Canadian Seed Bank Review 2023

After positive changes in the legislation of cannabis in Canada, there has been a regular growth among the seed banks and the Canadian seed bank is one of the seed banks which is quite popular among Canadian weed growers. 

Therefore, in this guide, you will be getting everything to know about Canadian seed banks and ultimately, we will dig out deeper to know if they are 100% legit and secure for you to buy seeds for your garden

So, let’s get straight into it:

Canadian Seed Bank Review

First Glance at Canadian Seed Bank

At first look, the website seems professional with well categorized and organized content. To let their visitors, know about the latest happenings in the store, big banners are there! Scrolling down the page will inform you about the featured marijuana strains that they have and a little more down, you can know the information about the payment info and their best seller seed strains. 

One of the best things about their website is that they have a separate category for the special seed strains and the latest stock. Also, if you want to access the top strains of the store, you can check out the ‘top 12 strains’ section. 

Apart from this, the virtual store has given all the information about the seed stock they have along with the easy navigation interface, which makes you able to find your favorite strain quickly. Dedicated to specific growers, you can also access the strains according to your growing environment. Check out their indoor and outdoor strains.

Well, if you want to grow cannabis on a large scale then don’t forget to check out the bulk section where you can access some popular and strong cannabis strains at a very affordable price range. 

Overall, the online website is 100% legit, informative, well organized, and has an easy interface. You will be able to find the required strains easily. Therefore, the website gives an excellent impression at first appearance.


Though there is quire space for improvement in their website, however, there are certain features which work as a bonus point:

  1. You can easily compare the different marijuana strains on their website. Just get into the compare section and choose your strains for comparison. 
  2. They give free delivery to orders above $160. Even they offer you gifts with every order, which you can check on their website.
  3. Canadian seed bank regularly gives some attractive offers and discounts. Therefore, people who love to buy seeds online at a low price range must check out their website regularly. 
  4. Right now, on their website, they are offering ‘buy two and get third free’ under which you can have some best marijuana seeds for free. 
  5. If you will be buying cannabis seeds in bulk from a Canadian seed bank then you are sure to have some discounts too. As they regularly give their buyers a clearance sale!

Social media handles

You can connect with the Canadian seed bank on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect

History of Canadian Seed Bank

Based in Canada, Canadian Seed Bank claims to be a seed bank with over 20 years old history. The company has been in the marijuana seed industry for so long intending to provide the highest quality cannabis seeds to the growers that produce a high yield. 

They import only the best quality seeds and they regularly inspect the seeds for the highest germination rate so that the growers can get the maximum output from their seeds. This company is a global company and they sell their seeds worldwide. However, they also warn you regarding different marijuana laws in different regions. 

Along with the highest quality cannabis seeds, Canadian Seed Bank promises the best customer support by their team. Apart from this, they have the lowest price on their seeds. That is why they are one of the popular seed banks among Canadian growers. 

With regular and consistent quality service, they are now one of the top seed banks in Canada that is known for high-quality marijuana seeds with a wide variety of selections and with promising customer support. 

However, within years of experience, this seed bank has most of the popular strains in its stock and due to their quality service delivery, they have been on the list of top Canadian Seed Banks. 

Overall, the company didn’t have revealed much about themselves but they claim to have a very old history. However, as a weed grower, you need to get the best quality marijuana seeds which it promises to deliver. 

Market Reputation 

Although this seed bank is a global company to sell its seeds it has to work harder to be among the world’s finest seed banks. However, in Canada, it comes under the top seed stores and that is why it has been a popular online store there. 

At Trustpilot, this seed bank didn’t have an impressive rating and even they have very few reviews therefore, we cannot say much about the worldwide reputation. Well, in Canada, it is quite popular and has a good market reputation. Canadian growers love to buy from here and the seeds of this store result in impressive output. 

Well, there is a need for improvement for meeting international service demand, and that could be a reason for this company’s average rating at Trustpilot. 

Apart from this, many review forums and websites have positive words about this company. Therefore, in 2023, if you are buying cannabis seeds from a Canadian seed bank then it is sure that you are investing in a legit seed store. 

Best Seller Seed Strains

Here are the Canadian Seed Bank’s top best seller seed strains. However, you can also check out their official virtual store where you can access different strains. 

