Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review 2023

If you are in search of an online seed store that can give you quality cannabis seeds suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation then you must be looking for QCS (Quebec Cannabis Seeds). 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is an online website that is known for selling top-notch quality marijuana seeds from Canada worldwide. Dedicated to the weed-growers, this online store has a wide variety of seed strains in its stock that are ultimately categorized for specific types of growers. 

That means if you are in search of seeds that perform best in limited grow areas then you can get the best quality indoor seed strains from QCS. Similarly, high THC, high CBD, outdoor and mixed packs of marijuana strains are available at the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store.

Even they claim to be one of the best marijuana sellers in the market which is working for over 15 years. However, read along to know the ‘real truth’ of this online store!

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds

First Look at Quebec Cannabis Seeds

At first glance, the QCS website looks 100% legit and they have made it quite attractive too. If you are visiting their website for buying cannabis seeds then you are sure to be impressed! The reason is their beautiful arrangement of seed stock which ultimately hits on the grower’s specific need. Different categories of seed strain will make you directly jump over your specific category instead of using the search bar thought it is there!

They have autoflowering, feminized, regular, high CBD or THC strains in their stock mainly. On the homepage, you can also read their basic information about the website. One of the best parts of visiting an online store is that if you can access their latest stock of seeds quickly along with the best-seller ones. This ultimately saves time and at Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you will get that easy-to-access interface for sure!

From QCS’ bestseller to special and from featured to regular stock, you can all access them at the very first page, which is quite a time saving and instant. 

Apart from this, they have also given their contact information below the site, which shows their legitimacy and dedication to help the buyers in case of any issue.

Overall, is a legit online store that sells high-quality cannabis seeds. The website is attractive, loaded with marijuana strains along with the information that you might accept from an ideal online store!


  1. First of all, the homepage of the website will give you access to most of the varieties of seed stock, which is time-saving and also easy to access interface.
  2. At QCS, you will be getting compact categories of seeds under they cover almost all the varieties of strains such as auto, feminized, regular, CBD, THC dominant, indoor, outdoor specific, and also bulk seeds where you can buy cannabis seeds in bulk at the affordable price range.
  3. They have the calling, emailing facility as well in case of any issue. You can directly ring them or drop a mail if you need any kind of help.
  4. They have a moderate price range for their seed strains. However, for bulk seeds, the price range is quite impressive. 
  5. They ship from Canada worldwide within 2-3 weeks internationally. Make sure you are 21 years older or above to order from QCS.

Social media handles:

QCS is widely available on different social media platforms. You can connect with them on the following social media handles:

  1. Twitter – Connect
  2. Facebook – Connect
  3. Pinterest – Connect

History of Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the recently launched companies in the online marijuana market but they have been working hard for the past 15 years to meet the expectations of their buyers. Although they have been breeding cannabis strains since 2013 to fulfill the buyer’s demands. 

Even though the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store is one of the newbie stores but they have one of the top experienced teams that have more than 15 years of experience and that is why this company has come far away in a very few years. This is due to the consistent hard work and satisfaction of the buyers of QCS.

Well, one of the best parts of buying cannabis seeds from new stores is that they always try to give their best to make a good reputation. However, QCS always gives their 100% to satisfy their customers. Either it is through customer support or giving a guarantee on order, the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store doesn’t miss any chance for making a plus point. 

Even they stood on their promises too. That means if your guaranteed order is missed in between then they will ship you another pack of seeds which is quite appreciative as nowadays almost all the top companies are offering such facilities to their buyers. Although QCS is a new company still it is giving the best services possible from the very earlier time of its existence.

Overall, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has an experienced history of team members who consistently work for fulfilling the demands of buyers, and for that reason, QCS is one of the best novice seedbanks in the market. Although within a few years they are now one of the top seed seller companies in Canada.

Market Reputation

QCS has a great market reputation! If you will be considering reviews on some popular review sites and forums then you will find quite positive words for this online seed store. Although there might have been some unfavored reviews but QCS replies to them and try to fix the issue, which is a positive point. 

One of the online review sites, Trustpilot has given this online seed store rating of 4 stars which shows the high market value of QCS! That ultimately means, if you are going to buy cannabis seeds from this online seed bank then you are sure to have the best purchase experience. 

Apart from this, in many review forums, buyers who have purchased seeds from QCS are quite satisfied with the services. Therefore, we can say that QCS has a great market reputation which they have earned by providing quality services to the buyers. Check out Quebec Cannabis Seeds these strain info at SeedFinder!

