SeedSupreme Seed Bank Review 2023

SeedSupreme Seed Bank is one of the online seed banks that is known for selling high-quality cannabis seeds around the globe. Though they have been for some years in the industry, they have grown so well that they are now listed among the top seed banks in the world. 

If you are thinking to buy cannabis seed from SeedSupreme then this guide is for you! Here we will be digging out the SeedSupreme Seed Bank till you didn’t find any reason to decide whether to choose this seed bank as yours for shopping for marijuana things!

So, let’s get started:

SeedSupreme Seed Bank Review

First Glance at SeedSupreme Seed Bank

SeedSupreme Seed Bank is a professional-looking website that has easy to navigate interface along with all the information in a well-categorized manner, which ultimately gives you to find easily what you are looking for.

Although the site contains a big banner at the top just like other sites, where they inform their buyers about the latest offers going on in the store. As of right now, they are offering up to 40% off on their latest seed stock. 

Scrolling down the page will inform you about the seed supreme’s quality services that it provides such as safe and secure delivery along with privacy maintenance. They deliver worldwide seeds and also offer free seeds along with every pack. 

They contain all kinds of cannabis seeds in their stock such as feminized, autoflowering, regular, high CBD, high THC, and many more. Along with the different varieties of seeds, they have also mentioned their seedbanks from where they import the cannabis seeds. This is an appreciative thing as the buyers will ultimately know the quality of seed sources. 

Apart from this, they have a separate selection for the latest seed strains in their stock. At the bottom of the homepage, you can find out the latest blogs in which they provide useful information. For novice cannabis growers, these blogs can be helpful. 

Overall, at SeedSupreme Seed Bank, you will be having an interactive webpage at which you can have all the information and stuff about marijuana. As they have a large selection of cannabis seeds, you are sure to find the latest seed strains at Seed Supreme!


  1. For discount lovers, SeedSupreme Seed Bank is the perfect place! They regularly give you attractive offers and discounts on their seed strains. 
  2. They import the seeds from various seedbanks, which means you can choose to buy from a specific breeder whereas you will be having many options to choose from as well.
  3. SeedSupreme Seed Bank has a variety of seed strains along with blogs that can help you out to grow their seeds for the highest output. 
  4. For USA cannabis lovers, they have a separate selection, and also, they especially ship the orders for the USA in a very discrete manner. 
  5. You can find out different flavored marijuana strains under the ‘featured’ category. They have all the popular strains that might force you to cultivate them in your garden!

Social media handles

SeedSupreme Seed Bank is available on various social media platforms, where they connect with their buyers and marijuana lovers. You can also connect with them on the following social media handles:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect
  3. Pinterest – Connect
  4. Instagram – Connect
  5. LinkedIn – Connect

History of SeedSupreme Seed Bank

As per their official website, they didn’t have revealed much about their history and background story. They are based in the United Kingdom and started in 2013 intending to provide high-quality marijuana seeds around the globe. 

In the beginning, they had a very limited selection of cannabis seeds, for which they worked hard, and ultimately within a few years, they grew up so huge that they have now almost every trending cannabis strain in their stock. 

With over 100 international cannabis breeders, Seed Supreme has contact and they sell around 4000 different strains from them. Therefore, you can take SeedSupreme Seed Bank as your one-stop destination for all your cannabis seeds requirement. 

Although it has been 7 years for the company they have come so far in the online marijuana industry! Now, you can find Seed Supreme in almost every list of the best seed banks. 

Overall, as of 2023, SeedSupreme Seed Bank is one of the online stores with a variety of cannabis strains along with top-notch services, which led this seed bank to be one of the favorite seed banks among the growers.

Market Reputation

Considering the quality of cannabis seeds and the services it provides, SeedSupreme Seed Bank has an excellent market reputation. Growers of this store are happy, satisfied, and looking ahead to buy again from it. Therefore, at Trustpilot, SeedSupreme Seed Bank has earned a rating of 4.6 with around 600 genuine buyers’ reviews.

This not only ensures high-quality customer service but also makes it a trustworthy store to rely on buying high-quality cannabis seeds that give excellent output in the garden. Therefore, most of the reviews at different review sites and forums are positive where cannabis growers are praising this online store.

Even like many other online stores, this store has to some complaints from the weeders but the positive thing is that they hear the issue of their buyers and they try their best to solve out quickly! As they have one of the helpful customer support teams, therefore, you don’t need to be worried about your queries. 

