Edible Dosage Chart Weight

An edible dosage chart allows you to know your accurate dosage.

Though the ‘accurate dosage’ for an individual depends on various factors. Such as tolerance capacity and even medical conditions as well. 

Also, an individual needs to know his/her ‘proper dose’ of cannabis edible to avoid overconsumption. 

And, hence, this guide is going to cover everything about the edible dosage chart. 

So, by the end of this guide, you will be completely aware of the ‘right dose’ of cannabis edible for yourself. 

Let’s get started:

Edible dosage chart weight


Why is the edible dosing chart necessary?

Cannabis edibles are potent. 

While the edibles are available in different forms like food products, capsules, and many more items. 

These forms contain varying THC content in them. 

If an individual overconsumes the edibles, then it might lead to some unwanted symptoms in your body. Which is more likely to happen when you don’t know your right dose. 

And, this is where the edible dosing chart helps!

Depending upon the THC content in different edibles, you will get to know how much THC content in a specific edible will not harm your body. 

Or, more simply, the edible dosing chart will help you to enjoy the edibles without any unwanted symptoms while protecting from overdosing THC in the form of edibles.

This is why an edible dosing chart is important and necessary to be aware of.

How much edible makes you high?

To know this, you need to know the metabolizing system of your body, first.

Because unlike smoking and inhaling cannabis smoke in the lungs, edibles get into your stomach. And, then further, the stomach metabolizes and breaks down the THC content. 

Then slowly you get the effects. 

In this whole process, there’s some delay to get high. Because THC reaches into the bloodstream through the stomach and takes some time. Unlike smoking, where THC directly reaches the bloodstream from the lungs. 

Though the endocannabinoid system also plays a major role in this process of getting high. 

Hence, this concludes that ingesting edibles take more time than smoking to make you feel the effects. And, also note that the effects of edibles last longer to get off. 

Therefore, it is important that in overexcitement or within a few minutes of consumption, one should not go for another round of dosage. 

Know your right dose of THC

As now, you know how edible makes you feel high, it is the right time to get to know the ‘accurate dose’ for yourself. 

However, as said before, the ideal dose of edible depends on many factors including an individual’s tolerance, physiological factors, and finally on the consumption dosage. 

#1. 1 to 2.5 mg of THC edibles

This is the very basic and starting dose of THC edible. And, that is why the enthusiasts stepping into the cannabis-edible world, should start from this dose.

  1. Effects: increased focus and creativity, including mild relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. 
  2. For whom: first-time consumers and microdoses.

If you don’t want to take any risks while enjoying edibles then this will be the perfect dose. As there are negligible chances within this dosage to get some unwanted symptoms. 

#2. 2.5 to 15 mg of THC edibles

It is now level two of edibles. 

And, hence, the effects will also be stronger than before. Moderate smokers and weeders can go up to this level of edibles. 

  1. Effects: euphoria, stronger relief from pain and anxiety, impaired coordination and perception.
  2. For whom: moderate level of recreational users, for a relaxed weekend and sleepful night. 

Smaller doses will not lead to long-lasting effects. And, therefore, this can be limit as well for most individuals. 

#3. 15 to 30 mg of THC edibles

Now, we are moving to slightly higher doses of THC edibles. And, effects will also be stronger as well. 

  1. Effects: stronger euphoria, unaccustomed consumers might experience heavy effects and negative effects as well in some cases, may impair coordination and alter perception.
  2. For whom: consumers with tolerance, medical patients with the capacity to tolerate this level of THC, experienced consumers looking for a better sleep

For starting consumers, this is the higher level of THC edibles dosage which is not recommended if you are already getting overwhelmed by or up to 15 mg of THC. 

#4. 30 to 50 mg of THC edibles

This is now a higher dose of THC. And, therefore, it is only for the people who have strong tolerance.

  1. Effects: very strong euphoria, likely to impair coordination and alter perception.
  2. For whom: consumers with significant tolerance to THC, patients with doctor’s recommendation, consumers whose GI system is weaker to absorb cannabinoids.

#5. 50 to 100 mg of THC edibles

This is the highest dose of THC in edible for normal people. 

  1. Effects: high chances for impaired coordination and alter perception, high chances for negative effects.
  2. For whom: patients undergoing treatment of cancer, inflammatory disorders, or conditions which require such a high dose of consumption.

How long do the effects last of edibles?

As said earlier, edibles digest slowly in the stomach. 

And, therefore, it slowly makes you feel high. 

Depending upon your system’s metabolizing capacity, a specific dose of edible can take somewhere between two to three hours to show its full effects. 

Even in some cases, it also goes up to 4 hours to peak. 

This is where most of the overexcited weeders and first-time consumers mistook when they don’t feel the effects within one hour. 

They go with taking another dose, which is a huge mistake as a first-timer. 

Because after two hours or three, the effects of both doses will be strong enough to make you feel overwhelmed and experience unpleasant effects. 

Also, the effects of the edibles last longer than smoking. The effects can last up to 12 hours after use while the residual effects can last up to 24 hours. 

