WeedSeedsExpress Review 2023

Buying cannabis seeds online is a little tricky as there are many seed banks in the market. Choosing the best one becomes a little difficult when you have many options! However, if you will put ‘best online seed banks’ on Google then you are sure to find WeedSeedsExpress in every list. 

This is due to the Weed Seeds Express’ best quality seeds and services that it provides to the marijuana growers. Also, the company is quite popular in 2020! 

However, in this guide, we will be digging out the WeedSeedsExpresss services and ultimately find out how much the company’s services are good for a marijuana lover. 

Also, in the end, you will be able to decide whether to buy cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress! 

So, let’s get straight into it:

WeedSeedsExpress Review

First Look at WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress’s website is as attractive, professional, and eye-catchy as an online seed store. The website is fully loaded with information on cannabis along with the services that this store provides. The best part is that they have given the main content in a very fancy appearance and short manner. That ultimately gives you access to know about the seed stock at the store along while saving your time.

Along with the quality cannabis seeds, Weed Seeds Express also provides marijuana grow blogs which include growing hacks. That means for all of your marijuana needs, Weed Seeds Express becomes a one-stop destination!

Scrolling down the page you will get the guide on how to choose a seed bank and other informative guides. The store has also given information regarding the partnership with two popular brands – Leafly and Growdiaries. At the bottom, you can find some shortcuts to different sections of the store. 

Overall, the first look of WeedSeedsExpress gives an excellent impression. The design is attractive, easy to navigate interface is icing over the cake! Blogs, guide, and information that a grower can look for, is impressively categorized and managed over the website, where you can easily pick your section. 


  1. The website has impressively categorized the seeds catalog. You can directly access the regular, feminized, autoflowering, high CBD, seeds for beginners, and many categories from the very first page. The simple interface will save you time.
  2. They have a special blog for marijuana lovers, where they have provided useful information and growth hacks that can help novice growers to get the most out of their garden.
  3. Weed Seeds Express has partnered with the Growdiaries and Leafly to provide you the best marijuana content!
  4. This online shop has a same-day shipping facility with a guaranteed delivery that allows you to have your seeds in the fastest manner!
  5. They provide coupons and discounts on their online store where you can get some best deals at a lesser price!

Social media handles

Weed Seeds Express is widely available on different social media platforms to connect with their buyers and know their experience. Well, you can also connect with them on the following platforms:

Instagram – connect

Twitter – connect

Pinterest – connect

History of WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress claims to be one of the popular and oldest seed stores, however, the store is launched in 2005 by a group of three friends (Roger, Frank, and David), who were enthusiasts of marijuana and they used to breed new genetics of cannabis to get something that they never tried. Well, starting from a few weed strains to now, selling cannabis seeds of around hundreds of cannabis strains, Weed Seeds Express has come a long way!

One of the reasons for this company’s huge growth is the enthusiasm of the founders who were passionate about creating something unique and giving something different to the growers. This enthusiasm and consistent work of the team led this company to be listed in one of the top seed banks around the globe. 

The company is based in the Netherlands and started with an aim to ‘deliver high grade and affordable cannabis seeds worldwide, fast and secure, to everybody who is as passionate about growing and cultivation as we are.’ Well, they are working consistently to achieve their goal every day! 

Within 15 years of the establishment of the company, they have bred many new strains and regularly stocked different strains so that every weed grower can get the most out of the store. 

Overall, Weed Seeds Express is one of the stores where you will find a passionate team working for over 15 years and with a goal that will match with each marijuana grower around the world. Therefore, we can say that Weed Seeds Express is a 100% legit store, and if you are buying cannabis seeds from this online store then there is no doubt, you will be having the best user experience!

Market Reputation 

As this online company is in the marijuana market for more than 15 years and has also been in contact with popular brands (Leafly and Growdiaries) therefore, the online market reputation of WeedSeedsExpress is exceptionally well! 

At Trustpilot, this store earns a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with (90%+ positive reviews) and therefore, we can say that this online store has a great market reputation among weed growers. Even at different review sites and forums, you will read many positive words about this store. Weed growers of WeedSeedsExpress are satisfied, happy and they have the best experience buying seeds from here. 

Additionally, the partnership with the other two popular brands has boosted the market value of this store as well. 

Apart from all of this, the company’s own dedication to providing the highest quality cannabis seeds with the best customer support is something that led this online store to be on the list of best seed banks! Quality services and quality products are two main things that any buyer expects from a store and Weed Seeds Express provides those two in the best manner. 

Therefore, WeedSeedsExpress has a very great market reputation while they ensure that they will give you the best experience from their services. 

