range of weed products that you can’t resist buying. Because The High Club imports products from only quality producers. 

That is why you will be able to find some top-shelf weed strains here like Slyme Cookies and Park Fire. However, if you have a tight budget then too, The High Club has a special range of products for you. 

You can check out the AAA options, which are quite affordable and has top-notch quality. 

Apart from this, The High Club also stores an impressive selection of concentrates and CBDs, which you can check on their website.


  • Highly reputed store
  • Stores only top-shelf marijuana products
  • Affordable price rates
  • Attractive offers
  • Quality service

The research of online dispensary shipping worldwide finishes here. And, The High Club is our final recommendation that you can grab to have the best experience of buying weed products online.

This store also features the same high-quality facilities but their best medicinal-grade cannabis is something that works as an X-factor. 

Online Dispensary Shipping Worldwide: Final Word

Now, it’s your turn, you have known legit online dispensaries across the world. Go and get some quality weed products from any of the dispensaries above.

All dispensaries are 100% reliable and trustworthy sources of top-shelf cannabis products.

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