Serious Seeds Review 2023

Serious Seed is an online store with just 15 marijuana strains on its list. Well, the company claims the highest-quality and stable strains available in the market. Even the company has limited strains but they claim its unmatchable quality therefore, they even give you a guarantee over the germination of the seeds that you buy from their online store!

Well, if you are thinking to purchase cannabis seeds from Serious Seeds then this guide is for you! We’ll be digging out this company’s section and ultimately you will be having certain reasons so that you can decide whether to buy cannabis seeds from it.

So, let’s get started:

Serious Seeds Review

First Look at Serious Seeds

To be honest, the website at first look is not that much attractive as compared to the other online seed shops. The interface is quite an old-school type whereas some people might find it attractive as well due to the simplicity on the page. The website has given all the information in minimum space and there are no big banners or popping messages, which might impress some online weed enthusiasts as well.

However, the company is working on a new website which might be having some attractive features. At least, we can hope for a new interface than the previous one. 

Although this company has limited strains in its stock it has impressively categorized the catalog so that weed growers can easily access what they have come for. Indica, Sativa, Feminized, Autoflowering, all you can access from the left side tab of the first page. Ultimately, it is easy to find your specific weed strain on the website. 

They ship to worldwide countries though you can check from their site, where they ship and you can confirm first whether they provide service to your location. 

Apart from this, the company claims to have more than 101 awards for its cannabis strains around the world in different competitions. Well, this is really impressive if they have some cannabis strains that are unmatchable in quality and results as well! 

Overall, the website is 100% legit and they sell limited cannabis strains but they claim that they believe in launching cannabis strain when it is 100% stable and pure quality. Ultimately, they do not fake names and provide only the highest quality cannabis seeds.


As said earlier, the website has quite an old-school interface and the company is working on a new website. However, some unique features at Serious Seeds are:

  1. Serious Seeds is the website where you will be able to purchase only award-winning cannabis strains. Therefore, the quality of the strains is unmatchable!
  2. The company has won hundreds of awards in different cannabis competitions until November 2018. Therefore, you can trust Serious Seeds for having the best quality cannabis seeds. 
  3. The website is simple, compact, and has all the information in a categorized manner, which is time-saving and easy for navigation through different sections. 

Social media handles

Here are the social media handles of Serious Seeds where you can connect with them:

  1. Instagram – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect
  3. Telegram –Connect

History of the Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds has a long history when the founder Simon, was a student of biology, and then he was a non-smoker. Though after studies he came to know about marijuana and its effects while traveling through Africa in 1985. Somehow, his curiosity and enthusiasm led him to breed, cultivate marijuana for personal use, which he got indulged in exploring weed strains more and more further. 

Ultimately, in 1995 Simon founded his own seed bank in Netherlands – Serious Seeds. When the founder got to know about the benefits of marijuana and he decided to help other weed growers through his experience then this seed bank came into the market. 

Even after 25 years, this seed company is like when it was started – small yet impressive. That is why even in 2020, you will be able to get only limited strains at the store. While they can guarantee you the best quality of it. 

The company has aims to regularly breed and develop some cannabis strains which are stable, easy to grow, and can result in great effects. That is why they introduce new cannabis strains to their stock only when they make sure that it has passed their quality seeds standards.

Apart from this, the company also says that it doesn’t work for competing with others or to compete in competitions, rather it believes in providing the unmatchable quality of strain every time it brings something new!

Overall, the company has a rich history of weed experience where the founder and its team members have years of experience in developing different cannabis strains. That is why Serious Seeds have multiple awards in their stock along with the highest quality cannabis seeds!

Market Reputation

Though Serious Seeds is one of the oldest seed stores in the market though it has quite less popularity among the growers. This might be possible due to the less available strains while the big seeds company provides hundreds to thousands of seed strains. 

However, yet, this seed bank’s buyers are quite happy, satisfied by the quality of seeds that it provides. At Trustpilot, there are very few reviews compared to the other seed stores but all are positive. Even at different cannabis forums, review sites, you will be observing positive words for this store, which shows the high reputation of the seed bank. 

As in the modern marijuana era, people used to find a store where they can get quantities. However, Serious Seeds believes in providing quality over quantity, that is why it might have some fewer numbers regarding the reviews but whoever wants to buy cannabis-cup winner or specific seed strain for the purest quality then/comes over Serious Seeds!

