Buy Cannabis Seeds in Alaska 2023

Cannabis laws in the United States have been quite relaxed within the past few years. In many states, recreational and medical marijuana has been permitted to some extent, and Alaska is one of them. 

However, in Alaska, the cannabis legislation has been regularly changing from the very earlier time of the 20th century. Well, in 2023, cannabis has been legalized in Alaska, and therefore, there will be no any trouble from the official authorities if you will indulge in personal cannabis enjoyment!

Therefore, in this guide, we will be covering each detail that is made officially in Alaska state regarding cannabis so that you can know the laws perfectly and can enjoy hassle-free!

So, let’s get straight into it:

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Alaska

Is Cannabis Legal in Alaska in 2023?

Yes! Cannabis in Alaska is legal in 2023! That means an adult individual of the Alaska state can use recreational cannabis without any penalty or fine from the authorities. 

On the other hand, Alaska adults can buy online cannabis seeds and can also grow some plants at their homes to get home-grown weed. With that said, there are some physical stores as well which sell high-quality cannabis seeds in the state, which we will talk about in detail later.

Additionally, if you are thinking to grow cannabis seeds at your home then you have to follow the official guidelines that are ordered to be followed by the Alaska citizens. 

However, the cannabis legislation in the state has been a debatable topic from an earlier time. We will discuss the historical changes later in this guide but you must be knowing that now in 2023 if you are planning a trip to Alaska and hoping to enjoy cannabis then there are almost a 100% chances that you will enjoy it to the best extent as there is no official ban on cannabis!

Overall, in 2023, cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is allowed in Alaska from the 2015 year, and therefore, for visitors planning a journey, there should not have any trouble in having cannabis. 

History of the Alaska Concerning Weed

From the starting of the 20th-century cannabis in the whole United States was almost banned. Even hemp cultivation got affected by cannabis illegalization in the country. After more than 50 years, somehow, in Alaska marijuana got allowed in 1975 which was the result of decriminalization. In this change, Alaska adults were permitted to have up to 4 ounces of cannabis personally or one ounce outside of their homes.

However, this happiness didn’t last long for weed lovers in the state as in 1990, cannabis got recriminalized again. Under that, the offender was permitted to be fined up to $1000 with 90 days jail. Well, this legislative change couldn’t hold the marijuana demand in the state. Additionally, medical patients in need of marijuana treatment were demanding a separate medical marijuana program. 

Finally, in 1998, medical marijuana in the state got legalized after winning a vote ratio of 54.3%. This legalization of medical cannabis allowed patients to have cannabis treatment. However, this facility was availed to the patients with prescriptions only from a physician. 

Moving next to recreational cannabis in the state, it was still banned, even after the legalization of medical cannabis. Considering the cannabis demand in the state, there were many attempts to legalize recreational cannabis, however, it was failed by the time. From 2000 to 2006 there were about three attempts to make recreational cannabis available in the state but it was failed every time. 

However, ultimately, in the year 2014, measure 2 to legalize recreational cannabis got passed by 53.2% vote. This legislation change allowed the adults of the state (above age 21) to possess up to an ounce of cannabis or cultivate up to six plants. This marijuana change got effective in the state on 24 Feb 2015 and since then the cannabis lovers of the Alaska state are free to enjoy cannabis within the ruled-out guidelines. 

In a nutshell, Alaska’s cannabis journey was zig-zag. Sometimes, it was freely available, sometimes it was strictly prohibited. However, the good news in 2023 is that it is now legal!

Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption of Weed in the State


An adult citizen of the Alaska state (who has an age of 21 or equal) is allowed to possess up to 28 grams of weed. Additionally, the individual can also cultivate plants indoors for which the limit is up to six plants. Well, considering the limits, for an individual it is more than enough. Although, you are recommended to use and possess within the limits. As authorities are always against drug trafficking. 


As said above, cannabis cultivation in Alaska is permitted, and one must be of adult age to grow weed plants in the home. 


Cannabis can be consumed publicly or privately in Alaska. However, in public places, you must be careful that you are not sharing cannabis with minors which is still an offense. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that during driving or in public transport you are not high! Therefore, you are recommended to indulge in cannabis activity in your private space. 

Medical Marijuana in Alaska

Alaska state has always had a demand for cannabis, in which medical patients were one of the important factors to get marijuana available in the region. In the beginning, first of all, medical cannabis got legalized in Alaska in 1998 under measure 8, which got passed with around 59% of votes. 

