Seedsman Review 2023

Growing marijuana is most dependent on the quality of the seeds you put in the growing garden. Therefore, as a grower, you have to make sure that you buy the best quality cannabis seeds and then begin your cultivation.

Having said that, getting the best quality cannabis seeds is not easy for online buyers as there are thousands of options to choose from.

Well, Seedsman is one of the online websites that sell cannabis seeds, and considering its online reviews by other genuine buyers, it seems one of the best stores to buy marijuana seeds from. However, we will not be dependent on one factor to be impressed!

In this guide, we will be digging out Seedsman and ultimately, we will give you a reason to whether choose this online store as your cannabis seed bank.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Seedsman Review

First Glance at Seedsman

Seedsman in the first look is an impressively designed well-arranged website. At the very first appearance, you can get those large banners as usual on other websites informing you about the latest offers on their seed stock. 

As the seedsman pride on their customer’s reviews, therefore, you will be able to find different reviews just below the photo gallery of their community. Dragging down a little will take you to their main catalog where they have categorized their different seed strains such as Feminized, AutoFlowering, Regular. Apart from this, you can also use their ‘Strain finder’ tool to specifically search your favorite strain.

However, if you are looking for only high THC strains specifically then you might love the category of Seedsman’s High THC marijuana seeds. Well, you can also explore the section of Seedsman’s collection for their best seller seeds.

Seedsman has been for many years in the marijuana industry and hence you can read their history at the bottom of the page, which shows the legitimacy of the website. Also, they have a special blog page for weed growers. Especially for the newbie growers can get many growth hacks from that blog section. 

Overall, Seedsman is an attractive website for weed enthusiasts where you will find a lot of information regarding cannabis seeds along with the coverage of a variety of strains. However, you might be impressed by one of the claims on the page about giving free seeds with every order!


  1. At seedsman, they have a reward program for their loyal buyers where they give you points which can be further used for getting discounts. 
  2. You can also get 20% additional off on your order if you buy seeds above the given quantity range. 
  3. If you love offers, giveaways and rewards then Seedsman is for you! You can find regular new offers going on the store almost every week. 
  4. They are a global company and they sell their quality seeds to each corner of the world where it is legal.
  5. They have over sixteen thousand reviews on the Trustpilot along with the 4 stars rating. Therefore, while dealing with a seedsman, you are sure that you are buying seeds from a trustworthy store.

Social media handles

Seedsman love to connect with its customers and therefore, it is available on the following social media platforms:

Instagram – Connect

Twitter – Connect

With around one lakh followers over Instagram, you can get an idea of the popularity of this seed bank among weed growers. 

History of Seedsman

If you find a company more trustworthy with years of experience and establishment in the industry then Seedsman is for you! The company has been started in Spain and within a few years, it got popular among weed enthusiasts for selling the best quality cannabis seeds. 

Seedsman sold its first pack of seeds in 2003 and from then this company never looked back. Now, in 2020, it has more than 1500 marijuana strains with contacts over hundreds of breeders around the globe. That is why Seedsman has been able to fulfill the demands of marijuana growers by delivering the highest quality of cannabis seeds.

The aim of Seedsman is “to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework.” With that said, the company has also its own brand of feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds in the market. 

Along with selling a variety of marijuana seeds, the company promotes using it under the legal age of different regions while growing their seeds only when it is legal there. 

Overall, the company’s history is quite rich where they have experienced team members working behind this huge empire. However, with over 15 years of establishment in this industry, this brand has been recognized now for the best cannabis seeds!

Market Reputation has a great market value and respect among the weeders. The reason is the built trust among their buyers which the company earned by providing consistent good services along with the highest germinating cannabis seeds. 

As said earlier, Seedsman has more than 16 thousand reviews at Trustpilot. While it has got a 4-star rating which really means a lot to the online store. Most buyers of Seedsman are satisfied and they have a wonderful experience while buying cannabis seeds from this online store. 

Even though some unsatisfied buyers are there as well but the company always tries to understand the issue and make them correct. 

Talking about customer services or international shipping, Seedsman has impressed its buyers which you can also observe from different review forums and websites. With over 60 thousand likes on Facebook and lakhs of followers on Instagram, the Seedsman community is really happy and satisfied with the services of the company. 

Overall, with over 75% ‘Excellent’ rating on the Trustpilot, Seedsman is one of the legit, trustworthy, and ultimately best seed banks that are not only known for selling quality marijuana seeds but also provides a great user experience!

