Best CBD Flower Shop in the UK

CBD is one of the legal substances in most regions. 

And, that is why CBD flowers or CBD buds are becoming popular due to their various benefits. 

So, if you are looking for the best CBD flower shop in the UK then you are on the perfect page. 

I am going to share my experience with the different CBD flower UK shops and finally tell you the best ones.

Should we begin?

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Best CBD Flower Shop in the UK


Is CBD flower legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD flower is legal in the UK “provided it has been derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved.”

Also, the THC content in CBD products is measured before approving it to be available to the public. 

For specifically CBD oil, the THC content should not be more than 0.2%. 

So, you can say that the higher authorities have controlled CBD flowers and their distribution among the people. 

While recreational marijuana is still illegal in the country. 

Top 10 Best CBD flower shops in the UK

As now you know the legality of CBD flowers in the UK, so, let’s move to know the best CBD flower shops in the UK. 

1. Hemp Elf

Hemp Elf is one of the best CBD flower shops in the UK. 

Because they have premium CBD flowers in the stock derived and imported from top-grade industrial hemp. 

I personally loved the “Platinum OG” Hemp Flower.

Though you can explore their stock and find out what you are looking for. You are sure to get your favorite CBD flower here. 

Additionally, strains from Hemp Elf are EIHA EU certified and contain less than 0.2% THC. 

So, you can be 200% sure with the CBD flower quality from Hemp Elf. 

Further, Hemp Elf has also reward schemes to give free CBD products. You can earn points with each purchase and can also refer to your friend to be eligible for the offer.


  1. High-quality CBD flowers
  2. Affordable price
  3. Good shipping
  4. Better customer service
  5. A trustworthy source in the UK

You can place an order at Hemp Elf with the Credit Card and you can expect your flowers to arrive within one week. Though delivery time varies according to the location. 

Overall, Hemp Elf is known for its premium CBD buds. And, if you want the best CBD flower in the UK then you should look no further!

2. Ice Head Shop

If you always want to update your CBD stash then Ice Head Shop is the perfect place. 

Ice Head Shop is one of the top UK’s CBD flower shops where you will find a very large variety of CBD flowers. 

They regularly update their stock. And, so you can easily find the latest strain here. 

While the quality of CBD buds is unmatchable. This company never stays behind by impressing with its strong CBD lineup and quality. 

Also, Ice Head Shop stores one of the premium marijuana accessories which will perfectly pair up with your best CBD flowers from here. 

This company claims to provide new stock almost every week and there are also discounts available which you can check on the website.


  1. Top-notch CBD flowers
  2. CBD accessories
  3. Free delivery over 35 Euros
  4. Huge discounts and promotional offers
  5. Faster shipping and delivery services

What I liked the most about Ice Head Shop apart from their high-quality CBD product are the services that they give us. No doubt, it has one of the fastest delivery services in the UK. 

Usually, the order arrives within 3-4 working days, which is really impressive. 

3. BudMother

For the CBD enthusiasts, who are just starting their journey, BudMother is one of the best CBD flower shops for you. 

At a low price, this company provides an impressive range of CBD products. 

Either it is about CBD flower, hash, powder, crumble, or even accessories, this store has got everything for you at an affordable price. 

While the quality of CBD products is just fantastic. 

Although this is a quite new company with around 4 years of experience in the market, though they are competing with top stores in the UK by providing high-quality products and services. 


  1. Wide variety of CBD products
  2. Affordable price range
  3. Best for beginners
  4. Multiple payment options
  5. Impressive delivery time

BudMother is one of the reputed and trustworthy sources from where you can buy CBD products. This company offers a great price for CBD products, which makes it a perfect place to buy CBD buds from. 

4. Hemp Hash

If you don’t want to take any risk with the quality and service then Hemp Hash is for you!

This is one of the most reputed CBD flower shops in the UK. 

Hemp Hash is known for its premium CBD products. 

Either it is about CBD edibles, hash, capsules, skincare, or even CBD Muscle Balm, Hemp Hash some really impressive stuff. 

Additionally, this store has earned an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 at Trustpilot with around 1800 reviews. 

That means you are surely going to invest your money in the right place.


  1. The impressive stock of CBD products
  2. A lot of payment options
  3. Great shipping
  4. Regular sales
  5. A wide variety of hemp products

Choose Hemp Hash if you want to go to the all-in-one store. Because for CBD products, Hemp Hash is one of the best sources. 

5. H-Town Hemp

Ok, so now, we have a CBD flower shop that stores a variety of CBD strains. 

H-Town is the perfect place for different CBD products and accessories. 

From CBD gummies, oils, hemp, tea, skincare, concentrate to even accessories, H-Town Hemp has got you all!

The store further provides the best-selling CBD hemp teas whose quality is unmatchable. I definitely recommend you to try their “Chiquita Banana” (CBD over 27%, THC <0.2%). 

You get a lot of payment options at the website to place your order. So, no complaints there.

However, for customer support, you have only a mail option. That means you might have to wait for some hours to get the support from company side. 

While the shipping service is good and even you get free shipping with orders above 50 Euros. 


  1. Multiple varieties. 
  2. Premium quality CBD hemp teas
  3. Free shipping

H-Town Hemp is ideally for those CBD enthusiasts who want to get some powerful CBD products. And, if you are one of them, don’t forget to check their hemp teas selection.

