Pacific Seed Bank Review 2023

Pacific Seed Bank is an online seed-selling website that claims to sell high-quality cannabis seeds across the globe. However, the company seems quite a newbie in the market and honestly, they don’t have a good reputation though. 

The company seems legit at first glance due to the wide selection of cannabis seeds and its impressive website design. Along with their seed stock, the company claims to provide shipping across the world with top-notch customer service.

Although there has been a lot of complaints about this company regarding customer service and even about the seed’s quality. Well, there are positive responses too about the store. 

Therefore, to avoid all the confusion, in this 2023 review of Pacific seed bank, we will be digging out each section of this company and finally, a concluded reason will be there for you to decide whether to buy cannabis seeds from this new online seed store. 

So, let’s get straight into it:

Pacific Seed Bank Review

First Glance at the Website

Pacific Seed Bank at first glance looks quite attractive and it is filled with lots of marijuana content, which appeals to the legitimacy of the website. The huge banner at the top shows some features about the site mentioning marijuana seeds for sale. Well, below you will be able to find different categories of strains such as autoflowering, feminized, high CBD, and much more. 

The best part of the website is that it has been designed well that ultimately makes you able to find out easily what you are looking for. They have a special category for the latest marijuana seed strains under which they have given their latest weed strains that have recently come into the market. Therefore, weed-growers who love to go with the flow of trending strain might find this website quite impressive.

Apart from this, they claim to be one of the best marijuana seed-selling sites with over 150 strains to choose from and more than 12 brands from where they import quality seeds. Some popular brands of the website are Amsterdam Seeds Co., Dutchman Seeds, DNA Crew, and much more.

You will also be able to find out their best-selling seed strains below the page. However, you can also put your search term in the search box to directly jump to your required strain. 

Overall, the website is impressively designed which holds the visitor’s eyes. They have also beautifully arranged their seeds in different categories which makes the user access them easily. They have also given the information of the brands from where they get seeds from along with their contact info at the bottom of the page. Therefore, on the whole, Pacific Seed Bank seems 100% legit and an impressive online store! Well, it will be interesting to know how true it is!


  1. If you are a weed grower seeking a high CBD strain for medicinal purposes then Pacific seed bank has a special category for you under which you can access their top high CBD marijuana strains.
  2. They have mainly three categories, auto-flowering, feminized, and high CBD. Therefore, you can quickly search your strain under those categories. 
  3. They have a special category on their homepage where they have given best-selling marijuana strains from each brand, which gives a glance over their stock.
  4. A simple user interface makes the website more attractive. 
  5. They don’t have mentioned any kind of rewards or offers on their seeds on the first page. Read their blog for getting some additional useful information regarding cannabis. 

Social media handles

Pacific seed bank is available on many social media platforms where you can connect to them.

Facebook – Connect

Instagram – Connect

Twitter – Connect

LinkedIn – Connect

Well, this company has been widely available on many platforms, which shows the store’s dedication to connect with their audience and reach out to delivering better services. 

History of the Pacific Seed Bank

This online company has didn’t revealed much about its history and existence, however, they claim to be the store run by professionals, cannabis experts who have years of experience in the industry. They have the aim to provide the highest quality marijuana strain to each weed grower (beginner or expert) around the globe. 

That is why they are a global company and they sell their seeds to almost every location in the world. However, we will discuss shipping and other services in detail later. Well, the company has different branches too in different locations such as Los Angeles, Canada, and Amsterdam. For the people within the mentioned regions, shipping time can be faster though!

As the company has been newly started, therefore, you will be observing a limited stock of strains. As of now, this online store holds stock of over 150 strains, however, they claim to regularly import new strains and they are consistently working hard to make their seed selection bigger. Well, you can access their latest seed strains on the very first page of the website. 

Talking about the quality of the seeds then the company proudly claims to be the best marijuana seed strain provider online. As this shop has contact with many online brands, therefore, you can 100% hope for getting a better quality of seeds.

Overall, there is not very much information available about the Pacific Seed Bank but, surely, they have an excellent range of seeds along with an impressive website. Also, they have a better quality of seed strain for which they give you a germination guarantee!

Market Reputation 

Although this is a new online company of marijuana seeds, somehow, the company didn’t have positive reviews on many forums. As for Trustpilot, the website earns a score of 2.4, which is quite poor compared to other online seed banks. 

However, there have been around 500 reviews that show the company’s new entrance into the market. Yet, there have been a lot of complaints regarding the store’s shipping services and some of them are regarding the quality of seeds, which is not a good sign of a genuine online store. 

Well, digging out deep will show you some satisfied buyers too but overall, considering the market reputation of the shop, the company has to work really hard to push their market image towards a 5-star rating, which is possible by providing better products along with services. 

It is also to be mentioned here that it never means that if a reviewing website gives a low rating to the company then it is a scam! It is not true for sure!

Being a registered company with different branches in different locations, the company must be a legit one. However, it is common for an online store to face issues regarding the services, for which the company regularly works to improve. 

