How to Grow Weed in A Closet?

You might have already heard this –

“Grow weed indoor in a room.”

“Grow weed in your backyard.”

But, have you ever heard about growing weed in a closet

Well, yes! It is possible and super easy for the growers who want to grow marijuana without letting anyone know. Even not your roomie this time. 

Because your personal closet can be converted into a special discreet grow box for weed and no one will get to know if you are growing something in it. (Until you don’t expose it to the others)

So, how to grow weed in a closet?

Let’s find out:


Can I grow weed in a closet?


As said before, it is possible to grow marijuana in a closet. 

Growers around the world are already doing it easily. 

Though growing weed in a closet is indeed slightly different from your growing experience in a room, backyard, or under the sky. 

Because this time you have to deal with limited space and also providing the right environmental conditions. However, once you know the right way to do so, nothing can stop you from getting amazing yield from your closet!

What is required to grow weed in a closet?

Nothing much at all!

As you will be growing weed in your closet, therefore, you will save money from buying a grow tent.  Additionally, if you have already grown weed before and have some equipment like lights, fans, etc., then your effort will decrease more. 

Well, apart from grow closet, first let’s have a look at the things required to make your closet a grow box for weed:

  1. Grow lights 
  2. Growing medium such as soil, coco, or rock wool.
  3. Water
  4. Cannabis seeds
  5. Carbon filter
  6. Fans to circulate air
  7. Containers for your plants
  8. Fixtures for grow lights
  9. Tray for containers and finally
  10. Weed seeds

Additionally, you can also have some tools such as a timer, pH meter, thermometer, and more such equipment which will help you grow your plants better. 

Although once you have prepared the basic requirement then you can move to make your closet a grow box. 

How to make the closet a grow box?

Well, you cannot directly put everything in your closet to grow plants. 

You have to make sure if few things are ready:

  1. Clean your closet first of all. Make sure every corner of your closet is cleaned as dust or dirt can affect the plants. 
  2. Sanitize your closet, it will make you sure that you have completely avoided the traces of mold and other issues. 
  3. Use white plastic or paint to paint the inner walls of your closet. This is necessary. As it will reflect the light to your plants increasing the efficiency of grow lights. 
  4. Prepare the grow lights. Hang them with the help of fixtures. Also, set up the ventilation fans. 
  5. Use the carbon filters to help reduce the odor of your grow box. 

So, finally, you have now prepared the closet for growing weed plants. Now, follow the step-by-step guide on how to grow weed in a closet efficiently. 

Grow weed in a closet: A fast and efficient way

After preparing your closet, you can grow your weed plants in them. How to do that? Just follow the expert’s guide:

Step 1. Setting up lights

Light is everything for your plants. 

Therefore, make sure you have a better quality of grow lights and you have placed them at the appropriate place. 

Although there are multiple options while selecting grow lights but my favorite is LED grow lights. These are efficient, long-lasting, and popular options. Even LED lights help reduce the electricity bill by consuming less power. 

The heat dissipation from LED lights is also less. That means it will not contribute to raising the temperature of your grow box. 

Moreover, LED lights are way easier to install and cover less space compared to some other light options making them ideal to set up in a closet.

Well, LEDs are a bit expensive but worth the investment if you are a serious grower. However, for selecting the right LED grow light for your closet, you can read this guide!

Step 2. Put your grow medium

Now, it’s time to put your grow medium in!

You can choose any grow medium of your choice. 

However, ideally, it is better to grow in a hydroponics system as it will make your plants grow faster. Additionally, you will also have an upper hand while controlling the other growth factors. 

In hydroponics, due to the water-nutrient grow medium, you don’t have to be worried about irrigation all the time. Moreover, the stress of over-watering, under-watering will also be reduced. 

Above all, under hydroponics, you will have slightly more chances to grow your plants faster. 

Hence, a hydroponics grow medium is a better choice to grow weed in a closet. 

Well, you can also choose the traditional method of growing weed -soil. However, it will make you put more effort into getting the most out of your grow box. 

Step 3. Strain selection

While growing weed in a closet, choose the strain type carefully. 

As the strain type also slightly decides how big your plant will be. Also, which genetic features it will possess after maturing. 

Although we have to be concerned about mainly the size. 

Because a closet is limited space and therefore, you need to make sure the plant size can fit in according to the closet size. 

Generally, Sativa strains grow heavier and cover more space, hence, you can ignore them while cultivating in your closet. 

Choosing an Indica strain will be a better decision as generally they grow flat and have a small size. Moreover, auto-flowering strains are also a good option when it comes to growing weed in a closet because auto-flower strains rarely exceed the one-meter height in terms of size. 

Overall, choose either Indica or an auto flower with the back of detailed research. So that you don’t have to go through trouble in the future. Even though if size becomes an issue for you then there are techniques and training by which you can control the size without impacting the yield. 

