Seed City Review 2023

While in search of seed banks online you are sure to come across Seed City. Well, this online website claims to provide the finest quality cannabis seeds from the world’s best class breeders. However, considering some online reviews, Seed City seems to be just fake promising while selling only old cannabis seeds that never germinate. 

On the counter, the company claims the opposite to that and ensures that its buyers get the seeds that grow to maximum output. 

What is true and what is not? Everything will be clear in this guide! As we are going to show you the real truth about Seed City and ultimately at the end of this guide, you will be able to finalize whether to buy cannabis seeds from Seed City!

So, let’s get straight into it:

Seed City Review

First Look at the Website

To be honest, the website of Seed City looks quite average. Although the website has been loaded with all the information regarding their seed stock or about their services. However, compared to the other popular seed bank websites, Seed City lacks behind. 

One of the main factors which are must be improved is the theme of the website which personally I didn’t like. On the other hand, different strain categories are decently put on the online store. Well, it is easy to navigate from one category to the other. 

The website interface is quite similar to the old-school which is a bit disappointing. Seed City has mainly two categories of seed strains. One is regular and the other is Feminized, while you can also access their specific categories such as Indica, Sativa, Environment specific, strength, yield, Flowering period type, and much more. 

Apart from this, you can also access the breeders at the bottom of the first page. You can access the latest promotions going on ahead of City. 

Overall, the website of Seed City has an average appearance but the interface is decent. Apart from this, the variety of strains available at Seed City is quite amazing. 


  1. At seed city, you can access the bulk, bundle, sale, and free seeds. Those sections are specially dedicated for those weeders who are looking for cannabis seeds at the lowest price.
  2. They are providing free seeds with every order along with discounts of up to 25% off. Therefore, you can have the best seed deals at Seed City.
  3. Seed city gives free discreet delivery to the orders within the United Kingdom.

Well, as said earlier that the website of Seed City is old school type and not that much attractive, therefore, comparing to the other top seed banks, they don’t have many features. Although basic access to the seed stock and navigation is easy and interactive. 

Social media handles

Apart from the website of Seed City, they have been regularly on many social media platforms for connecting with their buyers. Some of the social media handles of Seed City are:

Facebook – Connect

Instagram – Connect

Twitter – Connect

History of Seed City

Started in the UK, Seed City has been in the cannabis seeds industry for more than a decade. Their establishment took place in 2010 and along with the upcoming years, they got experience in choosing the highest quality cannabis seeds and selling them online. 

Now, they have a variety of seed selections and they sell cannabis seeds for specific outcomes as well. Even they got their contacts with the world’s finest quality breeders and now you can find from ‘A to Z’ breeders on their website. 

All of the cannabis seeds are of top quality and they directly sell to you from the breeder. This made the quality of seeds fresher ultimately resulting in an increased germination rate. 

Apart from this, due to their large seed selection and different breeder link, Seed City provides cannabis seeds at quite an affordable price. That is why they even give you huge discounts on their selections. While free seeds with every order are the usual thing!

Overall, the history of the Seed City is as long as a decade, and as you will be buying from an experienced source, therefore, you are sure to have the best quality cannabis seeds that can result in the highest output. 

Best Seller Seed Strains

Although Seed City has great coverage over some strain varieties but yet they need to stock more for competing with the top seed banks around the world. Well, you don’t need to dig out their stock as much because here we are giving you top three seed strain which is best for specific growers. Let’s check them out:

  • Jack Herer

This is one of the most popular and demanded seed strains at Seed City. The strain has Sativa dominant genetics, along with the THC enriched cannabinoids that produce dense nugs and excellent weed effects. 

  • LSD Cannabis Seeds

From Barneys Farm, LSD is one of the best cannabis seed strains that give you immense yield and can suit most of the growing conditions. Apart from this, the strain is capable to give intense weed effects while the ultimate benefit will be that you will be completely relaxed after your tiring day!

  • Skunk #1

From Sensi Seeds, Skunk #1 is the best solution for those weed growers who want to get a quick yield. This strain flowers faster and results in excellent yield. Indica dominant genetics are capable to induce intense euphoria that hits you hard!

