How to Sober Up From Weed?

Getting high on weed is easy but sobering up from weed takes some time. 

Although the time frame for staying high on marijuana depends on the consumption, quantity, and also potential of weed strain.

Still, if you have taken overdosage of marijuana in peer pressure with your friends, or simply you are now feeling uncomfortable with the highness of weed then don’t worry!

There are multiple solutions for sobering up. 

How to sober up from weed

Let’s find out them:

Weed makes its users fly high!

That is why it is always recommended to take the dosage of it on the tolerance capacity.

However, fortunately, there are proven ways by which you can calm down the effects of weed on your mind and body.

Although keep in mind that weed generally takes around 2 to 3 hours to peak its effects and afterward it worn offs. 

Let’s find out what are the ways by which you can sober up quickly:


1. Consume within your Tolerance

Though this tip or solution is for those users who might not be that high right now but still, this simple solution can save you from searching the term ‘how to sober up quickly from weed’ for the next time!

Don’t get pressured to smoke a few more puffs in a circle of new friends which you have met just at today’s party. Don’t try to overdo things to impress anyone. This will save you from a lot of trouble. 

Moreover, if you are a beginner cannabis enthusiast who wants to experience the pleasant side of weed then we recommend you start with a little dosage of weed. Especially for the edibles and concentrates. As they are more potent. 

For the edibles, it is always a better way to start with a little dose of marijuana, around 5mg, and wait for two hours to feel if you are OKAY with it. 

Although if you are smoking weed then you shouldn’t do it for longer hours. Rather you can start your journey with just a few hits. Again, don’t try to flex things and be too high to feel uncomfortable.

Still, if you have smoked too much then don’t worry, the highness will fade away within some time. 

2. Don’t panic too much

It’s completely alright if you are high. 

Being high on weed is just a normal thing and even for experienced smokers it is a state of pleasure and they easily deal with it. 

When it comes to the time frame that when you will be completely in your normal zone then it can time from several minutes to several hours depending upon how much you have consumed and the potency of the strain. 

However, the highness of weed passes on average within 2 to 3 hours. So, you will also be completely alright within this time.

Apart from this, if you are over conscious about your consumption then there have been zero death reports of cannabis overdose in history ever. So, relax, everything is fine!

Well, with this data this doesn’t mean you should take it as a challenge but if somehow you have taken more than your tolerance then don’t worry, you are going to be completely fine. 

3. Black pepper

Yes! Black pepper is one of the common things that you can find in your kitchen or restaurants and it works as a remedy for sobering up from weed. 

To get instant relief from the paranoia, anxiety, and uncomfortable state of being high, you should sniff or chew a few black peppercorns. This will surely make you feel grounded within a few minutes. 

The science behind black pepper’s working mechanism is that it contains the terpenes pinene and caryophyllene which easily balances the THC’s psychoactive effects in your body. 

Also, this is one of the handy options to get relief from too much highness as you can find black pepper in your kitchen or the nearest store. 

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking water is one of the best solutions not just for sobering up but also to distract your mind from feeling anxious or uncomfortable. 

Consumption of weed leads to dryness of mouth and hence, staying hydrated can make you combat with psychoactive effects of weed for sure. 

Here keep in mind that staying hydrated doesn’t mean you are opting for caffeinated drinks or juice. This will even enhance your problems. So, completely avoid caffeinated products. Prefer water instead. 

If you still want to try out other drinks or beverages than water then you can prefer non-caffeinated juice. 

Also, never intake alcohol when you are high, it increases the THC components in your body and ultimately the highness. So, make sure to avoid the things that are mentioned and drink water frequently to stay hydrated.

Apart from this, if you want to distract your mind from dizziness then you can try out eating your favorite snacks. Some people have found that eating their delicious dish makes them reduces their uncomfortable state. Therefore, you can also prefer to eat some fruits, snacks or something that you love the most. 

Again, make sure the things you are taking in your body should not contain any compound that can increase the THC concentration or simply your intake should not increase your problem. 

5. Go for a walk

If you really want to distract your mind from thinking too much then you can try out to go for a rapid walk or do some easy and normal physical exercise. Moreover, you can also talk to your friends or with whom you are comfortable to speak your heart out. 

Going for a walk is an easy solution if you want to completely distract the state of mind as your surrounding will change a bit, you will feel good and get good thoughts in your mind. 

Although make sure not to be alone while going for the walk especially when you are anxious and paranoid. You can prefer to go for a walk with your friend, homie or your better half as well. 

Additionally, if you are not feeling good to go for a walk then avoid it, you can opt for the next solution. 

6. Take a rest and keep calm

Remember, the best solution is staying calm when you are high and not comfortable. 

