SunWest Genetics Review 2023

SunWest Genetics is an online website that aims to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to growers all around the world. The seed bank is based in Canada and claims to be in the marijuana seeds industry for a very long time. 

However, in this guide, we will find out each section of SunWest Genetics, and ultimately, you will know in the end, whether to buy cannabis seeds from this online shop.

So, let’s get started:

SunWest Genetics Review

First Glance at the Website

SunWest Genetics looks professional at the first glance. The website theme is eye-catchy and holds the vision with large banners. You can know about the latest going on offers, discounts, and services about the company in those banners. However, at the bottom of the banner, you can get an idea about the availability of different cannabis strains at the store along with the services this store provides. 

This company has an aim to not only preserve cannabis genetics for future generations but also to regularly bring something unique quality of genetics for the growers. Therefore, this company claims to sell the finest quality marijuana seeds around the globe. 

Well, they have a separate blog page too, where you can check out their informative articles regarding cannabis cultivation and even about how to choose a legit seed bank. Their blog can be helpful for novice weed cultivators though. 

Scrolling down the page will take you to their latest seed strains in the stock. However, they have also mentioned the places where they provide their services in Canada and the USA. After that, blog pages will hold you for a while and at the last, you can check out their different seeds categories where you will find their ‘best selling strains’ too. 

Well, if you want to have a quick overview of the company then you can check out their FAQ section where you will be able to find the answers to most of your doubts. 

Overall, at first, the website appearance is professional, clean, and has easy navigation with full of the required info. Therefore, SunWest Genetics leaves an impressive look through their website. 


  1. This company provides you free shipping if you order seeds from them for a price above $200. Along with free shipping, they also give you free seeds. 
  2. They possess more than 500 marijuana strains, therefore; you are sure to find your favorite cannabis seeds there. 
  3. As they ship globally, therefore, you can get their services around any corner of the world. Also, this company sells its seeds at a wholesale price to the different companies within the USA and Canada only. 
  4. They give you instant customer support by providing a calling facility. Make sure to ring customer support during working hours on weekdays. 
  5. Their blogs include cannabis growth hacks and other informative articles which a newbie grower must-read. 

Social media handles

You can connect with SunWest Genetics on the following social media handles:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect
  3. Pinterest – Connect

History of the Company

As per their official webpage, they didn’t have provided much information about the company and its initial journey. However, they have been in the cannabis seeds industry for a few years and they are 100% legit stores. 

They started selling a few cannabis strains and now they have over 500 strains in their stock, which include feminized, autoflowering, outdoor, indoor, and many more strains. They are very concerned about their seed quality and therefore, they manually check and ensure the fresh quality of cannabis seeds. 

Apart from this, they have been regularly working on introducing new cannabis strains to their stock and within the upcoming time, you will be able to observe much new cannabis seed variety too. 

Within the years they are into the cannabis seeds industry they have regularly served the finest quality of cannabis seeds that gives higher output in the garden. Therefore, if you are thinking to buy from them in 2023, then no doubt, you will be getting better quality from many novice seed stores.

Market Reputation

SunWest Genetics is a popular online store in Canada. Though to be popular worldwide, this store needs to work hard. However, they sell their seeds online, and therefore, they are spreading their services and popularity around different countries. 

At Trustpilot, there have been very few reviews but most of them are positive, so, it is a good sign. Although, on different review websites, forums, many people are satisfied and happy with the Sunwest Genetics seeds. Some negative reviews are there too, however, the good thing is that this company tries to fix that. 

Overall, the market reputation of this store is building positively. Comparing to the other popular seed banks, Sunwest Genetics needs to improve more. However, for the weed growers within Canada, USA, this store is quite popular!

Best Seller Cannabis Seeds

Here are our favorite picks from SunWest Genetics. Well, they have a special category for their best-selling seeds, which you can check out on their website. 

  • Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

This strain possesses Indica dominant genetics to fetch intense THC levels and give you a hard hit of euphoria. The strain produces resinous buds along with an intense smell and mouth-watering flavor. Therefore, if you want to kick out your cultivation journey then don’t miss out on this strain!

  • Northern Lights

This is another legendary cannabis strain to consider while cultivating cannabis. This strain possesses a very high THC concentration and suits indoor and outdoor mediums for cultivation. The strain is easy to grow and produces immense yield. Therefore, don’t miss out on this one too!

