Niagara Seed Bank Review 2023

Niagara Seed Bank is one of the websites where you can purchase cannabis seeds. The website seems legit at first due to its attractive appearance and from the information available on the website, they also claim to sell some quality cannabis strain that gives the most out of it in your garden. 

Well, in this guide, you will get everything to know about Niagara Seed Bank, therefore, read along to know the actual quality of services that this online store provides. Finally, in the end, you’ll be having certain reasons whether to buy cannabis seeds from Niagara Seed Bank!

Let’s get started:

Niagara Seed Bank Review

First Glance at Niagara Seed Bank

In the first impression, Niagara Seed Bank looks professional, excellently designed, and has an eye-catchy appearance that will hold your sight and will surely convince you to stay there for long. The Niagara Seed Bank has a physical store for which they have given their location on the website as well, yet they sell their cannabis seeds online to different locations. 

Information on the website is limited compared to other seed banks as they have given certain categories of seeds such as feminized, autoflowering, and CBD. This is where the catalog of Niagara Seed Banks finishes. Scrolling down the homepage will lead you to their blog where they post something once a month.

You can also find their breeder’s information on the website which they have listed on the first page. At the bottom of the page, you will find their location and contact numbers. That’s it!

Overall, though the website of Niagara Seed Bank has an impressive design, professional look they have limited information available. Even though they claim to have team members with over 40 years of experience but still they have given their very limited information on the website. 


Niagara Seed Bank has limited features just like the information on the website. However, as a marijuana grower, you will be having all those basic facilities that you can expect from an online store. 

Here are those:

  1. For accessing new cannabis strains in the stock of Niagara Seed Bank, you can dig out the ‘new arrival’ section where you can find all new strains that are stocked in the store.
  2. They have separate blogs on their website where they provide different information regarding cannabis growth, news, etc. however, they do not post that frequently.
  3. The best part of Niagara Seed Bank is that they have contact with popular breeders around the world. Some of the popular sources of Niagara Seed Bank are Dinafem Seeds, Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, and much more. 

Social media handles

Niagara Seed Bank is not available on any of the social media platforms. However, as an online store, it is expected from an online website to be available on different platforms to get connected with its audience. 

History of Niagara Seed Bank

The history of the Niagara Seed Bank is not that much available. Although this company is located in Canada and sells its cannabis seeds around different locations. The company claims to sell cannabis seeds from 2013 and now they have a wide selection of cannabis seeds. 

The company has an aim to provide the highest quality cannabis seeds to weed growers at an affordable price. Though this seed company has a limited variety of seed strains, it also sells its own variety of seed strains, which you can access under the section of ‘Niagara’s own seeds’. 

Mainly they have categorized their seed strains under different sections of breeders. That means you can directly head to the breeder’s profile to get their best cannabis strains. This is one of the best parts of buying cannabis seeds from Niagara that they directly give you access to pick your favorite breeder and then to buy their best strains!

Overall, the history of Niagara Seed Bank is not too much available, however, according to their claim they have been in the online marijuana market for at least 7 years, which ensures one thing that they are a genuine store. 

Market Reputation 

To be honest, Niagara Seed Bank is not that much popular. However, the weed lovers within Canada might find it their usual cannabis seed store due to the popularity of the company in that region. As a worldwide store, Niagara Seed Bank has to work harder to get a more positive image. Although it has very few reviews on some websites such as Trustpilot and other forums. The good news is that all those reviews about the store are positive. 

At Rollitup, the company has very old reviews, which is a little disappointing as an online buyer. It has been found that people used to buy from Niagara Seed Bank and are satisfied with its services. Although as an online store, at the given location over google maps has a 4-star rating. 

Overall, the latest reviews for Niagara Seed Bank are less available. Though many review sites and forums have positive reviews regarding the store, which is a plus point for it. 

Best Seller Seed Strains of Niagara Seed Bank

Though this online store has a limited variety of seed strains its stock has some unique seed strains that as a grower you will love to grow in your garden. 

Here are the top three picks of Niagara Seed Bank that you can start your shopping or grow journey with:

#1. Orange Sherbert From Barkey’s Farm

This is one of the best marijuana strains by Barney’s Farm that is dedicated to weeding growers for instant results. This fast strain is capable to induce high THC concentration and medicinal effects after intense euphoria. 

#2. Bruce Banner (Nigra’s Own Seeds)

This is ‘Niagara’s own seeds’ and this strain is capable to induce intense THC concentration that ultimately produces high euphoria. Bruce Banner has an average growing time and therefore, you can have an excellent yield within 8 to 10 weeks. 

#3. White Widow

From Dinafem Seeds, White Widow is one of the legendary marijuana seed strains which is known for its immense yield and intense psychoactive effects. With high THC levels, you will be having the best weed experience with White Widow!

Check out Niagara Seed Bank for more seed strains!

Payment Options

At Niagara Seed Bank, they didn’t have provided any information regarding the payment. This is disappointing as an online store. As you don’t have any idea how to pay at Niagara Seed Bank, therefore, the final way left is to approaching customer support. You can ring their customer support at the given number on their website. 

Apart from this, the price range at the seed store is quite more than expected. The seed range of Niagara Seed Bank might seem a bit pricey! 

Well, we dig out to the previous buyers as well but unfortunately, there is not mentionable info available. However, for the Canadian residents, it is possible to directly visit the store and buy some packs of seeds. Though to purchase seeds online, very less info is available on how to pay at the website. For that, you might have to contact customer support. 

Customer Support

Niagara Seed Bank has fortunately given their contact numbers where you can ask your queries. Whether you are in trouble for purchasing seeds or in trouble with their seeds just ring them on the given numbers. 

LOCAL: 289.296.6173 

TOLL-FREE: 1.844.435.9333

Well, they are most active between 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Therefore, you are supposed to contact them during the weekdays and working hours for getting a response quickly. Talking about the quality of customer service then they are decent and you will be getting a good experience though. 

Overall, the customer support at Niagara Seed Bank is decent and they have given you contact numbers as an option to get help from their team. Although as an online store, Niagara Seed Bank is supposed to improve its quality of services along with the info available on its website.

Shipping Information

Based in Canada, Niagara Seed Bank ships to most of the region, however, you are recommended to ask customer support first, to confirm the service in your region. Although, they ship for free within North America.  

Well, for the Canadian residents, shipment will be fast, as the store is not popular worldwide, hence we cannot say how is their services are in different regions. 

Final Word: Buy Or Not From Niagara Seed Bank?

Niagara Seed Bank has very less info given on their website. Therefore, to get the services of the store in your region, you have to confirm from the store first, if they ship to your location or not. While the store is based in Canada, therefore, for the marijuana growers it is easier to visit the store directly and buy some packs of seeds.

Although this is a few years older seed bank in Canada but still for the international marijuana market, this website has to improve a lot. First of all, they must need to provide detailed info regarding their services. 

In a nutshell, if you residing within Canada then you can go with the NSB, however, if you are buying internationally then we recommend you to go with some popular seedbanks such as ILGM or MSNL.

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