Best Seller Seeds

From Seedsman you can check out their best collection for directly getting hands on the world’s top cannabis seeds. However, here we are mentioning their top three marijuana seed strains:

  • Beginner Collection Auto

If you are new to cannabis cultivation and want to start your cultivation journey then this collection is best for you. The pack includes such seeds that perfectly align with the beginner grower’s skills. Therefore, ultimately, you get a higher output!

  • OG Kush

This is one of the legendary marijuana strains for those weed enthusiasts who want to get an intense high. As this strain contains THC levels up to 20%, therefore, you can expect an intense euphoria that will overwhelm you!

  • Blue Dream

One of the best medicinal marijuana strains is Blue Dream which contains around 20% THC and <1% of CBD cannabinoids. Easy to grow this strain is capable to produce excellent yield. The strain flowers within 7 to 9 weeks which means you can expect faster growth of this medicinal herb.

So, if you want to explore more best weed strains then you can check out the official website of Seedsman and their collection category. 

Payment Options

Payment at Seedsman is quite easy as the website gives you ample payment methods to place your order before it gets out of stock! Here are the main payment ways you can opt for:

  • Cryptocurrencies

Most of the online stores promote cryptocurrency payment as it is a fast, secure, and anonymous payment way that doesn’t expose what you are buying. Therefore, at Seedsman you can pay through Bitcoin, and also you can grab some discounts.

  • Card

Keep in mind that while paying from CC, you can be charged for international charges. Mastercard and VISA are accepted at this store.

  • Bank Transfer

You can also directly transfer the fund from your bank account to the company. However, the bank can also interrupt in some cases as you will be buying cannabis seeds, which might not be appropriate for some regions. 

  • Check/Money Order/Cash

Check, Cash, and money orders are alternative ways if you want to pay at Seedsman. However, it is recommended to pay via Bitcoin and Cards. Well, due to the availability of many options, you can always choose at your convenience too.

Overall, payment gateways at Seedsman are secure and provide a 100% safe interface between the buyer and company. Therefore, doesn’t matter which payment option you choose online, you will get a safe payment gateway. 

Shipping Service

Shipping services from Seedsman are fast, reliable, discreet, and secure. They are a global company and they ship to every country around the globe. They pack your seeds in cardboard boxes, DVDs, or in anonymous things to make sure no one can suspect the content.

Apart from their impressive packaging, they offer same-day shipment as well for the orders within the UK (for the orders placed before the afternoon). If you want to get free shipping from the company then you have to spend a minimum of 55 Euros. (within UK only)

Other than the UK region, international orders are shipped within three business days. They will drop you mail along with the tracking ID once they dispatch your seeds by their preferred courier. However, the company charges a shipping fee while you place your order. That means the shipping charges are dependent on the weight and location while you check out your order.

When it comes to delivering the order then they take usually 1-3 days for dispatch within the UK. While in the European region, the orders are delivered within two weeks. However, orders other than EU, UK regions are delivered within 7 to 25 working days. 

Customer Services

Seedsman has around 89% of satisfied buyers with its customer support service with around 16 hours of response time. Therefore, while buying cannabis seeds from this company, somehow, you got in trouble then you can freely contact their support team, which is always eager to help you out. 

There are many ways you can knock the customer support for help:

  • Contact form

On the official website, under the support page, you can find the contact form where you can put your issue. They will hear you within 24 hours, however, they can even reply to you earlier than that. 

  • Call

You can also ring Seedsman at +44 (0) 1451 844855 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm GMT) in case of an issue. However, due to the pandemic, there might be a delay in response. 

So, these are the two major ways for getting support from Seedsman. However, the contact form is the more reliable and faster way to get support from their team as they give priority to their form responses first. 

Note- Due to pandemic calling facility is not available right now at Seedsman!

Seedsman Review: Final Word

Seedsman’s website is a one-stop destination for all marijuana solutions. They have top-quality seeds that produce higher outputs. Along with the supportive team, they provide top-notch customer services as well. With discounts, offers, and reward points, what can more an online buyer expect from an ideal store? The price range of the shop is affordable which the newbie buyers love the most. 

Talking about the quality of seeds or services then it is excellent. As an online buyer, you get almost every facility to ease your purchasing experience from Seedsman.

Overall, Seedsman is one of the best online stores for you from where you can get the highest quality cannabis seeds to grow!


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