Since then, medical cannabis was permitted in the state. However, only prescribed patients were allowed to get medical marijuana facilities to avoid inappropriate access to cannabis. Well, until recreational cannabis got legalized, the medical marijuana program of the state was strict and therefore, one must have to show the authorized prescription to access CBD or cannabis-related stuff. 

Even in 2023, medical marijuana is allowed and it has benefited a lot of the citizens. Well, if you are recommended by a doctor to grow your own cannabis plants then you can do that too. You just have to show the recommendation and you can cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants in the house. 

Overall, medical cannabis laws in the state were quite relaxed from 1998 and even in 2023, it is allowed to the patients in need!

Guidelines to allow the use of medical marijuana 

  1. One must get prescribed by an authorized physician. 
  2. To cultivate cannabis plants, the patients need to get recommendations from the doctor. 
  3. To avoid inappropriate access, only medical patients were allowed to get cannabis-related stuff from the physical stores after a recommendation. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Alaska?

Well, after the allowance of recreational and medical cannabis, there is nothing that can bound you to get your own cannabis plants in your home. However, make sure you are growing within the limits. To grow cannabis plants, you must have high-quality weed seeds that can germinate faster. 

For getting cannabis seeds in Alaska, there might be some physical stores as well, however, there is a high chance of getting poor quality of seeds along with limited varieties. Therefore, there is one best option that can make you get only the best cannabis seeds – online seed banks!

Buying cannabis seeds from an online seed bank has multiple benefits! Online stores have a very large selection of seeds, which gives you coverage over multiple strains from different varieties along with the trending strains in the market. Additionally, you can have the best of best quality marijuana seeds at the cheapest rates during sales, offers, and discounts. 

Well, several seed banks in the market claim to provide you high-quality cannabis seeds. Honestly, some of the claimed seed banks are not that good enough! Even this risk increases more for novice weed growers and new online buyers. 

Therefore, after years of experience in buying online cannabis seeds and growing them, we have made our best seed bank list that provides the highest germinating cannabis seeds. These seed banks have everything that you can expect from an ideal online store. Also, they all ship to Alaska!

Best Seed Banks that Ship to Alaska

1. ILGM (

I Love Growing Marijuana website

This seed bank majorly ships to the USA and Australia and it is one of the best seed banks with a huge market reputation. It has a wide selection of seeds along with affordable rates. Ships faster directly from the warehouse in California in a private manner to ensure your safety. Provides multiple payment options to place an order. Join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub on Reddit for regular updates!


2. MSNL 

MSNL Seed Bank website

This seed bank is our second favorite! It ships worldwide quickly and has a lot of strains to choose from. All seeds are directly imported from the sources and have the best quality. Multiple payment options with instant shipping are their plus point. 


3. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

If customer service is your priority then don’t miss the number 1 recommended seed bank or Crop King Seeds! Crop King Seeds has a wide selection of different strains along with the cheapest rates during the sale. Regular offers and discounts are the plus point of this seed store. Crop King Seeds these strains got reviews on SeedFinder, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!


How to Choose the Best Seed Bank Online? (A Guide From Buyer’s Point of View)

Well, if you are still in doubt about how to get the seed bank that can be most beneficial for you then here is a pro guide to making you aware of the certain points which can give you hint about the quality of seed banks online. 

Let’s get into it:

1. Market Reputation

Doesn’t matter from where you are buying your favorite cannabis seeds, make sure that you have gone through their online reviews, forum review and from everywhere where you can get an idea about the quality of their seeds. 

For example, the above-mentioned seed banks have a very positive market reputation. As they have an above 4-star rating on most of the review sites. Additionally, previous buyers of those seed banks are quite satisfied and happy with the services. 

2. Quality over quantity

Some online seed bank shows you a very huge selection. Even some stores show you up to thousands of strains in their stock. Well, always keep in mind that the seed strain that you are choosing must be of the best quality that can give you the most out of it in your garden.  

3. Your own preference

This section is for your own preference in your ideal online store. It means you can put customer service as your priority in this section or discounts, offers, and cheap rates as per your requirement and need. Well, considering customer service is better in today’s era as there are more chances that you might need the company’s help regarding your order these days! Therefore, customer service must be good in the chosen online store!

So, finally, these are the points which you can keep in your mind and can choose the best seed bank for your garden. However, this guide will be enough for you to get the best seed bank in your area or even in the online market. 

Future of Cannabis in Alaska

The future of cannabis in Alaska state is quite bright! Right now, in 2023, there are very few to no boundaries for recreational and medical cannabis. That is why there has been a huge business in the state. Even the government is getting taxes from the cannabis businesses in the region. 

Therefore, the future of cannabis in Alaska will be brighter!

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