Best Seller Strain From Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Although QCS has a wide variety of seed selections on its website. Here we are mentioning our personal favorite, all-time favorite seed strains from the store.

  • Mix Pack Fast Version Feminized

From the name, you can guess this is the strain for those who want faster results. While the pack of feminized seeds will ultimately give you a higher yield. Don’t forget to check the price, it is jaw-dropping!

  • QC Black Gold

Want a high-yield, high-THC strain? Don’t miss out on this special range of seeds- QC Black Gold! The strain results in a higher yield in minimum efforts. While the intense THC cannabinoid will make your pain, stress, and anxiety fade away.

  • Critical Mass Bulk Pack

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in bulk then don’t miss out on this golden deal! With the pack of 100 seeds, Critical Mass strain in the bulk pack is something that you never want to miss out on for ultimate weed gardening. Go and check the price drop!

Well, there have been many other strains available as well but here are some of the best-selling strains along with their specialty. Even you can visit the official page of QCS and can check out more!


At the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store, payment options are limited but they are reasonable for an online store to place the order. Here are the payment ways by which you can place your order at QCS:

  • Cards

They accept Credit and Debit cards (Mastercard & VISA). However, make sure your card is enabled for international transactions. Apart from this, keep in mind that while paying from CC, there are some charges included along with the order as a processing fee.

  • Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is also accepted. However, if you somehow didn’t see the option then you can drop them mail or ask for your convenient payment way. 

  • Money Transfer

You can also pay directly from your bank. However, if you are concerned with your privacy then you have to place your order through other payment options. 

Overall, at the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store, you will be getting limited but such payment ways that you can easily place your order.

Shipping Time

The shipping and delivery time of QCS is reliable and fast! They averagely deliver your order within Canada in 5 to 7 working days. However, the delivery time also depends on the location. That is why remote areas might take some extra time for the arrival of orders. 

Apart from this, if you are ordering internationally then you have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks to get your seeds in your hands. Well, QCS claims to deliver within 5 to 25 days depending upon the location and they stand on their words impressively.

QCS ships to all the countries and they know your privacy is important to them. That is why they don’t mention your information or the content of the order on the package. Therefore, you can completely rely on the QCS for maintaining your privacy through discrete shipment. 

However, make sure to order cannabis seeds from a location where it is not illegal as the company will not be responsible for any kind of legal issues. 

They also charge a nominal shipping fee of $10. Well, if you are ordering internationally and want extra safety for your package then you can also ask for guaranteed shipping and other shipping services as well, which might cost you accordingly. 

Keep in mind that QCS delivers your package on Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM, therefore, while waiting for your order then count only weekdays. However, usually for local orders, the maximum wait time is around one week. 

Overall, QCS is excellent in providing quality shipping and delivery service to the orders within Canada. However, international orders are usually delivered comparatively late which is reasonable as well depending upon your location and circumstances.

Customer Service

While purchasing cannabis seeds from the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store, in case of any issues, you can head to the customer support team of the company. They have provided their contact number and mail address for a quick response.

Contact number – 1-438-345-3688

Mail address –

Keep in mind that, the support team is available during the working hours of weekdays, and therefore, at weekends, they are off. 

Talking about the quality of service then they claim to give the best customer service. However, for mail, they take up to 24 hours to respond. While calling facility makes you able to contact them quickly. 

Apart from this, you can also contact them by filling out the contact form at their official website. Well, they will hear from you as soon as possible. Well, QCS has been known for delivering excellent quality customer support at their online store. 

Even their customer support executives are eager to help, supportive, and quite friendly. Therefore, ultimately, you will be having a great engagement with their support team.

The point to be mentioned here is that, although they guarantee their seeds although they don’t have given any information for returns. That means if you are in a situation to replace your order then first you have to contact their support team and then you will be further notified to proceed, which seems a hassling process. 

Overall, QCS is improving its services and as of 2020, you will be having a great experience while buying seeds from them. 

Final Review of Quebec Cannabis Seeds

While seeking the best cannabis seed bank online, you are sure to find this seed bank on every list. Although this seed bank has been in the market for a few years as of now, due to its quality of seeds and services, it has made its position among the best seed banks worldwide. 

Apart from this, in Canada, this seed bank has a great market reputation, which is increasing around the globe as well. Considering the quality of the services and seeds strains at the Quebec Cannabis Seeds store, you are 100% recommended to deal with them and take your gardening journey to next level.

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