Sensi Seeds Review 2023

As a cannabis grower, you are sure to come across Sensi Seeds while searching for the best online seed banks. Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks in the world. However, even before registering Sensi Seeds, the founder has already started a cannabis store in Amsterdam with a mission to provide the best marijuana seeds to the growers. 

Well, if you haven’t tried yet Sensi Seeds to purchase the best-quality marijuana seeds then you must purchase from them!


Read along to know everything about Sensi Seeds and its story, which will ultimately give you a final result to decide whether to choose this online store for buying cannabis seeds!

So, let’s get started:

Sensi Seeds Review

First Glance at Sensi Seeds

At first look, you will be impressed! The website design is professional, eye-catchy, filled with the information of the store, stock, seeds, and everything that you can expect from an ideal online cannabis store. 

They give you access to their latest seed stock at the very top of their website. To not let you wait for their best-seller seeds, they will show you first their popular strains that marijuana grower loves to grow! They know the struggle of cannabis growers and therefore, they have a special category for novice growers under they provide a different range of cannabis seeds so that novice marijuana growers can get the highest output from their garden. 

Coming back to their seed stock then it is impressively designed for easy user interface and experience. You can navigate and find out your favorite section of seeds. While they have arranged their stock in a manner so that you can quickly access what you are looking for. 

Apart from autoflowering, feminized, and CBD strains, they have a special blog for marijuana enthusiasts where they have put their years of experience and trying to help the cannabis farmers to get the most out of their cannabis fields. Therefore, you can check out their cannabis-related different blog posts, where you will find useful information. 

Overall, Sensi Seeds is a wonderful website that has an eye-catchy appearance along with the required information loaded at this virtual store. The catalog of seed stock gives you the smooth interface to access each section of their stock while the online store as a whole gives the best first impression!


  1. Sensi Seeds regularly updates their stock and you can find out new strains in their stock. Also, they post on the top of their website so that you can know what is new in the market!
  2. The different categories for different types of growers show the store’s deep understanding of cannabis cultivation. It results in time-saving as you can directly choose your seed category as per your skill and requirement. 
  3. What if you can get help from an experienced grower directly? Isn’t there will be more chances of getting more output from your cultivation. Therefore, read the blogs of Sensi Seeds. It carries all the useful information about cannabis. 
  4. As an online visitor, the appearance of the store is quite impressive. Therefore, you will be having an excellent experience of purchasing seeds as the website is quite interactive, easy to navigate, and also you will not need to dig out what you might be looking for. Just put the query in the search box!
  5. Along with the top-quality cannabis seeds this online store also sells cannabis vaporizers. Well, the price range might differ but the quality can be ensured for the best!

Social Media Handles

Sensi Seeds has an interactive audience and therefore, it connects with its buyers all over the social media handles, which are listed below:

Instagram – Connect

Twitter – Connect

Vimeo – Connect

Facebook – Connect

History of the Sensi Seeds

The history of Sensi Seeds starts from the earlier time of the 70s when the founder of the Sensi Seeds, Ben Dronkers was one of the marijuana enthusiasts who had a revolutionary mission in his mind and he, after years of experimenting with cannabis and knowing about marijuana deeply, started Sensi Seeds in 1985. Since then, the company never looked back!

The only reason for this empire to take the ride of huge success is the founder’s dedication, mission, and love for cannabis! The company was started to provide the highest quality cannabis seeds to the growers as they believe that ‘the responsible consumption of cannabis can enrich one’s life. 

With these thoughts, the Dronkers family gave his complete dedication to this company and now in 2020, this huge empire is the one-stop destination for your cannabis needs. The world’s top-quality cannabis seeds are found at Sensi Seeds. The company has established mainly two stores around the globe after its huge success and popularity. 

In Spain, you can visit the store of Sensi Seeds in Barcelona whereas, in the Netherland, marijuana lovers can find physical stores in Amsterdam. 

After 35 years of establishment, Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis stores in the world. They have their loving buyers from all around the world. Even after a lot of new seed banks in the market, Sensi Seeds is still one of the top demands among the weeders!

Market Reputation 

Just like the company’s rich and experience history, this store’s market reputation is unmatchable. Within 35 years of providing consistently good quality services, this store has huge respect among marijuana lovers. That is why you will be able to find many positive lines about Sensi Seeds on different forums, review websites. 

Trustpilot, one of the ‘reputation measuring’ websites has given this store 4-stars out of 5, for its quality services. While around 17,000 people have interacted with this store. Most people are satisfied and happy after buying cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds, which speaks about the quality of services at Sensi Seeds.