Overall, Serious Seeds has limited seed strains which might be the lacking factor for its increase in popularity. However, for the people who seek quality over quantity, they came to Serious Seeds!

Best Seller Seeds

Serious Seeds has mentioned these three seed strains as their best-seller strains:

  • Serious Kush

This Indica dominant two award winner strain has all that you can expect from an ideal marijuana strain. The strain has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks after that you can have an immense yield of beautiful buds that will induce ultimate weed effects. This strain is the Serious version of legendary OG Kush!

  • Serious Happiness

This Indica hybrid is capable to generate a high yield of up to 600g whereas the intense THC concentration is enough for you to make fly in the sky! As the name suggests, the ultimate effect will be happy and you can use this strain as your stress-buster weed!

  • AK-47

This is the marijuana strain that you might already hear of! The strain is highly potent delivers enough yield to enjoy all day. While the strain has won 27 awards till now and therefore, you can always start your cannabis cultivation journey with any of these marijuana strains!

To find out more award-winner strains, you can visit the virtual store now!

Payment Options

At Serious Seeds, you will be having a very limited payment option. Though for international buyers and local weeders, they have managed their payment methods in a way that you can pay easily. The accepted payment options at Serious Seeds are listed below:

1. Cards

Serious Seeds doesn’t accept cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, therefore, you can go with the card payment which is a better option though. Make sure your card is ready to be used for international purchases. Also, international transaction charges are bearable by the buyers!

2. Bank transfer

You can also directly pay Serious Seeds via your bank account. However, some banks create trouble while paying the marijuana company, which might be a hassle process. 

3. Cash

Serious Seeds might accept cash in an envelope. For better understanding, you are recommended to contact their support team first and confirm the process further. 

4. iDEAL

This payment option is an additional service for buyers with a Dutch bank account. You can also place your order if you fall into this category.

So, within limited payment options, Bitcoin is the way that is convenient and easy. As it is not available, you are recommended to use the card option which is real-time, secure, and instant.

Overall, as an online store, it is expected that Serious Seeds will be providing more payment ways after its new launch of the website. Due to the global popularity of the company, it is a must for an online store to give multiple ways to place an order.

Shipping Service

Serious Seeds is a global company and ships worldwide therefore, you can easily get their seeds only if your region has legalized cannabis. Apart from this, Serious Seeds packs your seeds in a stealth manner with manual numbering on each package. They respect your privacy and therefore, they deliver discreetly. 

Keep in mind that after receiving the order, do not throw the package as it might help you to replace the seeds in case of any issue or if they do not germinate. Serious Seeds give a guarantee on their seeds and hence you can replace them if they do not germinate!

They give you multiple ways through their shipping services. The Standard and stealth option is 5 euros. While registered and stealth is for 15 Euro. However, if you want to have free shipping then you have to shop from the site above 80 Euro. That means you are sure to have the best shopping experience at Serious Seeds!

 Customer Services

Serious Seeds is one of the stores which has only award-winning cannabis strains. The company is so confident at the quality seeds that they give you a replacement guarantee! Therefore, there is no chance that you may face any issue regarding the cannabis strain from Serious Seeds. 

However, if you have any queries then you can directly approach their team by filling contact form which is available under the ‘contact us section. Though it is not an ideal option to instantly contact the support team. Therefore, you can also opt for the following ways:

Contact number – +31-299-373248

Email –

From the given above ways, you can approach the Serious Seeds team where they will hear you out within 24 working hours. Mail replies can take some time whereas you can ring them during the working hours of weekdays for instant response. 

Overall, Serious Seeds provides you a convenient way to get any kind of help regarding their services. As customer support is friendly and responsive, therefore, there is no doubt that you might have any issues while contacting them. 

Serious Seeds Review: Buy OR Not?

First of all, Serious Seeds is a 100% legit store that has a stock of only award-winner cannabis strains along with the highest quality of it. Therefore, you will be getting a germination guarantee as well. Though the company has been for the years in the marijuana market yet it has to work harder to be among the world’s finest seed banks. 

Finally, now, you know about the pros and cons of the seed bank till here and you must be sure with your decision to visit their online store. From our side, if you are looking for some strains that might be available at Serious Seeds then you shouldn’t miss the chance for buying from them. Before that, make sure they ship to your country from the store!

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