Kushfly Marijuana Delivery Reviews 2023

Kushfly is one of the legit sources from where you can buy medicinal weed products. 

With the legalization of marijuana in different states in the country, there has been a spike in online dispensaries in the market. 

And, right now, only a few of them are legit, licensed, and trustworthy. 

In this Kushfly dispensary review, you will get to know everything about this store. Ultimately, in the end, you will be sure whether to buy weed from Kushfly. 

So, should we start?

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Kushfly Marijuana Delivery Reviews


Kushfly Review – In short

For guys who are in a hurry, this is a quick overview on Kushfly:

Legitimacy – Kushfly is a 100% legit online dispensary in LA, USA. The store has partnered with a legally licensed dispensary and the BCC License no. is C12-0000158-LIC. 

Products available – All kinds of Sativa, Indica, hybrid strains. Flowers, pre-rolls, vape & disposables, edibles, concentrates, and accessories are also available. 

Shipping and delivery – Shipping and delivery are fast, reliable, and trackable. 

Payment options – Cash, Credit Card mainly. You will also receive an invoice after purchase. 

Store link – Kushfly official.

Is Kushfly Legit?

Yes, Kushfly is a legit online store in the USA. 

This store has partnered with a licensed cannabis dispensary Fountain of Wellbeing a cooperative corporation. 

And, therefore this store is eligible to sell all marijuana-related products for the adult people in the country. 

Also, this online dispensary follows the state law quite strictly, and hence, ordering weed products here will also be limited under the guidelines. 

For instance, you can order a maximum of 1 ounce per day from here. 

This makes sure that you are also safe under the higher authorities, which is an edge for buying weed products from here. 

Kushfly Product Quality and Availability

Kushfly online dispensary in the USA has been for several years. 

And, these guys really know what a buyer can expect from a dispensary near them. 

Therefore, they have stocked a large variety of marijuana products ranging from concentrates to edibles, flowers to accessories. 

So, ultimately you will be impressed with their selection. 

The best range of products at Kushfly is their edibles. Though they have the highest number of flowers stock. 

If you are a new visitor then you are recommended to try out their edibles. Their “Whiz Edible Dark Chocolate Bar” is something that one must try out.

Apart from this, you can also get hands-on some quality cartridges under budget price. This store has a special section for medical patients. You can check out some quality products for medical weed enthusiasts under the “Health and Wellness” section. 

Overall, at Kushfly you will be getting almost everything related to weed. Flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls are something that people often buy from here. 

Kushfly Shipping and Delivery time

Delivery areas of Kushfly are Hollywood, Los Angeles, and its surrounding regions. 

Well, if you are from either of the above locations then you can expect an express delivery from Kushfly. 

Because Kushfly offers free on-demand cannabis delivery in LA. And, it is really fast, to be honest. Even they deliver orders within one hour. 

Even though the working hours of Kushfly are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, they will deliver your order the same evening if you order before 10:00 PM. Isn’t it amazing?

However, delivery time also depends on the location. So, if you are ordering from out of their direct delivery zones then Kushfly can also charge a nominal shipping fee. 

Although you will get trackable delivery information once the delivery guy is out. You can know when your order will arrive with ETA on your phone. 

Further, if you are under the zone of Kushfly delivery service then you will be eligible for free shipping and as fast delivery as within 60 minutes. 

Though you have to check with your zip code at their website. 

You can read more about their delivery service here.

Kushfly Customer Support

Kushfly has one of the top-notch customer services. 

Their team is fast, responsive, and polite while responding. 

You get two options to contact their team in case of any query. First, you can drop them mail, and second, you can ring their team via phone number. 

Both of these options are convenient. 

Well, live chat is also there on the website but the better way to get an early response is by opting for any of the above options. 

Additionally, after logging in you will be able to access their support ticket. This is also a good option to drop your issue when you are not in hurry. 

Overall, Kushfly has an impressive customer support team.

Payment options at Kushfly

Kushfly gives you ample payment options. 

That makes placing orders at the store easy and fast. 

You get Cash or Credit Card as major options to pay after delivery. However, Kushfly also accepts bitcoin and gives a 10% discount. 

So, you can choose bitcoin as well to grab some great deals. 

The best part is that you will also receive an invoice with the order, which ensures their legitimacy even more. 

Kushfly Pricing 

The price at this USA dispensary is quite attractive. 

You get a premium range of edibles, concentrates, and accessories under budget. The best part that you might love is they don’t have overpriced stock. 

Within $50, you can have almost every product of their categories. However, some gummies, edibles, and flowers are available for $20 as well. 

So, overall, it is a complete store for beginner, under-budget, and premium weed enthusiasts. 

Kushfly Website Review

The website is professionally designed though at some points texting errors are there, which is not expected from a store like Kushfly.

Though navigation, product suggestion, and all the required information for a buyer are available on the virtual store easily and quickly. 

Additionally, under a category, you can also filter out your required product with the help of filters, which is a good thing. 

The store also possesses a blog section under which you can access the latest weed news, articles, and stuff like that. 

Live chat is also available but it is not that usable. 

While you can also connect and share your thoughts with the company at different social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Kushfly Offers and discounts

For new customers, Kushfly gives 20% off for the first 3 orders. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, a referral program is there at this dispensary. 

You can refer to your friend to earn $20 credits. While after purchase you can also write a review to get a $10 coupon at the store. 

However, your review must be genuine and it requires approval from the company. 

So, you will be having multiple reward programs at Kushfly. And, those who love to buy products during sales can check out the deals section, where you can grab offers of up to 50% off. 

Market Reputation

Kushfly is one of the reputed online dispensaries in the USA. It has earned huge respect for its quality services and products. 

That is why this dispensary has earned a TrustScore of 4.6 out of 5 at Trustpilot

Also, you can check out the reviews on their website as well, which are completely genuine and shown after an approval process. 

That will give you a clear idea about the company’s reputation among weed enthusiasts. 

However, reviews from all of the platforms are impressive. Therefore, you can completely trust this dispensary for quality weed products. 

Kushfly FAQs

  • Where does Kushfly deliver?

On-demand, instant delivery to the greater LA within 45 minutes while other locations are eligible for same-day delivery. Keep in mind that the delivery time is dependent on your location. 

  • What are the payment options at Kushfly?

Cash, Credit Card, Bitcoin are the main payment options. 

  • How secure the delivery is?

Delivery guy will deliver products to the person which has ordered. Even the company matches the prior sent ID with the receiver. Hence, your order is completely secured. 

  • Can I have a discount on Kushfly products?

Kushfly gives you an amazing range of discounts and offers on the official website. You can get up to 50% off during their special sale. 

  • How is the experience at Kushfly?

It’s overall good. On a scale of 10, it will be given 8 points for the overall product quality and service. 

Kushfly Review: Final Words

Hopefully, now, you are clear whether to buy weed from Kushfly online dispensary in the USA. This dispensary is one of the reputed stores from where weeders residing within LA buy often. 

Above all, this dispensary delivers exceptional quality products and services, which makes it unique. 

Summing up everything, Kushfly is a genuine source of different weed products. 

It has a partnership with a legally licensed dispensary that follows all the state laws and guidelines. That ensures you are buying weed from a legal and safe dispensary. 

Further, products available at Kushfly are of high quality that is reasonably priced. However, you also get some amazing offers and discounts at the store. 

Shipping and delivery time is quite impressive. 

So, in the end, you get what you pay for.

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