However, for the people with some unsatisfaction, the company reaches them to hear the issue and later on they correct it, which also shows the company’s care about its buyers. 

Well, considering the customer service and quality of cannabis seeds that Sensi Seeds provide, it is sure that you will be having the best experience from an online seed store!

Sensi seeds have got 8.01 users rating on SeedFinder out of 10!

Best Seller Seeds of Sensi Seeds

Here are our favorite and some popular seed strains from Sensi Seeds which you must try out and start your cultivation journey. 

  • Super Skunk

This Cannabis Cup award winner strain is something that you must have in your garden. With an average flowering period, the strain results in a heavy yield. The Indica dominant strain is powerful to give you instant relaxation after a hit of euphoria. 

  • California Indica

This feminized hybrid is for those weeders who want instant results. The strain has a short flowering period and gives enough yield to enjoy all day. The strain has a positive review and it suits every grower’s growing skills. The effects of the strain are overwhelming!

  • Afghan Kush

One of the legendary marijuana genetics, Afghan Kush regular seeds are developed to grab a larger yield in the garden. This Indica dominant strain is capable to induce intense euphoria while the ultimate benefit of the strain will be relaxation after your tiring day!

So, there are many more top-quality cannabis strains are waiting at Sensi Seeds. Just visit there and find out why cannabis enthusiasts love Sensi Seeds the most!

Payment Options at Sensi Seeds

Although Sensi Seeds has been one of the oldest seedbanks selling the finest quality cannabis seeds this online store has limited payment options available on their website. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Paypal payment option is not available at this store. Therefore, you have to place your order with the available options. 

Here are the available options with that you can place your order:

  • Cards

You can pay at Sensi Seeds via Credit Card, Debit Card (Mastercard & VISA). The payment interface is safe. However, you have to keep in mind that international transaction charges are the responsibility of the buyer. 

  • Bank transfer

You can directly pay at Sensi Seeds from your Bank. However, your bank will know where you are transferring and therefore, some banks interrupt the payment to the marijuana stores. 

  • Cash

This online store even accepts payment as cash. However, you can visit their website for appropriate information regarding payment through cash.

Well, while ordering internationally you are recommended to choose the card method as it will be real-time and transaction failures from the bank will be fewer. Real-time transaction methods allow the company to process the order faster. 

Overall, the payment options at Sensi Seeds are limited yet ample to allow you to order quickly before being out of stock! However, you can also place your order via cash payment method if you are residing within the local region or nearer to the physical store. 

Shipping Time

Sensi Seeds ships its cannabis seeds to most of the EU regions. However, the company avoids shipping its seeds within most of the countries due to legal issues. Well, other than cannabis seeds such as merchandise, CBD oil, and educational materials are delivered to most regions. 

The shipping cost is around 8 Euros for within EU regions, and for the outside of EU regions, shipping charges are around 13 Euros. The company also gives an option for insurance of your seeds, which you can get by paying just 5 Euros extra with your order. This will save your order from getting lost. 

The shipping and delivery time of Sensi Seeds is excellent. As said earlier, the company processes the order just after receiving the payment for the order. While the maximum time for processing orders after payment is 24 working hours. 

Apart from this, the company delivers orders within two weeks maximum. Local orders are delivered within 2 to 5 working days, which shows the quality service of the company.  

When it comes to privacy then Sensi Seeds takes no chance! They pack your seeds in a stealth manner with no information on the top of the package to completely avoid the authorities from suspecting the package. 

Overall, at Sensi Seeds, you can have the best shipping service. The delivery time is excellent while the order is packaged privately. One point where the company needs to improve is the availability of their services and seeds in every country of the world.

Customer Service

The customer service is decent at Sensi Seeds. They have given you multiple options through which you can contact their team concerning the query. 

Contact number – +31 20 626 2988 (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 (CET) except for the bank holidays)


You can either ring their team or drop an email mentioning your issue. They will hear you within 24 working hours. Well, the customers of Sensi Seeds have a good experience with their customer support team. Therefore, you can be sure that the company’s customer support team will be there in case of any issue!

Although there is a special FAQ page where you can find answers to the most of queries. Well, if you are facing an issue that is not mentioned in that section then you can drop them mail or even call the given number. 

Sensi Seeds Review: Final Word

Finally, at Sensi Seeds, you will be having the best experience of purchasing cannabis seeds online. This store has the best quality cannabis seeds along with a responsive customer support team that is eager to help. The only concern is their limited countries service which needs to be worldwide as they are in the online cannabis market and they are exceptionally well!

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