  • Bubblegum Autoflowering Seeds

This cannabis strain is perfect for beginner growers as it is quite easy to grow and therefore, suits most of the growing environment conditions. With 80% Indica dominant genetics and 18% THC concentration, you are sure to have the best weed experience even though if you are a beginner weed grower. 

Payment Options

At SunWest Genetics, you will be having multiple options to place your order. Even they are very concerned about the security and therefore, they make sure that no third party can interface in the payment gateway of their buyers. That is why, while payment through cards they don’t show company name or about seeds on your statement too. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Cards

You can pay at this online seed bank through credit card or debit card (both Mastercard & VISA). Well, keep in mind that, you will have to bear the international transaction charges while paying with your card. Also, keep your card activated while ordering internationally. 

  • Cryptocurrency

To keep the transaction more secure, you are recommended to pay via cryptocurrency i.e., bitcoin. As it is more secure, private, and real-time. Your bank or anyone will not be able to get the info about bitcoin payment. Also, as the company processes orders after a successful transaction, therefore, this instant option will make you able to do so.

  • Cash

Sunwest Genetics also accepts payment through cash in the mail. Well, you have to place your order with the cash option and then you will be further instructed how and where to send the cash.

  • EMT Interac (For Canadian Customers only)

If you are residing in Canada then you can also opt for this payment option. This is an instant, secure, and better way for placing orders if you are a Canadian grower. 

So, these are the payment options that you will be getting to place your order at SunWest Genetics. However, we recommend you to pay either through Bitcoin or Interac (if you are a Canadian grower). These options are charge-free, instant, and secure too. 

Shipping Services

Sunwest Genetics ships around the world. They ship all of their orders from warehouses in Canada. Although they ship in a very discrete manner in different random objects, you are recommended to either be aware of your local laws or opt for the Express shipping option while checkout of your order. 

For international orders, the company uses random objects to deliver the cannabis seeds whereas for the Canadian and USA growers they use regular packaging as their orders do not cross the borders. 

At this online store, you can have multiple options for different shipping services. They offer you standard shipping for $10 whereas for Express shipping with a tracking facility and insurance they will charge you from $30 to $60.

If you are ordering from a suspicious location, then you are recommended to choose the latter shipping option. However, it might charge you $60 but it will ensure that your seeds will reach you 100%. They will re-ship in case of customs seizes your seeds. Along with the guarantee, they will give you a tracking option too by which you will be notified where ever your seeds will reach. 

For the Canada and USA orders, the company takes around one week to deliver the seeds. While USA growers may need to wait for even two weeks i.e. around 15 days. 

Apart from this, other than the USA and Canada, international orders can take up to 21 working days, which is a decent time. 

Overall, the shipping service at Sunwest genetics is excellent and they ensure the privacy and security of the orders. Though their Express shipping cost is comparatively high considering the insurance and real-time tracking facility, it might be worth it. 

Customer Support

This online seed store promises the best customer support. As they care for their customers, therefore, they provide you instant options to reach them in case of any trouble with their seeds or your order. Here are the options available for you to contact their customer support:

Phone call: +1 (833) 688 8582

You can ring the customer support team at the given number. However, make sure you contact their team during the working hours of weekdays to get an instant response. 

Email – 

You can also drop them mail concerning your query. However, this facility is not instant and your query will be heard within 24 working hours. 

Taking about the quality of the customer support then it is decent. The support team is friendly, eager to help, and responsive too. Therefore, you are sure to get help instantly in case of trouble.

Overall, the customer support of the company is quite good. Though there is much space for improvement, which the company is regularly doing too. Therefore, if you are deciding to buy cannabis seeds from Sunwest Genetics then no doubt you will be having quality customer support too along with the quality cannabis seeds.

SunWest Genetics Review: Final word

SunWest Genetics is a 100% legit store and they have been for years in the market which shows their positive market value as well. Apart from the large seed selection and quality they also provide their buyers instant and supportive customer service, which is a plus point. 

Overall, comparing to the other large seed banks, SunWest Genetics has to improve more but if you will be buying cannabis seeds from this store then it is sure to be worth the money you will be putting in!

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