Nirvana Shop Review 2023

Nirvana shop is a worldwide famous cannabis seeds seller shop that is known for selling high-quality cannabis seeds directly from sources. The company started over two decades back and in 2023, the shop is the number one priority of weed enthusiasts. 

Therefore, if you are planning to buy cannabis things from this online shop then this guide will be helpful for you as today you will be able to find out Nirvana shop’s every section in real aspect, apart from the company’s huge promises. 

So, let’s begin:

Nirvana Shop Review

First Look at the Website: Impressive or Just Show OFF?

The very first interaction with Nirvana shop will make you feel like arriving at the virtual mall of the cannabis hub. The attractive banners, cannabis sales, and section-wise strains will make you feel that you’ve visited the perfect place for your cannabis needs!

Well, here’s the truth:

The Nirvana shop holds a wide selection of cannabis seeds which they have categorized accordingly, that is why you will be able to find out categories such as ‘beginner-friendly, ‘USA strains’, and more. Well, this makes the website well-organized and helps to find your required strain with ease. 

As a usual store, they have also the regular category of cannabis seeds i.e., auto-flowering, feminized, high CBD, high THC. Scrolling down the page will land you to their best seller strains. However, as the shop is based on years of experimenting, exploring, and breeding, therefore, they have a special guide for beginner growers where they give information on ‘how to grow weed’. You can check out the article at the bottom of the page if interested.

In a nutshell, Nirvana shop is a professional, attractive, and overall impressive website which holds on to weed enthusiasts and as they have a wide selection of cannabis stuff, therefore, you will be able to find most of the ‘marijuana’ need!


  1. The store has regular offers on their seeds. From 5% to up to 20% off is the regular deals at Nirvana shop.
  2. For beginner cultivators, the store has a separate selection that holds a wide variety of seeds which is easy to grow and suit the beginner cultivator’s profile.
  3. The store has ‘weekly sales’ on their website, which gives you a cut of 20% on their popular seed strains. 
  4. Check out their ‘how to grow weed’ blog if you are new to the marijuana cultivation world. It will help you to know better the cultivation process. 
  5. The store has 4.7 ratings at Trustpilot. 

Social media handles

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The store is available on multiple social media platforms, although it is available less often there. 

History of the Nirvana Shop: It’s Pretty Interesting!

Nirvana shop is way back initiated in 1995 but the actual story begins with the founder Mau’s enthusiasm regarding cannabis during the 80s. The founder worked in many grow shops in Amsterdam where he gained the knowledge of cannabis breeding, growing, and making the cannabis seeds most beneficial for the growers. 

The founder traveled across different countries, bred different strains, and got knowledge about developing new strains that can result in higher output in the garden. 

When the founder, Mau, got experience and exploration in his loved field, he decided to share his experience with all the weed lovers out there in the world. This is where in 1995, officially Nirvana shop was launched by Mau and further he partnered with his friend Wilfred. This shop, later on, got companies of marijuana experts, connoisseurs, and experience people who were passionate to achieve the goal of the company – to give the weeders the best quality of cannabis seeds!

In the beginning, when the founder used to breed one or two strains, the shop had a very limited selection, which later on increased by the consistent work of the Nirvana team. This is why this company started way back 25 years is still growing and has the number one priority among the weeders around the globe. 

Considering the overall journey of Nirvana shop, it is sure that you will be dealing with a very experienced company that has a team of marijuana experts who consistently work for delivering the highest quality service through its shop. 

Market Reputation 

Within over 25 years, this company has earned huge respect. Nirvana shop has a very positive audience around the world who is satisfied and happy with the quality cannabis seeds of the shop. That is why at Trustpilot, the shop has earned an ‘excellent’ rating (4.7 out of 5) with around 1400 reviews. 

Apart from this, on many forums, portals, review sites, the shop has positive reviews from its buyers. As this is a global company established in the Netherlands, therefore, you can find satisfied people from different countries. 

One of the major reasons for the Nirvana shop’s consistent success is the company’s quality seeds and unmatchable customer service. Cannabis seeds from this shop are directly given to you from the sources, therefore, there is no doubt you’ll be having fresh and purest quality seeds. Well, you can also find your nearest cannabis shop selling Nirvana seeds due to the popularity and high demand. 

Overall, the shop has a positive reputation among the cannabis seed shops, and therefore, this company is worth investing your money in getting a pure form of cannabis seeds. 