Step 4. Set up the ventilation fans

Depending upon your closet size, you can choose the ventilation fan accordingly. 

A single oscillating fan should do the job for you in an average-sized closet. Although you can also go for other ventilation systems or more fans if required. 

Ultimately, make sure your grow box has a proper circulation of air. Because along with lighting, nutrients, and environmental conditions, your plants must need proper airflow. 

Otherwise, your efforts might go in vain. 

If you really want to invest in a ventilation system then you can also go for installing an exhaust fan with an oscillating fan. As one will maintain the proper airflow inside while the another will throw out the excessive air.

Hence, in this way you can maintain the proper air circulation in your grow closet.

Step 5. Start growing

Once everything is ready – now, you can start cultivation. 

Put your seeds in the growing medium. 

Once they have grown to some height, place them in a larger container or do the things accordingly. 

If you will be growing in a hydroponics system then most probably your garden will be ready to harvest within no time. It might take a few weeks to see your seedlings growing into mature plants. 

Once your plants have grown, don’t mistake waiting for a longer time for harvesting. Choose the right time to harvest for your particular strain. 

Harvest your garden and then follow the next step.

Step 6. Cure your buds

Don’t rush to smoke the buds just after harvesting. 

Be patient. First, cure your yield. 

Basically, curing is a process in which you prepare your hard-grown buds to last longer in a fresh manner. This step comes before the storage of the harvested buds. 

If you want to know about curing in detail, read our expert’s guide!

Step 7. Store at right place

After curing, you have to store your buds in the right place. 

Ideally don’t store in a plastic bag for long-term storage. Use an air-tight container. 

An air-tight glass jar is the best option to store your weed buds. This container will store the weed buds for a longer time in a completely fresh manner while maintaining the genetics and potency too. 

That’s it! Now, you can rush to smoke your buds. 

How large a closet is needed to grow weed plants?

It depends on how many plants you want to grow. 

You can go with the closet right now you have. 

Also, you can buy a discreet grow box if you want. 

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to grow marijuana plants in the closet. If you want to grow just one or two plants then you don’t need a large closet. An average-sized closet will do the job for you. 

Additionally, if you want to grow multiple plants at once then perhaps you need a larger closet than the average size. 

Also, keep in mind that plant height is generally below your waist. (Maximum)

Generally, their size falls even below your knees. Therefore, in this way you can calculate the size of your required closet with the plant quantity and its size.

How to select grow lights for indoor gardening?

Doesn’t matter you are growing in a room or closet, you must have to invest in good quality grow lights. 

As the grow lights will be the major factor that will affect the growth, size, and potency of your plant and yield. Also, you will use them the most during the whole cultivation period. 

So, what are the best grow lights?

If you want a short answer then go with any LED grow lights

However, in the market, there are multiple other options are also available for the same. HID, fluorescent, and many more. 

Well, if you are about to invest in a grow light then our recommendation will be to invest in LEDs. There are several reasons for that:

  1. LED grow lights are more efficient than the other grow lights. 
  2. They consume less power, which means, less consumption of electricity, resulting in less load on the pocket.
  3. They don’t dissipate heat like other indoor light options.
  4. LEDs last longer. This means you can use them for multiple gardening times with a single-time investment. 
  5. They are not harsh on the plants. Even you can control their light output. 

Apart from the above features, there are more reasons to opt for an LED grow light. However, if you want to directly buy one then we recommend going for Giixer 1000 LED grow light. It will be worth the investment.  

Frequently asked questions

Here are the regularly asked queries related to this topic:

#1. How to control plant size while cultivating in limited space?

Plant size matters the most while growing in a limited space. 

Fortunately, there are some ways by which you can control the plant size and adjust according to the closet size. What most of the growers do is initiate the flowering stage of the plant earlier. This ultimately helps the plant to be in a shorter size than the usual. 

Secondly, you can also opt for pruning and training techniques to control the size of plants in the closet. 

#2. How many plants I can grow in a closet?

From one to up to dozen plants, you can grow in a closet. It is completely on you how many plants you want to grow. Depending upon the closet size and other factors you can grow accordingly. 

However, for starters, we recommend growing up to 2 plants at once. As plants are also needed to be maintained along with growing them. 

#3. What do I need to grow weed in a closet?

Basic grow equipment like grow lights, ventilation fans, grow medium. Further, you can also go for getting a pH meter, thermometer, and other tools that can smoothly run your gardening procedure. Last but not the least, you need a clean and sanitized closet for growing weed in it. 

Start growing now!

As now you know how to grow weed in a closet, you can start your cultivation journey. Growing marijuana in a closet will be an ultimate achievement for you as well. 

Because it is slightly different from what most growers around the world do while cultivating in a room. Above all, you will learn a lot of things while maintaining a productive garden in a limited space as a closet. 

So, don’t waste time, go, get growing!

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