6. Herbaleyes

Herbaleyes has one of the powerful CBD strains in stock. 

Though the premium CBD flowers fall on the pricey side.

Though they are worth the investment. 

Because Herbaleyes is known for storing the finest quality CBD that is why they have won the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020. 

Further, they are one of the reputed CBD flower shops in the UK with over 98% 5-star rating on Trustpilot. 

The company believes in complete customer satisfaction and that is why after sales, customer service is too good here. 

Their customer support is fast, reliable, and helpful.

Apart from the best CBD flowers, you can also access different CBD E-liquids, vape kits, terpenes, gummy bears, and much more at the store. 


  1. One of the reputed CBD flower stores
  2. Top-quality products
  3. Variety of accessories available 
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. Regular sales are available

Summing up, Herbaleyes is an ideal store for the finest quality CBD products. I personally liked their premium range. Like “Bruce Banner Hemp Tea” which contains up to 24% CBD and is perfect for some medical symptoms. 

7. Weed Supermarket

Weed Supermarket is for very specific people. 

This store features very limited CBD products and all of them are of top-notch quality. 

Based in the United Kingdom, Weed Supermarket has one of the fastest delivery systems in the nation. Even they also give you the next-day delivery option. 

Additionally, if you place an order before 13:00 then your order will be dispatched the same day ensuring faster delivery. 

Apart from this, their limited yet premium CBD products are available at a very affordable price range which I overall loved the most. 


  1. Limited yet premium CBD products
  2. Very affordable price
  3. Faster shipping 

If you are only looking to try out something new then Weed Supermarket is for you. Yes, you cannot expect a wide selection here but if you want to try out something unique then sure it’s a perfect choice!

8. Uncle Herb

Uncle Herb claims to be one of the leading online hemp flower shops in the UK. 

And, it is true as well!

You will be able to access top-notch CBD flowers at Uncle Herb starting with just 10 Euro. Hence, it’s a perfect place for CBD lovers with a low budget. 

Further, the quality at Uncle Herb is double-checked for complete satisfaction.

That is why within just 4 years, Uncle Herb has got a huge reputation in the market. 

This CBD flower shop has everything good coverage over some CBD products. While services at Uncle Herb are also impressive. 

Orders are dispatched the same day if ordered before 15:00. 

Moreover, the virtual store has regular sales and discounts going on. As of right now, there is a 30% discount available. 


  1. Affordable CBD flower shop in the UK
  2. High-quality CBD products
  3. Faster delivery
  4. Limited yet good stock
  5. Regular sales

What makes Uncle Herb to be listed under best CBD flower shops of UK is their quality of product and faster shipping. The same-day-dispatch facility gives them an extra edge. 

9. CBD Hemp King

To try out some premium quality organic hemp CBD, CBD Hemp King is the way!

This store features a premium range of organic CBD products, which are priced reasonably. 

From having 33% CBD hash full spectrum to having 99% of CBD oil, CBD Hemp King covers most of the CBD products. 

They regularly feature some new products on their website; however, you can check out the bestsellers section for better exploration.

Payment options include Credit Card and some other options. Though they provide a secure connection for placing the order, which is an edge for the company. 

While shipping is even more impressive. 

They can deliver your order within the next day with same-day dispatch if ordered before 13:00. Usually, it might take time around 1-3 working days to arrive the order at your doorstep across the nation. 


  1. One of the best CBD stores in the UK to provide, CBD hash, concentrates, and flowers.
  2. High-quality products
  3. Instant shipping
  4. Ample payment ways
  5. Connect with the company on Instagram

CBD Hemp King is an overall good choice for having some premium quality CBD products under fifty Euros. 

10. Love Hemp 

You will fall in love with the Love Hemp!

Because it has some great features and offers that you can’t resist yourself from buying. 

However, their expertise is limited to CBD oils and edibles. 

Hence, if you are looking to buy the best quality CBD oil and edible store in the UK then look no further than Love Hemp. 

It has premium quality CBD oil and edibles. 

While all of the products are priced reasonably. 

Moreover, Love Hemp is also a brand which is as seen in BBC, Forbes, and Grazia. Additionally, people at Trustpilot say tons of positive things about Love Hemp. 


  1. Premium quality hemp CBD oil and edible
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Good service

Availability of different hemp CBD products at Love Hemp is less, which is the drawback. However, if you are looking for the best CBD edibles or oils in the UK the no doubt, Love Hemp is the ideal choice!


#1. What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is the raw and dried flower of the hemp plant. Hemp is the legal plant that is allowed in most of the regions to be grown. 

#2. Will I be punished if I use CBD in the UK?

Not at all. Until or unless you meet the criteria of the government to access CBD and its derived products, you should not be punished. 

#3. What is the regulation for CBD oil in the UK?

The CBD oil should not exceed the THC limit of <0.2%. While to produce and sell CBD oil in the UK, there are different procedures that one needs to follow.

Best CBD Flower Shop in the UK: Final words

Well, to be honest, after CBD allowance to some extent, there are thousands of CBD flower shops in the UK. However, I have mentioned only the best and trustworthy ones from where you can buy without any worries. 

So, now, it is your turn, go and grab the opportunity in your favor.

Happy Shopping!

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