Royal Queen Seeds Review 2023

If you are seeking an online seed bank that can provide you the highest quality cannabis seeds along with quality services then there is no doubt you may already hear of Royal Queen Seed bank. Well, this is one of the best cannabis seed banks in the market. 

Royal Queen Seeds is quite a popular website among weed growers to buy high-quality cannabis seeds as it directly sources seeds from the world’s finest breeders and makes the seeds available freshly. 

Therefore, to know everything about Royal Queen Seed Bank, we are digging out each section of the store and hence in the end you will be having a specific reason to whether choose this seed bank as your seed store!

So, let’s get started:

Royal Queen Seeds Review

First Glance at Royal Queen Seeds

At first, Royal Queen Seeds looks very professional, well-designed, and has a website that will hold your sight for a long. The eye-catchy theme and banners will give you an excellent appearance of the store along with the information about the seed stock. 

The banners at the top will let you know the latest offers going on Royal Queen Seeds. Right now, there is 25% off on the pack of 10 seeds. One of the best parts of Royal Queen Seeds is that they have given the information about their services and stock of seeds very impressively. You can directly access the different categories of seeds such as feminized, autoflowering, regular, and high CBD strains from the homepage. It means you will be having an easy interface on the website. 

Scrolling down the page will take you to their top 10 strains of the stock. That list shows the top 10 picks of the seed strains available at Royal Queen Seeds. They have also shown over their first page that they ship for free to all over Europe, which is good news to the EU marijuana growers. 

Later on, after the top 10 seed strains, you will be heading to their cup-winner strains where all the strains are award winners and hence you can blindly choose any strain to have the best weed cultivation experience. 

At the bottom, you can access different sections of the store, along with the different varieties of cannabis seeds available at Royal Queen Seeds!

Overall, Royal Queen Seeds has the best marijuana seeds variety and they have managed them all in a very impressive way on the website. The website interface and navigation are easy, informative, well-categorized, and overall impressive which shows the professionalism of the store. 


  1. At Royal Queen Seeds, you will be having a Growers Program under which you will be earning a point by spending one euro. Further, you can use these points to have discounts on every purchase you will be making at the store. 
  2. Royal Queen Seeds has a separate blog where they give useful growth hacks and guide you about cultivating weed. For novice growers, this blog can be very useful, and hence you are recommended to check that once!
  3. For those shoppers who love to have discounts, RQS bank has regular offers to attract them. Therefore, you can have some attractive deals at the site every time you buy seeds from. 
  4. Royal Queen Seeds sells not only high-quality weed seeds but you can also purchase some natural processed CBD oil along with vaporizers. That means you can buy everything needed to start enjoying weed. From the growing need to use tools, they got you all!
  5. This is the plus point for Royal Queen Seeds that they have over 50,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.7-star rating and they are one of the reputed online stores. 

Social media handles

Royal Queen Seeds has been available on different platforms so that they can connect with their buyers. Some of their social media handles are:

  1. Facebook- Connect
  2. Twitter- Connect
  3. Instagram- Connect
  4. YouTube- Connect

History of the Royal Queen Seeds

If you always prefer to buy something online from a reputable store that is established for years then Royal Queen Seeds bank is the perfect choice in 2020! The reason being they have over 20 years of experience with people who have spent their life breeding and exploring different marijuana strains. That is why they are capable to deliver the perfect demand for weed growers. 

Situated in Barcelona, Royal Queen Seeds has another physical store in Amsterdam as well. They started with ‘to share their passion for cannabis with the growers like you and they have now one of the top-quality selections over a wide variety of marijuana strains. 

With over 20 years of growing experience, what can you expect from a store to deliver more? Well, as a weed cultivator, you are sure to have the highest yielding cannabis seeds from here at a reasonable price. That is why they are one of the popular choices among weeders. 

Royal Queen Seeds has a good service too, which we will be discussing in detail later. Well, because Royal Queen Seeds has one of the experienced team members with a passion to deliver something unique every time, now the sky is the limit for their growth!

Overall, the seed bank has an experienced background and team members who have spent their life around cannabis and its exploration. Therefore, while buying marijuana products from Royal Queen Seeds, you are sure to have the best weed cultivation experience. 

Market Reputation 

As said earlier, Royal Queen Seeds has more than 50,000 reviews over Trustpilot, which shows their huge popularity among weed lovers around the world. Well, the bonus part is that it has a 4.7-star rating with over 83% fully satisfied people. Therefore, in the case of market reputation, Royal Queen Seeds Bank is unmatchable!

People over different forums, review sites are very satisfied, happy, and positive about this seed bank which shows the quality product delivery and service by the company. Even this online shop has been for many years in the online marijuana market which also shows their consistent hard work and satisfying service to their buyers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be such a huge marijuana empire!