  • White Widow

This is one of the legendary cannabis strains and this strain is also treated as one of the most potent strains. The reason is, this strain possesses high THC cannabinoids and the catch is it has a short flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. With an Indica and Hybrid mix, you are sure to have the best marijuana experience with this strain. 

  • Big Bud

This cannabis cup winner strain has intense weed effects to knock you out! Along with the intense psychoactive effects, the strain gives you relaxation from a tiring day by avoiding stress and pain from your body. Consider it as your strongest weed bud ever!

  • Black Kush

Dedicated to medical weed enthusiasts, this strain possesses some medicinal effects and it also flowers within a short time of 7 to 8 weeks. The effects of the strain are quite hard-hitting and therefore, it relieves several medical symptoms. 

Payment Options

Canadian seed bank gives multiple options for payment on their website. Doesn’t matter you are ordering internationally or locally they will give you a convenient, easy, and secure gateway to place your order. 

  • Cards

Canadian Seed Bank accepts Credit cards or Debit cards (Mastercard & VISA). However, due to some reasons, they might also shift to other payment options for receiving orders. 

  • Cryptocurrency

This company accepts Bitcoin and therefore, you can securely, easily, and in real-time pay to them for your seeds. 

  • Bank transfer

If you want to directly transfer your payment from the bank account, you can opt for the Bank Transfer option. However, some banks interrupt the transfer to a marijuana company therefore, you have to be careful. 

  • Cash or Money Order

This company also accepts cash as receiving orders. However, you will be instructed after placing your order to follow the further process for sending cash. 

However, you can also place your order through Money Order and the process for the same will be informed later. 

  • Interac e-transfer (For Canadian Customer Only)

This option is limited to Canadian users but this gives you an instant option to pay and place your order before getting out of stock. 

So, there are ample payment methods through which you can pay at a Canadian seed bank. However, if you are ordering internationally and want privacy then we recommend you to opt for Bitcoin as this method is secure and anonymous. 

Apart from this, the company processes your order only after receiving the complete payment therefore, to not delay the delivery time, you must pay via instant payment options such as e-transfer, bank transfer, or bitcoin. 

Shipping Time

The company’s shipping service is decent. They deliver most of their order through CanadaPost with a tracking option too. However, they didn’t have given any information about the packaging and stealth delivery of their seeds. 

As a global company, they deliver their seeds to most countries. However, they are not responsible for any issues in the regions where cannabis seeds are not legal. Therefore, before ordering make sure you have local laws in your favor. 

Apart from this, the Canadian Seed Bank takes average time to deliver the seeds. Within Canada, they take around 3 to 7 days to deliver. Well, the remote locations can take more time too. Depending upon your location, this seed bank delivers seeds within 7 to 21 days (international orders are included too). 

Well, the company also gives you an option for return in case of any issue. However, you have to fill the return form at their website, where you have to provide the information and cause for return. 

Overall, the Canadian Seed Bank’s shipping and delivery service is decent, however, there is much space for improvement too. Considering the current service scenario, orders within Canada shouldn’t have any issues. While for international orders the company promises you the best customer support. 

Customer Service

At Canadian seed bank, they have given a limited way to approach their support team – only mail. You can mail at and concern them about your query, which they will hear up to the next 24 working hours. 

As an online store and global company, they must provide a calling facility as well, however, you have only the mail option. Apart from this, you can also fill out their contact form on the website, which is not an ideal option to hope for an instant response. 

Well, while contacting the customer support team, make sure to mention your order ID and complete information about the issue. This will help you to get your solution quickly. 

Coming to the quality of customer support then it is decent. They reply to the mail within average time whereas sometimes they delay as well, which should be improved. Comparing to the other top seed banks where approaching customer support is fast and instant along with the quick back support from the company, the Canadian seed bank needs to work more!

Canadian Seed Bank Review: Final Word

From a weed grower’s perspective, you will be getting all those popular marijuana strains, different categories of weed, and strains according to the strength of cannabis at this online store. Even they have one of the finest qualities of marijuana seeds which they sell from Canada to around the globe. 

Therefore, for the company’s seed selection, you will be impressed. Whereas the company’s market reputation and customer support need improvement though. Well, as the Canadian seed bank is working consistently, therefore, we can hope for more improvement in its services and a better quality of seeds.

In 2023, if you are deciding to buy from a Canadian seed bank then surely it is well worth your money!


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