Types of Edibles at Dispensaries

There are various types of edibles at dispensaries. Because within time, there has been continuous evolvement in developing marijuana edibles. 

However, in the starting time of marijuana, very limited forms of edible were available. 

Though now, you will find multiple types. 

So, let’s find out some different types of edibles that you can enjoy right now:

Types of Edibles at Dispensaries


12 Types of Edibles at Dispensaries

Weed World is huge. 

And, so does the edible world!

However, we have got only the best for you. 

Check out these 12 types of marijuana edibles at dispensaries which you can try out now for getting amazing experience:

1. Gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular types of edibles at dispensaries. 

Because these are tastier, colorful, and also an instant way to ingest weed cannabinoids. 

You can have gummies enriched in CBD, or THC, or even both cannabinoids. Additionally, gummies are tastier and available in different color varieties making them appear like soft candy, which is the best part. 

While the combination of sugar and weed makes it a highly potent form of marijuana. 

So, overall, due to potency, taste, and appearance, gummies are one of the popular forms of marijuana edibles right now. 

2. Brownies

Most people love brownies. 

What if it is combined with weed? 

Sounds exciting?

Well, brownies are another popular type of edible available at different dispensaries. And, it is a delicious form just like gummies. 

People who love exploring the weed edibles must try out the brownies. It is also a potent way to get high. 

Though the taste mostly aligns to the sugary side like gummies. 

3. Candies

Candies are generally baked with a mix of food coloring, corn syrup, butter, and cannabis. 

And, in this way, one of the sweeter marijuana edibles at the dispensary is made. Further, these candies are also available in enriched CBD, THC, or full-spectrum as well.

The best part of having candies as edible is that you can carry them anywhere while keeping them in your bag, pocket, etc. 

While they will be ready to give you any time high!

However, it is less likely that you can make candies at home, unlike brownies. Though you can purchase it from the nearest dispensary. 

4. Chocolates

We all loved chocolates during our childhood. 

What about weed chocolates now?

Well, marijuana edibles in the chocolate form are quite popular among adults. So, we can refer to it as adult chocolate too!

Just like any other type, chocolate is also quite popular in the marijuana edible world. Though it contains microdoses of THC and hence, it can be used as starting phase to introduce yourself to the cannabis edibles.

Still, the combination of sweetness with cannabis makes it potent. So, if you have children at your home, you need to be very careful while storing these chocolates. 

5. Cookies

Now, apart from the softer side, let’s move to the crunchier side of marijuana edibles – cookies!

Cookies are also one of the popular types of edibles at dispensaries. These cookies taste more like what the ingredients are. It can be delicious chocolate or also can be a spicy mix. 

And, the best part is that cookies can also be made at home. So, you can find your recipe and make your own. 

Further, cookies are also easily accessible and can be taken anywhere like other edibles. 

Hence, overall, marijuana cookies are the best form of edibles that you can also make on your own or can buy from the dispensary. Combined with the taste and potency, you will have a good time with the cookies!

6. Baked Goods

To take your marijuana edible journey next level, baked goods are the best ways!

Like other popular edible forms, baked goods are not that common to find but it is now getting popular among the weeders. As the people are loving to try out something new in the market. 

A wide range of baked goods is infused with cannabis to form baked goods like wafers, cupcakes, and many more. 

And, these types of edibles are available at the dispensaries too. 

So, if you are in search of something new to try out then baked goods will be surely worth trying. 

7. Mints

Want to fresh your mouth while getting the desired cannabis effect.

Try out the mint type of weed edible. 

This will freshen up your mouth while giving you a mild hit of weed. And, the best part is that you can keep these mints in your pocket for any time freshening up your mouth. 

Although mints are not like chocolates or brownies which can give you instant sweet taste and effects. However, if you have already tried those then mints are on the go option for freshness and a different hit. 

Above all, it is ideal for those who love to experiment with trying out new edibles in the market. 

8. Chews, Caramels, and Taffies

If you are not on the mint side of edible then you can definitely try out chews, caramels, and taffies. 

These are more convenient options when it comes to keeping a handy form of edible. Chewable marijuana edibles are also becoming common nowadays due to their portability. 

While the caramels and taffies are more likely to be available in different varieties according to the taste. 

So, while looking for different types of edibles at dispensaries, do check out the chews, caramels, and taffies as well.

9. Truffles

Truffles are a tastier form of edibles available at dispensaries. 

It comes with a single piece and hence is of one-time dose. It is mainly made by infusing cannabis in them. 

While the taste of truffles is more likely to be chocolaty or nutty. Though it can vary depending upon the ingredients. 

So, if you are planning to go out and want handy marijuana edible then truffles are must to have in your bucket. Ideally, you can purchase these from the dispensaries because it is slightly tougher to make it at home on your own. 

10. Vegan Brownies

As the name suggests, it is purely made with vegan ingredients. Also, in the initial phase of marijuana edible popularity, vegan brownies were among the most demanded edibles. 

The infused CBD and THC will surely give you the desired hit of weed. While the taste and appearance are something that makes it stand apart. 

Overall, if you really want to try out completely a new concept of marijuana edible then vegan brownies are 100% worth trying. 

11. Cannabis-infused Drinks

As said before, edibles are evolving within the time and demand.

And, that is why now you can even try cannabis-infused drinks. Although it is not edible it is something that most people might not have tried yet. 

Basically, just like cannabis-infused foods, THC in these drinks is also absorbed in the body through the liver. 

You can find various cannabis-infused drinks in the market such as sodas, coffee, teas, and even alcohol. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, go and try it out right now!

12. Tincture

Most of you have heard about cannabis tinctures. 

These are ingested through the mouth and tongue. Although tinctures can also be used in food or drinks. 

The dosage of tinctures is taken through drops accordingly and then it shows the weed effects in the body. For medical patients, tinctures are a better way to provide the cannabis dosage. 

This is also one of the edibles types that is available in the dispensary. 


#1. Is marijuana edible potent enough to make high?

Yes! However, it also depends upon how much the cannabinoids are there in the specific edible form. For example, with 10mg of THC in each chocolaty bar, you are going to reach cloud nine. Also, generally sweet and weed are best friends for an intense hit. 

#2. Can I make edibles at home?

Yes! Surely you can make marijuana edibles at your home. However, some edibles like candies are tough to make with the home equipment, and therefore, it is ideal to buy them from the dispensary.

#3. Can edibles be used by medical patients?

Why not! Even edibles are a better way to treat some medical symptoms. Because it is a tastier and easy way to give the patient therapeutic benefits of marijuana. However, before giving any random edible to the patient, one must check out the cannabinoid content in it. Or, better to get a recommendation from a physician. 

#4. How will edibles affect me?

Unlike smoking or vaping, you will not receive the instant hit of marijuana edible. Rather it takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours to get high from edible. Also, the effects of edibles last longer for about 3 to 14 hours. Overall, the effects of edibles are potent and that is why it is better to have a limited dose of it. 

#5. How to prepare an edible at home?

For the specific marijuana edible, you can watch online tutorials or recipe schemes to prepare edibles at home. However, we recommend you get it from the dispensary if you are new to edibles. Because it will ensure the dosage of cannabinoids along with quality. 

Types of Edibles at Dispensaries: Final words

So, finally, now you know what are types of edibles at dispensaries and what is special about them. Also, you have got to know that you can prepare some of them at your home while some are only sourced from a head shop or dispensary. 

Now, it is your turn, go and explore a completely different world of marijuana – the edible world! 

Surely, you will get an amazing experience!

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