Best Online Dispensaries in Canada in 2023 – Legit & Fast Shipping

After the legalization of marijuana in recent years, there has been a huge spike in the best online dispensaries in Canada

However, choosing the best one among thousands of Dispensaries in Canada is quite tough.

Well, as you are here you don’t need to be worried. 

Because I have found the top best online dispensary in Canada, which are not only legit and trustworthy but also have the world’s finest quality weed and weed products.

Are you excited?

Let’s find out them:

Best Online Weed Dispensary Canada

While making this list, I have taken care of the major factors that a buyer needs in an ideal dispensary. Such as product quality, service, pricing, offers, and legitimacy.

So, let’s get started:


Best Online Dispensaries in Canada

West Coast Cannabis

west coast cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is a 100% legit mail order marijuana dispensary established in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

And, to be honest, this is my favorite dispensary. Because of their fantastic services. 

Apart from having top-shelf marijuana strains in stock, West Coast Cannabis has wonderful customer service, which I personally loved the most. 

Their team is available 24 hours to reply to your queries over mail during working hours. And, they are actually fast when it comes to providing customer service.

That is why they have earned an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 2000 reviews on the Trust index. 

While at West Coast Cannabis, you can get a variety of cannabis products in one place. Whether it is concentrate, CBD, edibles, vape, oils, topicals, or cannabis, this best dispensary in Canada has available everything.

West Coast Cannabis has got 4.7 user ratings on Trustpilot.


  1. New deals every week
  2. Multiple payment options including bitcoin
  3. Affordable price range
  4. Variety of marijuana products
  5. Free shipping over $150
  6. 100% legit and trustworthy source
  7. Excellent customer support

West Coast Cannabis provides new deals every week. While the regular offers and discounts are already there. Summing up, it is the best dispensary in Canada right now for the best quality marijuana products.

The Grow House

The Grow House Online Dispensary

To get fresh cannabis in Canada, visit The Grow House!

This best online dispensary for mail-order marijuana in Canada features a new stock of strains every week. While they import from only the best sources.

Additionally, they also feature their best flower of the week on their virtual store. 

So, you don’t have to dig out the whole store to access their best product. 

Moreover, you can access their top-shelf weed even just for $5. Hence, when it comes to pricing than too, this dispensary is quite affordable. 

The Grow House also features phone orders which you can use after registering an account at their website. 

Further, this dispensary stocks almost every weed product and also has a bulk category for the buyers looking for bulk weed. Though they have limited products in the bulk section. 


  1. High-quality products
  2. Affordable price
  3. Guaranteed shipping
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. Trustworthy source

The Grow House is the perfect place for buying cannabis in Canada in a legit way. Because it stocks only from the top-notch sources and sells Canada-wide. While the attractive price and offers are the cherry on the top!

Herb Approach

herb approach dispensary

Herb Approach is one of the most experienced weed dispensaries in the market and therefore, you can trust this source for promising quality weed products. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Herb Approach can stand on the weeders’ expectations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This dispensary has a stock of the best cannabis brands and that is why they have the finest quality weed products. 

While for the flowers, you will have ample varieties to choose from. 

Moreover, Herb Approach regularly gives sales on their virtual store. Under this, you can grab deals with up to 30% to 50% discount. So, keep a regular eye on their website. 

Further, the customer support at Herb Approach is also top-notch. You will be responded to quickly when any query is there. 


  1. One of the experienced dispensaries in Canada
  2. Top-notch quality products
  3. Regular discounts and sales
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee

Overall, Herb Approach is the dispensary upon which you can blindly trust. Because within 30 years in the market, it has earned a huge reputation and trust value. Therefore, it is completely a reliable and legit source for top-shelf cannabis products.

Speed Greens

If you love to buy cannabis at discounts then Speed Greens is the perfect place for you!

Because this dispensary has very wide discounts and promotional offers for its buyers. For first-time sign-up users, it will provide 3.5g of cannabis for free. 

While you can also grab some other discount coupons for instant and huge price-cut at their website.

Coming to their selection then at Speed Greens, you will have flowers, concentrate, mushrooms, edibles, and even distillates to buy. While all of them are of top quality and sourced from natural farms and producers.

Additionally, their shipping service is also commendable. With 100% guaranteed shipping, Speed Greens ships products with a tracking number without any extra cost. Moreover, you can also be eligible for completely free shipping if you will buy weed products for more than $149. 


  1. Best price policy
  2. One of the best weed products available
  3. Guaranteed shipment
  4. Discreet packaging
  5. 100% trustworthy source

With an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 at Trustpilot, Speed Greens becomes one of the most reliable dispensaries in Canada to buy weed products. While they feature one of the most attractive offers on their products. 

Summing up its quality then you can’t miss Speed Greens if you want to buy quality products at low prices.

Green Society

As a green weed lover, buy weed from Green Society if you want to get only premium products. 

With one of the largest premium collections of concentrates, edibles, CBD, and much more, Green Society is the dispensary that you can trust completely. 

This dispensary promises the premium quality of its products. Because they store their stock only from BC’s best cannabis brands. 

For medical patients, this dispensary also holds some amazing weed strains which can help in different medical symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. 

If you only want to buy medical strains from Green Society then don’t forget to check their ‘The Green Room’ selection where they have stock of the finest quality medical cannabis. 

Although their website maintenance is average, the virtual store is professionally designed and has every visitor’s information. 


