True North Seed Bank Review 2023

Growing cannabis indoors is quite fun and exciting if you have the right quality of seeds and other growing equipment. Well, the primary factor for growing a weed garden is the right quality of seed, and therefore, for that, you have to look for the seed banks that can give you the best quality of cannabis seeds. 

With that said, is an online cannabis seed seller website where you can buy the highest quality marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor growing. However, the company claims to be one of the best companies online that sells only the best seeds that can result in higher output. 

However, in this guide, we will be digging out each of True North Seed Bank’s claims and ultimately find out whether this online website is for you to deal with marijuana products.

Let’s get started:

True North Seed Bank Review

First Glance at the Website

At first look, seems decent along with attractive banners on the first page. The website is informative where you can find the services they provide such as calling facility in customer services, new arrivals in the seed stock, and much more. 

Scrolling down the website will tell you their best-selling seed strains which are quite popular and from here, you can directly get an idea of their seed stock collection. However, they have a wide range of seed strains in which the latest popular strains are included too.

They claim to be the #1 seed store in the region but further, it will be completely exposed to how much it is true! 

The company is based in Canada and they ship to almost every country around the globe. Along with their coverage on the latest seed strains, they also sell cannabis accessories such as Mugs, Storage equipment, and much more. 

They have mentioned that they deliver cannabis seeds in the securest way around the globe along with free seeds on specific orders, which we will be discussing later. 

At the bottom, you will be getting their physical address along with the contact information. 

Overall, is a legit online website that sells quality cannabis seeds along with cannabis accessories. However, it will be interesting to find out how much the quality of service they provide is good!


  1. They have contact with over 50 popular breeders around the globe and hence you will be getting a wide option to choose seeds from. Some of the breeders are Barney’s Farm, DNA genetics, and much more.
  2. Along with the seeds, you can also shop cannabis accessories such as storage equipment, smoking accessories, and much more at the same store. 
  3. They provide you calling facility for instant placement of orders. Even you can place an order offline by filling out their form, which is available to download from their website.
  4. They have a special category for new arrivals of seed stock in which you can find out the latest trending strains in the market and can buy them directly. As they have contact with over 50 breeders around the globe, therefore, you are sure to find out your favorite one there. 
  5. They have wide payment options along with quick shipping services, which we will be covering in detail later. 

Social media handles

Find out True North Seed Bank on the following social media platforms:

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True North Seed bank doesn’t have provided much information about their history or establishment on their website but they claim to be in the marijuana market for several years. The company has started in Canada a few years back and now they are the names under the list of the best seed banks online. 

They believe to sell only ‘100% fresh cannabis seeds’ along with the finest quality customer support. That is why while searching out the other buyer’s reviews on different sites, you will be getting positive words for them.

They aim to provide the highest quality marijuana seeds to every weed lover around the globe in the affordable price range and they are standing on their words for the past few years. 

Talking about the quality of the seed strain then there is no doubt the quality of seeds is exceptional at True North seed bank. They import seeds from the world’s top breeders and hence they directly sell freshly to you. That is why the germination rate of TNS seeds is quite high compared to other seed banks. 

Apart from this, they have even a wide collection of seed strains but mostly they have the latest strains covered along with the famous weed seeds, which you can observe on their official selling page as well. 

Overall, True North Seed bank is one of the right places to get high-quality cannabis seeds to grow. However, as the company sells seeds after importing from natural sources and breeders, therefore, the freshness and germinating rate of the seeds are enhanced automatically. 

Market Reputation

True North seed banks have been for years in the online marijuana market but yet they don’t have that many good words on some of the review sites, to be honest! Well but that doesn’t mean they are a scam! 

They are a 100% legit online store that sells cannabis seeds of excellent quality but the services that they provide such as customer support and shipping time, are the factors where they lack to shine!

However, TNS tries to make their orders 100% successful but sometimes they lack to provide complete satisfaction to the buyers. Well, TNS has been selling cannabis seeds for many years from Canada and hence it is sure that they are not any kind of ‘money hunters. 

Talking about the services then TNS has been regularly working on the betterment of their services, which is the thing to be appreciated. However, as per the present time, if you are going to buy seeds from TNS then there is no doubt you will be having a hassle-free, 100% satisfying experience with them.

True North Seed Bank has no good reviews on Trustpilot only a  2-star rating out of 5!

Best Selling Seed Strains

Don’t worry to know the best products of TNS! Just check out below for their best-seller seed strains:

  • The Limited Edition Canuk Puk 2.0

This is the best pack for you if you want to grow the best weed garden. This limited-edition pack covers legendary GG #4, Jack Herer, and the other two strains at a discounted rate. This 12 seeds pack can be used for both indoor or outdoor gardening both. 