As this state of your mind will also pass within some time. Till then, you should preferably take a rest and stay calm. Find a quiet place where you can lay down for a while. Take complete rest. 

Even sleeping for a while is better if you can. As it is always better to take a break from the different thoughts in your mind and sleep for a while. It will give you a completely fresh start and also your highness will pass. 

Although if you are not feeling to sleep then you can prefer to just lay down and take a deep breath. Focus on the sound of your breath and be comfortable. It is expected that taking deeper breathing can help to calm down your mind and body. 

Additionally, you can also follow some deep breathing techniques if you know any of them. You can also google for that as well.

7. Take a shower

Taking a cold shower can help you sober up from weed. As the cold shock of water will make your body and mind come into the state of reality. 

Even cold showers lower the heart rate; therefore, it is a great option when your heart is pumping up more due to anxiety or discomfort. To make your shower even better, you can play some music as well.

Apart from this, a warm shower can also do the job for you but make sure you are not feeling nausea as the hot water can cause burns if you fall asleep in a hot shower. 

Overall, taking a shower is also a solution to distracting yourself from the state of being discomfort. While it will give you a new freshness as well and can also help feel good.

8. Try CBD to counter THC effects

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and it is also known as an anxiety-reducer in many of the researches done previously. 

That is why CBD can also help you counter the effects of too much THC in your body. Even CBD is a medicinal compound that is used as an anti-inflammatory and painkilling option. 

Therefore, to reduce the feeling of anxiety and intoxication effect of THC, CBD can help somewhat. 

The catch is, CBD binds to the same receptors like THC but acts just opposite to that, balancing out the psychoactive effects that it produces. 

Hence, you can try out CBD to sober up from too much intake of THC. 

9. Lemons

Eating, drinking, or smelling terpenes that can promote alertness in your body can help reduce the anxiety and paranoia of THC, and hence, lemons contain stress-relieving terpene – limonene. 

Just like black pepper, lemon is also a common thing that you can find in your kitchen. Just suck a lemon slice and you will feel better from the psychoactive effects. 

Lemonade juice can also help a bit but it is better to intake the pure source of limonene terpene and therefore, you should prefer mainly lemon to intake. 

10. Be Clever

Your mind is playing with you making you high and bombarding you with lots of random thoughts. Or, even you are just worrying for nothing, you can be clever and a step ahead of your mind to make yourself feel good or even better. 

Just distract yourself in either of the ways you are comfortable with. Some suggestions are:

  1. Binge is a funny series/cartoon.
  2. Playing a video game.
  3. Listen to your favorite playlist. (choose as per the mood in which you want to go in, for instance, don’t go for sad albums if you want to feel motivated or boosted up. Ideally, go for the music which can calm you down).
  4. Eat your favorite food.
  5. Talk to your homies, family members, friends (who can make you feel better).

Even apart from the mentioned ones, you can try out any other activity as well, which can distract your mind from discomfort. Within these steps, you can easily sober up. 

11. Seeking a doctor

Well, ideally you might not need this solution or should not reach this point and get better from the above ones. 

However, still, if you are feeling extreme discomfort and anxiety then you can always seek a doctor or physician. They are always there to help you out. 

Even if you are residing in the region with the illegality of cannabis, still, a physician can help you make feel better from the discomfort of THC effects. 

Although in most cases, marijuana does not cause to seek a doctor for help as, within a few hours, soberness should fade away. 

Overall, irrespective of the effects you are getting cannabis intake, you have always multiple solutions if you are not comfortable with it. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about. If you will give some time to your body then it will automatically come back to the normal zone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which weed form causes more highness?

Irrespective of the weed form you are intaking, mainly THC content is responsible for the highness. Therefore, make sure to check the THC content in the marijuana you are consuming. Although users report that edibles, concentrates are more potent than the other forms of weed. 

#2. What are some handy as well as quick options to sober up from weed?

Black pepper, sucking a lemon slice, and distracting yourself with different activities are always handy options. However, the first two ways are even better as they will work within your body because some terpene help to reduce the THC effects. Although the distracting way is the next step if you are not getting better results from the previous solutions. 

#3. Can ibuprofen work as sobering aid?

Well, there are several inflammatory drugs in which ibuprofen is one of them which is widely used to calm down the intense THC effects. Ibuprofen can help reduce the negative effects of high THC intake but the dosage should be appropriate. 

How to Sober Up From Weed: Conclusion

Weed can make you fly high as well as can make you feel discomfort too, if not taken appropriately. This is because every human body has a different functionality system to deal with different drugs. That is why it is always a better option to start with little doses. 

Well, still, if you are in an uncomfortable situation then you have now solutions for the same. Apart from this, if you never want to be in any discomfort state from weed then remember our #1 solution. 

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