CBD vs THC in edibles

Edibles are enriched in either CBD or THC or even both. 

However, for better medical benefits, CBD is preferred. 

The higher the CBD will be, the more medically beneficial it will be. 

Though you need a physician’s recommendation before opting for any CBD enriched edible to treat any specific medical symptoms. 

Although CBD has been quite effective in relaxing some medical symptoms like pain, anxiety, stress, and even sleeplessness. 

Moreover, CBD is also known for reducing the intoxicating effects of THC. 

So, people who don’t want to get high and also to get the medical benefits of edible can access the higher CBD to THC ratio products. 

1:1 CBD to THC ratio edibles is also highly therapeutic and less likely to make you overwhelmed. 

While the THC dominant edibles are potent and more likely to feel you high. 

This is where you need to be highly aware of the doses of THC-enriched edibles. 

Also, the higher CBD: THC ratio will lead to stronger effects. Although you can prefer the edible with higher CBD content. 

For instance, if up to 5 mg THC is not tolerable then you can go for 20 mg of CBD + 5 mg of THC which is less likely to make you overwhelmed. 

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Factors affecting highness of edibles

Various factors affect the high you get from marijuana edibles. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Physiology

First thing first, physiology matters the most for the highness you get from edible. 

And, also, everyone’s physiology is different. 

So, everyone’s body reacts differently to a specific dose of edible. It is quite possible that what a specific dose might make a person only happy can be overwhelming for another person. 

Therefore, you have to be aware of what is the tolerance capacity of your system and how much it actually needs. 

2. Dosage

Obviously, the dosage of edible is one of the main factors. 

The smaller the dose will be the less high it will make you. And, the higher the dose, the higher you will fly!

That is why for beginner weeders and enthusiasts, smaller dosages are preferred to initiate. And, then further they can increase the dosage accordingly if needed. 

3. Environment

Surrounding and the environment also affects the high you get from the edibles. 

If you are not in a safe and comfortable environment, you will not be able to enjoy the edible at all. So, being in a comfortable and safe environment can make you get the most out of your edible. 

Tips for a better experience with edibles

Here are some additional tips that can enhance your experience with the edibles. 

1. Know your tolerance and experience

First, ask yourself how much experience do you have with the weed? And, also with the edible. 

How much sensitive you are with the THC?

If you have satisfactory answers to these questions then you can expect a better experience with the edibles. Although it is always a safer option to start with a minimum dose i.e., 1mg of THC in edibles. 

Though experienced cannabis users can also go up to 10mg depending upon the tolerance capacity. 

Therefore, for a better experience with the edibles, prefer dosing according to your tolerance and experience. 

2. Don’t throw out the packaging

Read the packages carefully. Don’t throw it like anything. 

Because there you will get to know the THC content and ingredients of your edible. 

Even after the latest marijuana laws, authorities have been strict to the companies for providing information about THC content in the packages. 

Which is a good thing. 

And, it can help you know the THC content according to your requirement and need. 

3. Don’t consume edibles with an empty stomach or with alcohol or with some sweet

Because with an empty stomach THC hits more vigorously. And, same goes for alcohol. 

And, not to mention, sweetness and highness are friends! 

Being high and eating something sweet can make the effects more powerful. 

4. Start slow

This is the most important recommendation that everyone will give you if you are just stepping into the edible world!

Don’t challenge yourself or come under peer pressure with your friends. 

Know your limits and start slow. Remember, if you are okay with the low quantity then there’s an option to increase the dosage. While with excess dosage, there is no comeback. And, you have to go through the effects. 

5. Keep patience

Keep patience for the effects coming up! Also, keep patience if you have consumed more. 

In the first case, you need to wait for a while to let the edibles show the effects. So, keep patience and don’t take another dose for the effects. Remember that edibles are different from smoking. 

While in the second case, don’t worry, if you have mistakenly consumed more. The effects will be getting off and you will be okay! But, never take it as a challenge. 

Keep in mind that edibles are to make you feel good, not anxious. 

If you will do everything right, you will be able to enjoy it more!


#1. What is the ideal dose of THC in edibles for beginners?

You can start with 1mg to 2.5mg of THC in edibles. These are less likely to make you get unpleasant effects. Rather you can expect some mild relief from several medical symptoms. 

#2. What to do if I have overconsumed mistakenly?

If you have done it mistakenly then don’t worry, relax, everything will be alright. Though for the effects to get off, you have to be patient and wait for some time. Although if you are feeling very uncomfortable or over negative effects then there are doctors to help. You can always seek a doctor for help. 

#3. Are marijuana edibles more potent?

Yes! Comparatively to the smokable buds, marijuana edibles contain higher THC in less quantity and therefore, they are highly potent. This is why their small quantity can do wonders. 

Edible dosage chart weight: Final words

An edible dosage chart helps you the most to know your perfect dose of edible, which you are completely aware of. Hopefully, you will not mistake the next time while selecting the right dose for yourself. Although it is always better to start from the small dosage if you are not sure, which is also a safe side to enjoy edibles without any unwanted effects. 

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