Best Seller Cannabis Strains: Kick Start Your Cultivation Journey Right Now!

  • Wonder Woman

The strain has perfect genetics to give you the best weed experience. With over 19% THC concentration and Super Skunk hybrid genetics, you are sure to have low maintenance as it is easy to grow. Suited for beginner growers, the strain results in heavy yield, and therefore, it can be the best choice to start weed cultivation.

  • White Widow

Cannabis cup winner strain has uplifting, happy, and stress-releasing effects. The strain possesses up to 20% THC and around 1% CBD. Apart from this, the decent yield of the strain makes you able to enjoy it all day!

  • AK-48 

This strain is for those weeders who love to grow frosty buds which is medium potent. For medium tolerance people, AK-48 has 16% THC with over 0.1% CBD genetics. Due to the short height of the strains, it suits indoor cultivators. 

The best-seller seed strains list goes on, to know more about strains, check out the Nirvana shop.

Payment Options

At Nirvana shop, buyers get multiple payment options to place an order. As the company is globally available and sells its seeds around different countries, therefore, it accepts payment in multiple ways. 

  • Bank Transfer

Place your order through the Bank transfer option at Nirvana shop. The company offers a 5% discount for choosing this option. However, keep in mind, that your bank doesn’t interrupt the transaction while transferring funds to the marijuana company. 

  • Cards

Pay through your credit card at Nirvana shop. However, CC usually has the international transaction fee, which the buyer is responsible for. Also, make your credit card activate or ready for international use. 

  • Cryptocurrency

To maintain your privacy and for real-time payment, use bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The store gives you this option along with a ‘double seeds’ offer or a 10% discount. The best part is that payment gateways at Nirvana shop are completely secured through SSL and therefore, you can easily pay and place your order in real-time without any hassle!

  • Cash

Although the company accepts cash as a payment option we don’t recommend this option to the buyers. As it is risky and the whole responsibility for the cash is the buyer himself/herself. Even the payment confirmation from the company’s side takes time as the cash takes time to reach the destination. 

Apart from the risk, as the company processes your order only after receiving payment, therefore, you will not want to take any chance of a delay in your order. 

Shipping & Delivery

The shipping service of the Nirvana company is excellent. They deliver your seeds in a complete stealth manner by packing your seeds into random objects. Well, they didn’t have revealed how their actual packaging looks like. Therefore, you can rely on the company’s shipping method for sure!

Apart from this, the company takes the average time to deliver your seeds. The local orders are usually delivered within 1 to 3 days whereas the remote location can take more time. USA orders take time around 1 to 2 weeks. While other countries can take the time of 2 to 4 weeks maximum. 

Therefore, depending upon your location, Nirvana company delivers your order in an average time. As the packaging is secure, that is why this company has a high success rate of delivering across the world. 

Once you place your order at Nirvana, you will be able to track your package at every step through your registered mail. However, in case of a change of address, you can contact their customer support. If the order is not shipped from their office, you will be able to get your seeds at the new address. 

In a nutshell, Nirvana’s shipping and delivery service are excellent. They take the usual time to deliver the orders whereas the company’s packaging is stealth and secure which makes their delivery highly successful around different locations. 

Customer Support

Nirvana shop has a very supportive customer service team. The company has given you certain ways through which you can approach their support team. You can use a support ticket under the contact section to concern the company about your query. They usually hear you within 24 working hours. 

Apart from this, at the bottom of their official website, you will find a calling number and mail address where you can ring or drop your issue. The fastest way to approach the company is by calling; however, you have to ring them during working hours of business days to get a response back. 

The customer support team is supportive, eager to help, and friendly which works as icing over the cake! Therefore, you can always reach out to the company regarding a cannabis query or any issue and can get help instantly!

Due to the regular customer support and quality service, the Nirvana shop can make a place among the best cannabis seed sellers around the globe. 

Nirvana Shop Review: Final Word

Till here, you must be completely aware of the pros and cons of buying cannabis seeds from Nirvana shop. The store has everything that a weed grower can expect from an ideal website. From a wide seed selection to quality customer support, Nirvana shop has almost everything in high quality. 

Apart from different marijuana seeds categories, the store is from 25 years in the industry which shows the company’s experience and consistently good performance. Therefore, overall, the shop becomes one of the reputed and trusted sources to fulfill your cannabis requirement!

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