  • Bulk Seeds

If you want to grab the best deal then don’t miss out on their stock of Bulk seeds. This category is made for you if you want to grow a bulk weed garden at a discounted rate. 

  • Vape Pen

Under accessories, TNS has been providing its best vape pens at quite affordable rates. Therefore, if you are buying cannabis seeds then ultimately you will need accessories as well. Therefore, don’t miss out, these offers too!

Well, at, you will be having more than just the mentioned strains and accessories. You can check them out for grabbing the latest deals and offers to go on!

Payment Options

Placing orders at TNS is super easy! They offer you a wide method of payment to place an order before they get out of stock!

  • Cards

At TNS, you can pay them via Credit Cards or Debits Cards (Mastercard & VISA accepted). However, if you are placing an order internationally through cards then make sure it is activated for international use. Also, keep in mind that the processing fee of CC is around 7.5%. However, if you want to save it then you can opt for the next payment method as well.

  • Bitcoin

To save the processing fee of CC, you can pay TNS for your orders through bitcoin, which is also super easy, convenient, and fast. Even the payment gateway is 100% secured. Along with bitcoin, you can also use other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum. 

  • Bank Transfer

If you directly want to pay through your bank then you can opt for the bank transfer in the payment options. However, within Canadian orders, the processing charge will be around CA $17.50. 

  • Cash

Even as per your convenience, TNS also accepts cash for placing orders. However, they will not be responsible for the loss or any kind of issue in this way. 

  • E-transfer

Within Canada only!

  • International Money Order

Within the USA and Canada only!

Overall, at TNS, you will have many options to purchase seeds. However, for international orders and also for real-time updates regarding your order, you are recommended to pay them via bitcoin which is quite fast, reliable, and secured. 

Shipping Time

At True North Seed bank shipping time is average. However, TNS ships worldwide in a discrete manner and they charge a nominal fee as well. 

True North seed bank claims to ship and deliver your order within 5 to 14 working days in Canada and the United States along with the fee of $20 and $30 for the respective region. Well, to be honest, their shipping and delivery time is more than they claim. Within 20 days, you can expect your seeds to reach your hands. 

Apart from this, you are recommended to avail of guaranteed delivery insurance for your orders. However, this facility is available for USA and Canadian orders only. This facility costs you an extra $15 charge but if your order is somehow lost in between the transportation then they will re-ship you another pack without any question. 

Well, guaranteed delivery insurance is not available for orders other than the USA and Canada regions. However, TNS provides you an extra safe stealth shipping service under which they secure your seeds in random objects and then they deliver them to you. In discreteness and safe packaging, TNS is quite excellent.

Overall, at TNS the average time of shipping and delivering seeds is around 25 days to 30 days for international orders. For Canadian and USA residents, you can expect 15 days of delivery time. Stealth packaging and privacy maintenance of the company are quite appreciated!

Customer Service

At True North Seed Bank, they aim to provide the best customer service! That is why they provide multiple ways too for contacting their customer support team. You can drop the mail at They will hear you within 24 hours to 48 hours. 

Apart from this, you can also ring them on toll-free numbers (USA & Canada): 844-843-799 and on (+1) 416-679-0421 (International rates may apply) for other regions. However, they will be available from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 7 pm EST. 

Even you can contact them by filling out their contact form, which is available on their official website. Talking about the customer service quality then it is decent but yet they need to improve the speed of service. Sometimes they take a little extra time to solve your query. 

However, TNS has been consistently improving their services and hopefully, they will soon overcome the faults of their services. 

Overall, True North Seed bank has decent customer service and if you are ordering from them in 2020 then you are sure to have a better experience. 

Price And Strain Availability

The price at True North seed bank is affordable and reasonable. Within $20, you can grab some top-notch quality cannabis seeds. However, under their best seller category, don’t forget to check the seed packs. Also consider the bulk seeds offer, which are mind-blowing offers!

Apart from this, has decent coverage over popular seed strains. However, at first, it might seem they have limited stock but you can check out at the bottom of their website where you can directly head into the specific category of seed strains. Such as you can directly jump to the ‘cannabis cup winner’ strain if you are looking for that. 

As TNS has contact with more than 50 breeders around the globe, therefore, you can also choose seed strains according to specific sex type, color, or even grow condition type. They have coverage of most of the seed strains available in the market!

Overall, at TNS you will be having balanced pricing and strains stock. From a popular range of seeds to affordable rate, True North seed banks is a must-try!

True North Seed Bank Review: Final word

Finally, till

 here, you must be aware of the positives and negatives of the True North seed bank. Well, there is no doubt this seed bank needs to improve the quality of services but it is also sure that if you are buying seeds from them in 2020 then no doubt you will be having a great experience!

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