Best Seller Seed Strains of WeedSeedsExpress

Here are some of this online store’s best-selling cannabis strains. This list is for those who are new to this amazing seed store. Let’s have a look at the top three bestselling seeds:

#1. ACDC 

If you are seeking medicinal herb then look no further than growing ACDC strain in your garden. With around 19% CBD content, you are sure to have the best therapeutic effects of marijuana. This strain is specially developed for medical marijuana enthusiasts. 

#2. AK-47

This strain is for those weeders who want a balanced hit of THC. Around 15% THC concentration of AK-47 strain will make sure you have high euphoria which ultimately relaxes you at the end of effects. The strain is hybrid and gives an average yield. 

#3. Gorilla Glue

This legendary marijuana strain is for those weed enthusiasts who want an intense hit of weed effects while in the garden, it can provide a high yield. Up to 26% THC concentration will make sure you fly to the sky!

Well, there are many other seed strains available too, which you can check on their official website under the ‘best-selling’ category. 

Payment Options

One of the sections where Weed Seeds Express disappoints a bit. Although this company sells its seeds to every country where the weed is legal but still it has limited payment options available. However, one good news is that, as you might be ordering internationally then you will be having an option that will make sure you can pay quickly, safely without anyone letting know! 

  • Cryptocurrency

One of the fastest ways of paying anywhere in the world is Bitcoin. It involves not any third party, not even your bank! Therefore, this becomes one of the best ways to purchase cannabis seeds internationally without letting your bank know. Even this payment way is fast and real-time which allows the company to get the info about your payment instantly and hence they process your order within just after payment!

  • Cash

It is a little tricky way. Though it is anonymous and you have to send the cash by registered mail. Well, even you can contact their customer support for knowing the further process. 

Well, within limited payment options, while ordering internationally, we recommend you to use bitcoin as a payment option. It is more reliable and secure along with a hassle-free, real-time interface.

Shipping Time

One of the best parts of purchasing cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress is that they guarantee to deliver your order to your doorstep. Whether you choose a tracking facility or a non-tracking shipping option, they will 100% deliver your order to you!

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that this online store only ships to the locations where weed seeds are legal to be purchased. However, still, the company respects your privacy and they pack your seeds in a very stealthy manner and they also make sure that your seeds reach you!

After receiving payment and confirming it, your order will be processed and dispatched within 8 to 24 hours under ‘fast shipping’. As the company dispatches orders twice a day, therefore, there are more chances that your seeds will be dispatched within the same day if you order before the afternoon. 

As your seeds will be packed in a discrete envelope, therefore, authorities will not be able to suspect it. They also make you believe that your seeds are packed in a solid material that will protect your seeds from external influence during transportation and hence you will be getting the fresh quality of seeds. 

Within EU regions and the USA, the company delivers orders within a maximum of two weeks (15 working days). However, the rest of the countries and can expect delivery within a maximum of 25 working days. 

Overall, the shipping and delivery facility at Weed Seeds Express is better and more reliable. The company gives you 100% guaranteed delivery as well which makes it a more trustworthy store to get high-quality cannabis seeds. 

Customer Services

As said earlier that this online store believes in providing the best customer services with its quality cannabis seeds, therefore, you are sure to have the best interaction with their support team. In case of any queries, you are supposed to contact them in the following manner:

Contact Number – +31 23 30 20 309

You can ring customer support from Monday to Saturday (between 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM UTC) and they will hear your query and solve it as soon as possible. 

Mail – support@weedseedsexpress.com

You can also drop them mail, which they will hear within 24 working hours. 

Contact form 

You can also fill up a form at their website under the contact section. Where you can attach your query and they are supposed to respond within 24 working hours. 

Hence, at WeedSeedsExpress you are getting multiple options to contact their support team who is always eager to help their buyers. Even the response time of customer support is also faster than any other novice seed store, which is a positive point. 

Overall, this online store is a perfect place to have cannabis seeds shopping experience. The store has quality customer support that responds quickly while you get many options to reach them at your convenience. 

WeedSeedsExpress Review: Final Word

Till here, you are sure to be aware of the best parts of WeedSeedsExpress along with their lacking points. However, considering the overall services and quality of cannabis seeds it provides, this is one of the best online stores to buy seeds from. The shipping service is impressive while guaranteed delivery is icing over the cake!

The price range at this store is also reasonable and affordable which attracts newbie buyers as well. However, with the availability of multiple seeds variety as per growing needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for at WeedSeedsExpress

Therefore, overall, WeedSeedsExpress is a genuine website with a great market reputation and hundreds of weed strains available, which you can consider for getting quality cannabis seeds!

Visit: https://weedseedsexpress.com/

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