If you are still not convinced then you must check out the reviews on their official site as well, which is also not impressive but yet they have shown and a ‘scam’ company must be shut down till now if it has scammed even up to 500 people!

Best Seller Seeds of Pacific Seed Bank

Here is the top seed strain which you give priority to try first from Pacific Seed Bank:

  • Purple Martian Kush

It is their latest seed strain which is quite popular. This is an Indica dominant strain that is capable to enhance the happy hormones in your body to burst the stress. The ultimate effect of the strain is relaxing; hence, you can use this strain for medicinal purposes too.

  • X-Wing Feminized

If you want to fall asleep faster then try out the best end-day strain of Pacific Seed Bank. X-Wing Feminized is the solution for stress, anxiety, and end-day tiredness.

  • Dakini Kush Feminized

With 20% THC concentration, Dakini Kush is the perfect solution for getting lazy at the end of the day! This strain is perfect for weeders with low weed tolerance.

Overall, there have been many other seed strains in the stock of Pacific Seed Bank, which you can check on their site.

Payment Options

At Pacific Seed Bank, payment ways are quite limited. Before that, keep in mind that the price is in US dollars and the processing fee will be charged as per the official rule, therefore, the company will not be responsible for any kind of service charges during the payment. 

Coming back to the payment options then the payment options that this seed bank accepts are the following:

  • Cryptocurrency

As the payment options are limited at this online store, therefore, this payment way will be better for you to go with. Under this, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for paying at Pacific seed bank. Well, paying via cryptocurrency is fast, secure, and reliable as well compared to other payment methods. 

  • Payment by mail

Under this section, you can pay at this online store via money order. Keep in mind that they do not accept personal checks. Therefore, you can also confirm from their side before making the payment.

  • Zelle

For US residents, this option is super easy and convenient. Even this payment option doesn’t include any transaction charges, which is a good thing.

So, above are the payment options that Pacific Seed Bank accepts, and now let’s move to the shipping services of the store.

Shipping Time

Pacific Seed bank is a global seed store and therefore, it ships its seeds worldwide. Therefore, you can buy from it across the globe. Apart from this, the company believes in maintaining the privacy of its buyers. That is why they discreetly deliver your seeds and hence you can purchase cannabis products without letting anyone know from PCB (Pacific Seed Bank)!

They also offer you a free shipping offer when you order from them for the amount of $500. However, they can charge you a nominal fee for shipping. 

When it comes to delivering your order then they are quite fast when they received your payment. Well, also keep in mind that they will not process your order until they didn’t receive your payment. Therefore, payment methods which take time (Payment through the mail); those orders can be delayed for shipment. 

Within the US, their shipping charges are $10 while Australian residents and European weed lovers are charged a shipping fee of $30. Well, they provide you tracking facility along with your order, and also they will provide you faster shipping service. 

Coming to the delivery time of the order then the company takes average time. US orders are usually delivered within a week while the other regions have to wait up to 25 business days for getting their orders.

Overall, the shipping service at PCB is excellent for US and Australian residents but for other regions, they take a little extra time which should be improved. Even, shipping charges are also a little more than other online seed stores, which may be due to their express shipping service. 

Customer Services

Customer service at PCB is disappointing! Although they have given their contact numbers, mail where you can put your query but they usually take a longer time to respond. To contact Pacific Seed Bank, you can follow:

Contact number Toll Free: 1-844-480-SEED (7333)

For calls, they are not available on Sundays while you can ring between Monday to Saturday during working hours. 

Email –

Although they claim to contact you within 24 hours usually they delay in responding. As an online store, they must have a better quality of customer service, which they are consistently improving.  

Apart from this, many other buyers have reported that the company delays in hearing their issues. 

They have also given refund service to their buyers that in case they want to return their seeds then they are eligible to do such within 7 days of the delivered package. However, before getting into such a procedure, you have to get confirmation from their customer support team. Well, due to delays your return might be queued. 

Well, even for getting a complete refund there are certain conditions to follow, which you can read on their return page. 

Overall, customer service at Pacific Seed Bank is average, however, they are improving and now in 2023, it is better as well. Considering the online seed store’s market, they have to improve their service to be in the race!

Final Words: Buy OR Not?

Pacific Seed Bank is good at some points whereas it has also a lot of complaints from its buyers online, resulting in a poor market reputation. However, that doesn’t mean they are scams or they are just ‘money hunters. We can say that they are legit seed sellers with poor services.

Therefore, even though they have an impressive range of seed strains to buy and a great collection of different varieties but once you are into trouble then their average customer service will make you wait longer, which might be a little disappointing. 

Because of, poor market reputation along with average services, you will definitely want to go with a store such seed store which can give you better services. That is why we also recommend you to go with other seed banks such as MSNL or ILGM. However, if you want to experiment with weed gardening and try out to invest a few bucks then you surely purchase cannabis seeds from Pacific Seed Bank!

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