How to Mail Weed Safely – 5 Safest Way

Mailing weed in the United States is illegal. 

Even if you are residing within a legal state. 

So, is mailing weed impossible?

Well, not at all!

Read along to know everything:

How to Mail Weed Safely


Can you mail weed?

Legally, you cannot mail weed. 

Still, some people take some risks to mail weed in different ways, which may or may not be working for you. 

Additionally, due to federal prohibition on weed and its derivative like edibles, concentrates, etc., government or non-government mailing services will never be completely helpful for you. 

Rather, it will be quite risky. 

So, what to do now?

Keep patience, you will get to know everything. 

How to ship weed safely?

As said before, it is illegal to mail marijuana within the U.S irrespective of the legality in your region. 

Also, doesn’t matter if you are mailing weed from a legal state to another legal state or an illegal state to a legal state, or vice versa, in all cases, it is an illegal activity. 

Although there is an exception if you want to mail CBD or hemp products. You need two things before shipping CBD oil or hemp products legally and safely. 

  1. Legal license to produce hemp
  2. The THC content in your CBD product should not be more than 0.3%

If you have both things then you are legally safe to ship CBD. You can read more about shipping CBD in the US from the USPS website. 

Coming to marijuana other than CBD then, to be honest, there is some risk involved. 

However, if you are really dedicated to shipping marijuana with some risk then there are some tips and precautions that can help you drag down the risk factor and safely ship weed. 

So, what are they?

1. Focus on packaging

The primary source of suspicion is the smell from your package. 

And, hence, you need to pack your weed or marijuana derivate so well that even air can’t pass from it. 

So, how will you do this?

Use multiple layers of packaging – this really helps in shipping weed safely to any location. 

Because you pack weed with a vacuum seal and then cover it with multiple plastic layers to completely avoid the odor. 

You can pack with as many layers as you want. Ideally, 3 to 5 layers of packaging should work. 

2. Using a new box

After investing in packaging don’t be shy here to use a new box. 

Using an old box might be the reason authorities might take interest in your package. Additionally, using a new box will also avoid any chance of ripping off the package during transit. 

Above all, an old box might have holes or loose binding that can result in odor release from there, which you completely want to avoid. 

Hence, use a new box to pack your weed before shipping. 

3. Don’t use scents

Masking the odor of your package is necessary but not with cologne, perfume, or deo. 

First, dogs can easily detect masking scents resulting in seizing your package. 

Second, if your package is smelling unusually pleasant then it is a red flag and might be suspicious. 

So, here you have to be careful. 

You can use flowers or chocolates to make it cover up the odor (if there’s any even after strong packaging). It will be a more natural way to do so. 

4. Pay in cash

For shipping your weed, you can pay in cash. 

This will help you not to get tracked back just in case. Unlike in payment through credit card or debit card. 

So, this is the ultimate way to be safe and ship marijuana through the mail. 

5. Mailing through USPS

After doing all the hard work in reducing the risk from your side, you finally need a mailing service company to mail your package.

So, finally, you have to choose a company. 

It will be better to choose USPS. 

There are several reasons for that:

  1. USPS doesn’t require any return address to ship packages. While private companies like FedEx and UPS require return addresses. 
  2. Even somehow if you need to put out the return address then you can use some other business addresses as well, which will save you from the trouble. 
  3. USPS requires a search warrant if they want to open your package, unlike the other companies who can do this even without the warrant. 

Still, keep in mind that USPS can seize or search any package once they suspect any package through odor or anything. 

However, they need a search warrant for that which is not a big deal for a federal agency. 

Note: This guide is just for knowledge purposes, and you are responsible for whatever activities you indulge in even after reading this guide. 

Risks involved in shipping marijuana

While shipping weed anywhere there’s risk involved and you better have to be aware of these so that you can know what to avoid:

1. Getting busted 

Obviously, this is the main consequence that might happen if you get caught. Once your package gets caught by the cops, you will be waiting for your lawyer in jail!

2. Getting lost

Somehow, if you succeed in sending a weed package then it might also be lost, which is not good. Because your weed and money both get lost. In this case, you have also to be careful because sometimes cops might have laid down a trap for you. 

3. Charges

There are extreme charges if you get caught sending a huge amount of weed to any location. 

So, these are the risks that are involved in shipping marijuana. 

Laws for mailing marijuana 

As marijuana is a controlled substance under federal law, therefore, shipping weed remains illegal throughout the states. 

Doesn’t matter if it is edible concentrate, cartridges, oils, resins, flower, or something else, if the package contains weed then it might lead to trouble if get seized. 

CBD or hemp products containing a limited THC content (less than 0.3%) are allowed to be shipped legally. However, you need several things for that as well. 

You can refer to the company website you are opting to ship for. That will better describe to you the instructions for doing the same. 

Penalties for mailing marijuana

There are different charges in the United States Code 841 if you get busted for shipping marijuana through the mail. 

The charges work according to the quantity possessed. 

For instance, if you are found with up to 50 Kilograms of marijuana or 1 Kilogram of hash oil then there is a maximum of five years imprisonment including up to a $250,000 monetary fine. 

Not to mention, these penalties can also increase if you have a second or third violation. While those with previous felony drug offenses can also get up to 10 years in prison and up to a $500,000 fine. 

So, overall, depending upon the severity of the violation, penalties are there. 

Mailing weed within different states

  1. It is illegal to mail marijuana or edible or weed derivative from one illegal state to a legal state (including vice versa). For instance, if you want to mail weed from Alabama to Washington then this would be illegal irrespective of the laws currently in action in both states.
  2. The point to be mentioned here is that mailing edibles within a legal state are also illegal. For example, sending mail containing weed from Los Angeles to San Francisco will be treated as illegal activity though the package never crosses the California border. 

Tips for shipping weed safely

  1. Do proper labeling – you can use a real return address but make sure it is not connected to you. Ensure the ZIP code you have used is the same as the dropbox. An ideal way might be to use the legit address of an apartment complex but not specify an actual number. 
  2. You can change the return address, especially the name sent from. Make sure you don’t use the overly common name. 
  3. Keep the front package as clean as possible. Better to not write or do anything other than mention the shipping and return address.
  4. Do not use masking scents. You can double the vacuum seal while securing the vacuum-sealed package using heavy-duty tape. 
  5. Don’t ship a large quantity of weed. 


#1. What makes a package suspicious?

Using priority (two- or three-day service), bad packaging, odor from the package, and using fake return addresses are the major red flags for a package. Though there are many others as well but these mainly cause the package to appear suspicious. 

#2. What are DON’Ts of shipping weed?

Heavily taping the package seams, reusing previous packages, not masking the smell at all, misspelling of names or addresses, and excess markings on the package are some of the major DON’Ts for shipping weed.

#3. Which shippers should you use to ship marijuana?

USPS because of its cheap price, faster service, and no requirement of the return address. Though it has a drawback in that it falls under the jurisdiction of the Feds (DEA, FBI, etc.)

#4. What to do to lower the risks?

Use vacuum-sealed bags, layer the weed, mask the odor, packaging well, and avoid the use of scents to cover up the odor, is the Dos that might help you reduce the risks. 

#5. Where can I ship marijuana safely?

Mailing weed in a state involves less risk than shipping to some other state, region, or country. Therefore, it will be the best way to mail weed. 

How to Mail Weed Safely: Final tip

Don’t indulge in mailing marijuana if you are a complete newbie. Though if it is urgent then you can ship weed safely with the help of some tips mentioned above here. 

However, there’s always risk involved in shipping weed, which you can prevent with some factors. Make sure you are doing everything carefully because we want you safe!

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