  1. Top-shelf cannabis products
  2. Best cannabis brands
  3. Medical grade cannabis products
  4. Affordable price range
  5. 100% legit and reliable source

You can grab free shipping from Green Society if you are purchasing products worth more than $150. While the reviews from previous customers are excellent and therefore, Green Society becomes a completely reliable source from where you can buy premium weed products in Canada.

Weed Smart

For beginner weed enthusiasts, Weed Smart is the ideal place. 

Because it stores 30 different varieties of marijuana strains at a very affordable price. So, you can start your weed journey without investing a huge amount. 

Moreover, the quality of products from Weed Smart is also top-notch. Because the company has one of the most experienced staffs working in the background. 

Additionally, at Weed Smart, you will also be getting a supportive team that is known for great customer support. 

While the shipping and delivery services are also commendable at this dispensary. You will get your product delivered to your doorstep within a few working days. 


  1. Different variety of products
  2. Affordable price
  3. High-quality weed
  4. Fast and reliable shipping
  5. Better customer support

Summing up the features of Weed Smart, it is a reliable and reputed store for beginner weeders in Canada. From here, you can access quality weed products at a very low price compared to the premium dispensaries.

THC Canada

THC Canada is located in BC, Vancouver, and sells weed products 365 days a year. 

This online dispensary has also a physical store and you can buy products by visiting their store too. 

The quality of weed available at THC Canada is far better than the new dispensaries in the market. Also, it offers a very attractive range of prices at their store. 

The website of THC Canada is very impressively designed, which is a plus point. Navigation and searching out favorite products or brands are too easy. 

However, if you directly want to access their best selection then don’t forget to check out the ‘Staff picks’ at their website. 

Coming to the availability of weed products then THC Canada has a wide selection for flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, and much more. You can have everything related to weed at THC Canada for sure.

Moreover, the CBD can be accessed for as low a price as just $20. So, considering the price, then too, THC Canada is an ideal store.


  1. Almost every weed product available 
  2. Professionally designed website
  3. Attractive price range
  4. High-quality products
  5. Reputed store 

THC Canada is a wonderful online dispensary that also possesses a physical branch. Though you can easily order at their website and get the finest quality weed product at your doorstep within just a few days. 

Overall, THC Canada is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada with a physical branch. 

The High Club

If you are into buying weed in bulk then The High Club will be the perfect place. 

Because the price at The High Club is of wholesale rate and therefore, you can have top-shelf weed at a very low price compared to other dispensaries. 

Additionally, you can also have some discount coupons to grab deals at even more low prices. 

While the selection at The High Club is good. They store the finest AAA to AAAA strains in their stock. However, to get free shipping here you need to spend $300. 

If you will be buying in bulk from here, you can be eligible for the offer. 

Apart from this, you can also check out the regular promotional offers and clearance sales on their website to buy edibles, THC distillate, and weed at a very cheap price.

Shipping and customer service at this dispensary are also good. You will get your product within a week.


  1. Best dispensary to buy weed in bulk
  2. Very affordable price range
  3. Regular sales and offers
  4. Wide variety of products
  5. Good shipping service

Summing up, The High Club can be suitable for those weed growers who are going to buy in bulk because the pricing available at this dispensary is exceptional while keeping the quality of products the same.

So, visit The High Clube for bulk purchase of weed products.


Cannablossom is one of the dispensaries which has one of the largest stocks of weed strains. 

Currently, it holds over 100+ marijuana strains apart from the other weed products. And, the cherry on the top is the brands that Cannablossom has. 

It imports cannabis products from the top brands in Canada such as High Voltage Extracts, Mota, Buddha Bomb, and Miss Envy. 

Hence, you are sure to get top-notch weed products from here. 

Moreover, the website is good-looking, easy to navigate, and has all the required information. You can easily access your favorite strains in no time. 

Apart from this, the customer service at Cannablossom is also excellent. The team at the dispensary responds to the queries within 24 hours. While the live chat option is also available. 


  1. One of the largest cannabis stocks
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. Reasonable pricing
  4. Impressive website
  5. 15% off for the new customers

Overall, Cannablossom has a wide selection of products with reasonable prices and great customer service, which makes it an ideal store to buy some quality weed products in 2023.

Get Kush

Started by passionate cannabis lovers Get Kush has one of the finest grade cannabis. From A+ to AAAA+ grade weed; you can get marijuana according to your need. 

Moreover, Get Kush has regular offers and deals which one cannot resist getting. You can get up to 4% cashback on every purchase. While you will also get a $10 welcome bonus on their store. 

Get Kush believes in complete customer satisfaction that is why it offers a refund policy just in case of unsatisfactory product or order loss during transit. 

Hence, you will be getting an amazing shopping experience at getting Kush. 

This online dispensary offers a discreet packaging of products while shipping is done from the Express Post. Well, you can also get free shipping for orders above $149. 


  1. Top-notch weed 
  2. Huge offers and discounts
  3. Faster shipping
  4. Great customer support
  5. Free shipping above $149

Get Kush is the company which is started by cannabis lovers and hence they know what to expect from an ideal dispensary. That is why overall Get Kush offers balanced features which easily convince you to buy weed from here. 

Best Online Dispensaries in Canada: Final Words

With the above best online dispensaries in Canada, you can have the best weed products in your tray directly from high-quality sources. All of the dispensaries are 100% legit and trustworthy brands for high-quality weed.  

So, now, it is your turn. Go and get the right quality of product from the right source.

Happy shopping!

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