SeedSupreme Seed Bank has a great market reputation which they have earned based on serving quality services and cannabis seeds that gives impressive output in the garden. Therefore, in 2023, if you are thinking to buy cannabis seeds from one of the reputed brands then no doubt SeedSupreme Seed Bank will be your best choice!

Best Seller Seeds of SeedSupreme Seed Bank

Though SeedSupreme Seed Bank has a wide variety of cannabis seeds, therefore, you can choose as per your requirement. However, here are the best seller seed strains of SeedSupreme Seed Bank by which you can start your cultivation journey:

  • Big Bud Fast Version

Big Bud marijuana strain’s fast version is for the weed growers who want instant results in their garden. This strain results in a higher yield give an intense hit of euphoria with around 18% THC concentration whereas the flowering period of the strain is short. 

  • American Haze x California Haze Feminized

This strain is capable to induce creativity and uplifting effects with the intense THC concentration. The medicinal effects of the strain help avoid negative thoughts and stress from your mind and body. Considering this strain as your end-day strain and you can say goodbye to the stress.

  • Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized

One of the legendary marijuana strains – GG feminized has all the genetics that you can expect from an ideal strain. The strain possesses intense euphoric genetics that not only elevates your mood but also gives you an escape from the real world by intense psychoactive effects. 

Payment Options

SeedSupreme Seed Bank is a global company serving across the world but still, it provides you limited payment options on their site. Seed Supreme do not accept checks or money orders therefore, you have to choose one of the following ways to place your order:

  • Cryptocurrency

When you have limited payment options then Bitcoin is the survival option! One of the safe, secure, and real-time payment options that makes sure no third party can see your transaction. As this payment option doesn’t allow your bank to keep an eye on the transaction, therefore, it becomes a safer option than the others. 

  • Cash by mail

Fortunately, this seed bank gives you an alternative way than a cryptocurrency- payment via mail. They provide U.S buyers or local growers a facility by which they can place their orders by sending cash to a specific address. However, this payment option involves the risk and the buyer is solely responsible for any kind of loss!

While placing an order online, if you have limited payment options then we recommend you always choose Bitcoin as your default way. This payment option is not only real-time but also fast, secure, and doesn’t involve any third party as well. 

Shipping Services

Shipping by SeedSupreme Seed Bank is discrete and secure as they care for your privacy. Whereas if you are placing your order from a suspicious location then you can opt for guaranteed delivery which will ensure more safety for your cannabis seeds.

Though they charge a standard shipping fee you can still avail of a free shipping service by spending 50 Euros. All U.S orders are dispatched from their distribution hub in California. However, other than U.S orders are dispatched between 2 to 7 working days. The store processes your order as soon as they receive your payment. 

Apart from this, they take around one week to two weeks to deliver your seeds. The remote location can take more time. Depending upon your location, Seed Supreme delivers orders between 7 days to 25 working days (including international locations). 

They pack your seeds in a very stealthy manner that is why you will be receiving your cannabis seeds in different objects such as pens, toys, and other things. As they are more conscious about your privacy, therefore, once you order seeds then you don’t need to be worried as from private packaging to delivery to your doorstep, they will not let anyone know until you don’t expose your garden to the others. 

 Overall, the shipping service at SeedSupreme Seed Bank is very discrete, safe, and private which makes your seeds arrive at you without any hassle. We recommend you to opt for a guaranteed delivery option as ordering from a suspicious location or internationally. 

Customer Services

Customer services at Seed Supreme are excellent! Just like the seed quality and shipping services! However, Seed Supreme has given only mail support to their buyers. That means you have to drop your query at the given mail address:

Well, the company is known to be helpful in case of solving their buyer’s queries whereas they usually delay while responding. Therefore, this needs to be improved. Some growers have waited around days to be heard at Seed Supreme which should be instant as an online store. 

Usually, they give you time up to 24 hours to respond to the mail; however, they might take some time as well, which is a thing to be improved. Well, sometimes they even respond earlier than 24 hours. So, it also depends on some circumstances. 

SeedSupreme Seed Bank: Final Word

SeedSupreme Seed Bank has a very wide selection of cannabis seeds. They sell at a reasonable price with regular offers and discounts. Even they are known for discrete shipment and fast delivery. As they are a global company, therefore, you can hope for getting quality seeds in any corner of the world.

Overall, SeedSupreme Seed Bank is a 100% legit website for grabbing the world’s finest quality cannabis seeds. In 2023, it is one of the best online websites where you can find all the required marijuana services. 

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