Well, there has been a lot of seed strains that are available under their ‘best collection’. However, for more seed strains, you can check out their official store. 

Payment Options

Seed City has limited payment options. Though, as an international buyer, you will be having ample payment methods to place your order before it gets out of stock. Here are the available payment options at Seed City:

  • Cards

Seed City accepts both debit and credit cards although your cards must be ready to be used for international purchases. Use your credit or debit (Mastercard & VISA) card, while international transaction charges will be imposed within your order by your bank.

  • Cryptocurrency

If you want to keep your international purchase anonymous then you must go with paying through cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. This is the fast, secure, and reliable option when you have limited payment methods. 

Even you can also grab some discount with payment from bitcoin. 

Well, these are the main payment options available at Seed City, however, you are recommended to pay through Bitcoin as it is faster and secure. Also, this allows you to do the transaction in real-time, which helps in getting your order processed faster. 

Overall, Seed City has a decent range of seeds but payment options are expected to be more from an online store. 

Shipping Time

Seed City ships around the globe. They claim that they ensure the complete security of your seeds. They ship and deliver your order in a completely safe manner so that no one can suspect it. Additionally, they also offer free delivery within U.K. orders. The orders from the U.K region need not be signed as well. 

However, the EU region’s orders are discreetly delivered within average time. While international orders can opt for signed delivery of the order. That guarantees your seeds and somehow, if you do not receive your order within 30 days of dispatch then the Seed City will re-send seeds to you. 

Talking about the shipping cost then the Seed City claims that they charge you the lowest shipping fee. Well, the shipping cost can vary according to the shipping facility between 8 Euros to up to 20 Euros. Considering the shipping services at Seed City, the shipping charges are reasonable and comparatively low as well. 

However, the company takes usually one week to three weeks for delivering orders around the globe. Remote locations can take more time though but local orders are delivered within one week whereas the international order averagely takes 15 days to arrive. 

Overall, at Seed City, the shipping service is excellent along with the bearable service cost. Also, the delivery time is decent and the company also maintains security. 

Customer Service

This is the section where Seed City lacks behind. The company has average customer support. There is an email as an option to contact their team. You can drop your query at Contact@Seed-City.Com where they will hear your issue within 24 working hours. 

Though there have been many complaints regarding their customer support team and their late response. As an online store, they must be available as quickly as on the phone but somehow, they have given alternative ways as a ‘Feedback form.’ 

Whereas you also get an option to drop them your message concerning the issue under the contact section of their website. 

Overall, the customer support at Seed City needs to be improved. Either in giving multiple ways to get help from the company or about the speed of the service, Seed City has to improve to compete with the top seed banks. As one of the major factors deciding the quality of an online store is ‘customer support’!

Market Reputation 

Although Seed City has been in the marijuana industry for over a decade now, therefore, it has a great market value and reputation among its buyers. One of the review sites, Trustpilot has given it 4.7 stars out of 5 which is an achievement for an online shop. 

This reputation of Seed City has come from the quality of seeds, variety it provides to the buyers. Also, the decent customer support which they regularly work to improve the quality. That is why you will observe most of the buyer’s reviews are positive about the company. 

Even at many different forums, review websites most of the people are satisfied with the quality of seeds from the company along with the services it provides. The company is regularly working on enhancing its seed stock so that the growers can access the latest marijuana seeds. Therefore, they are the favorite place for newbie growers to buy cannabis seeds. 

Apart from this, the price range at Seed City is something that makes them stand apart. They have a very affordable range of prices for their stock. You can access their top-quality seeds within just 20 Euros or even less than that. 

Overall, Seed City has been a perfect place for marijuana lovers to purchase seeds. They have a wide selection, top-quality strains, and also decent customer support which an online buyer loves the most. 

Seed City Review: Final Word

Seed City is one of the online stores where you can start your cannabis cultivation journey with low risk. The top-quality cannabis seeds will ensure that you got the highest output from your garden. 

Overall, Seed City is a 100% legit, reputed, and reliable source where you can buy quality cannabis seeds in 2020 and can grow them in different conditions to obtain weed!


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