Therefore, the market reputation of the RQS bank is positive. Buyers from this store are happy and satisfied, which gives a green signal for every weed lover that you are buying from one of the best cannabis seed sources.

Royal Queen Seeds got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 6.92 out of 10!

Best Seller Seed Strains

Well, you can directly head to the official site to access the top best-selling cannabis strains. however, we are giving our top three picks here, with that you can start your cultivation journey with:

  • Green Gelato

One of the best marijuana strains with a quick flowering period and intense THC level up to 25%, which is capable enough to give you a hard hit of euphoria. Well, Green Gelato is a strain that has won awards for its taste, effects, and ultimate medicinal results. 

  • Stress Killer

From the name, you can guess the idea of the effects that this strain can produce. The Stress Killer has a combined THC and CBD cannabinoids with a 2:1 ratio and therefore, you will be having a mixed hit of euphoria with medicinal effects. You can use this strain as your end-day weed and can say goodbye to the stress!

  • Trippe G

This one of the legendary cannabis strains has Indica dominant genetics that can induce up to 26%+ THC concentration and therefore, this strain is not suitable for people with low tolerance. The strain has intense effects and in good growing conditions, it results in heavier yield. 

Payment Methods

As you are done with choosing your favorite cannabis strains, you can directly check them out before getting them out of stock. For payment, you will be having these three payment ways. 

1. Cards

CC or Debit Cards are accepted at Royal Queen Seeds bank (Mastercard & VISA both). Well, while ordering internationally keep in mind that, the transaction charges are the responsibility of the customer. Therefore, to avoid these charges you can move to the next payment method as well.

2. Bank Transfer

If you love to transfer directly from your bank to the company’s account then you can do it without using any interface such as a card. However, some banks mind while paying to the company such as seed bank and therefore, sometimes block the transaction. 

3. Cryptocurrency

One of the best, hassle-free, secure, and real-time payment methods is cryptocurrency. You can pay at Royal Queen Seeds bank via Bitcoin. This payment method will even not let anyone know where you are paying and hence, you can anonymously purchase cannabis seeds even without letting your bank know!

Although only these three payment options are available at the store. Well, these three methods are enough for an individual to purchase something online. Those who love to keep their privacy secure can opt for Bitcoin, which we recommend as well!

However, you will be having alternatives too, which you can use at your convenience!

Shipping Service

Royal Queen Seeds bank is a global company yet they mainly ship to the mostly EU regions. However, they are consistently spreading their service branches around the world. It is expected that this company will soon be available for worldwide purchase. 

The shipping method at RQS bank is very impressive. They pack your seeds under a DVD case for discretion and therefore, they make sure your seeds are not suspected by the authorities and they deliver your seeds to you safely. Although they have another standard option as well. 

Delivery to the mostly EU regions is done by either UPS way or their general way. However, UPS orders are delivered at different UPS locations or private addresses. For avoiding charges of this shipping method, you need to shop for 500 Euros. 

Royal Queen Seeds delivers your order quickly. They take an averagely of 3 to 15 days for delivery, which is faster than many novice seed stores. However, remote locations can take more than that time as well. 

Overall, at Royal Queen Seeds, you will be having the best quality seed strains along with the top-notch services under which they deliver your order in a completely private manner. Although one thing to keep in mind is that they do not guarantee your order. However, they ship to countries where they are sure that delivering cannabis seeds is not an issue!

Customer Support

You can guess the quality of customer service at Royal Queen Seeds by a huge number of positive reviews. Well, this online store has one of the finest quality customer support teams that are always eager to help weed enthusiasts. Therefore, they have given the following ways through which you can approach them:

  1. Contact number – 34 93 737 98 46 (from 8:00 to 16:00)

Well, while dropping a mail to the company will take around 24 hours to be heard whereas ringing the support team will be a faster way though. The support team is helpful, friendly, and dedicated to solving your queries, which is a plus point. However, in the case of emails, they might be a little lazy but they are improving their quality of services regularly which is a good thing. 

However, apart from the given ways, you can also fill the message box under the ‘contact us page where you can send them your query in a detailed manner. The response time is similar to the mail. 

Overall, RQS bank is an online store with quality services and the customer service is excellent. Different ways of approaching them make them hear your query faster, and they know how to impress their buyers further!

Royal Queen Seeds Review: Final word

In the modern marijuana era, where people prefer to buy cannabis-related products online instead of offline due to privacy reasons, Royal Queen Seeds becomes one of the best places for that. Either it is about cannabis seeds, quality customer service, or about having popular strains, they have got you all!

Therefore, ultimately, now you have the reason to buy from Royal Queen Seeds and you will be sure that you are buying from a 100% legit, secure, and queen store of marijuana!


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