Neptune Seed Bank Review 2023

Neptune Seed Bank is one of the online cannabis seed-selling companies in Canada. The company claims to sell only high-quality marijuana seeds that produce high yields in the garden. 

Well, if you are going to buy cannabis seeds from this online website then this guide is for you! We are going to dig out each section of this company and ultimately, in the end, you will be having a reason to decide whether to choose this seed bank for your garden.

So, let’s get started:

Neptune Seed Bank Review

First Look at the Company’s Website

At first glance, the website of Neptune seed bank looks professional, eye-catchy, and interactive. The site contains large banners which information about the latest offers going on in the store. However, one thing to be appreciated is that the website has well-categorized cannabis seed categories as you can check out their stock according to breeders, clones, feminized, autoflowering, regular, and much more. 

Scrolling down the page will show up their most popular and trending strain of the time whereas you can find out all the seeds categories below that section. They have also mentioned their latest offers such as ‘clearance sale’ and ‘one-time offers’ where you can grab huge discounts on the strains. 

Apart from this, you can also check out their latest seed strains category where they update their stock frequently. This section is for those weed growers who want to cultivate the trending marijuana strains in the market. Well, they have another section too, where they post about marijuana genetics and everything informative regarding cannabis.

Overall, the first impression of Neptune Seed Bank is impressive which is due to its professionalism, organization, and interactive website. 


  1. For discount lovers, this website is perfect! Neptune Seed Bank regularly gives attractive offers and sales where they provide huge discounts. 
  2. Weed growers who want to buy the clone version then they can check out the ‘clone’ section of categories where they can find different marijuana clones.
  3. Neptune seed bank also sells solutions for cannabis cultivation. The store claims to have the world’s best nutrients. 
  4. To know about marijuana deeply, check out the articles section of the website where they have given information about different marijuana genetics and cannabis cultivation. 
  5. Apart from cannabis things, you can also buy smokable hemp from the store where they have a special selection of hemp.

Social media handles

You can connect with this seed bank over these social media platforms:

  1. Twitter – Connect
  2. Instagram – Connect

History of the Company

As per their official website, the company’s history is not that much available. Although the company has been for a few years in the online marijuana industry and they are consistently improving the seed selection of their store. That is why they are quite popular in Canada, the USA, and other regions. 

In the beginning, the company had very limited seed strains in their stock whereas now, they have seed strains from more than 150 breeders around the world. With that said, this seed bank has become the first choice of novice weed growers as this store provides the latest strains at very affordable rates. 

However, the company’s history profile is not that much filled with their very initial stories though you are sure to buy marijuana seeds from a store that is well-experienced to deliver such quality which can give you better results in the garden. 

Market Reputation 

Neptune Seed Bank is a global company and it has a great market reputation. At different review websites and forums, the seed bank has earned huge respect. At Trustpilot, this seed bank has earned the trust score of ‘4-star rating’, which is sure to be improved within the upcoming time as the seed bank consistently improves its quality of seeds and services.

The seed bank has almost every variety of cannabis seeds and including feminized, auto-flowering, and regular strains, that is why this seed bank has been quite popular among novice weed growers. As the Neptune seeds produce a high yield, the rest of the positive impression is made by the greenery garden of the growers. 

Apart from this, considering the different review websites, forums, and grower’s reviews, Neptune seed bank is one of the reputed sources where a cannabis grower can hope for high-quality marijuana seeds. 

Although the store has negative reviews as well the good thing is that the company is consistently improving and they try to make their customers completely satisfied by solving their issues. 

Best Seller Seeds

Here are the Neptune Seed Bank’s best seller cannabis seed strains by which you can start your cultivation journey with:

  • Seattle Chronic – Chex

To kick start your cannabis cultivation journey, this cannabis seeds pack will be perfect for novice growers. Within a short time of flowering period (around 56 to 65 days), you can have enough yield to enjoy all day. 

  • Afghan Selection – Kash

This Indica dominant strain is one of the best cannabis strains for outdoor cultivators. As the strain takes more space to grow, therefore, it will be able to produce more yield while the Afghan genetics are enough to hit hard with euphoria. 

  • Alien Genetics – G-Spot Tornado

This is another pack of cannabis seeds that will be a perfect choice for weed cultivators. The flowering period of the strain is average and around 63 days to 70 days which is enough to produce immense yield. Whereas strong genetics will give you the best weed experience!

You can check out the official store for more cannabis strains!

Payment Options

Well, the company has not provided much information regarding the payment options however, they accept orders through cards. That means you are going to have limited options. 

Although the company processes your order after receiving the payment, therefore, you will be having a real-time and quick option at the time of order checkout. Well, as an online company the store must provide multiple options to place the order such as cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and other options too. 

Overall, on the website, payment options are limited and the store must give more options. 

Shipping Service

Neptune Seed Bank offers four different shipping and delivery options. Although shipping charges vary according to their quality of services. Here are the shipping options that you will be getting at Neptune Seed Bank:

  • Standard

This is the standard quality of shipment whereas the delivery time may range between 5 to 10 days. This facility will cost you just $6. Even the tracking number is also given to you through the mail.

  • Discreet

This option is slightly better than the standard one as it is shipped firstly than the other orders whereas the seeds are also double packed for security. Apart from this, orders with this shipping option arrive within 2 to 3 days. 

  • Signature

This is better than the above options if you want your order to be delivered within complete privacy and security. Within tracking, you will be charged a $20 fee. 

  • Guaranteed

This is the best shipping option if you are ordering from a suspicious location. The company will guarantee your seeds whereas your order will also be shipped priority with the tracking number. The best part of this option is that you are sure to have the seed doesn’t matter if it gets lost during transit. 

Overall, the shipping service of Neptune Seed Bank is excellent and they deliver quite rapidly. As they will be providing many shipping options, you can choose as per your requirement. 

Customer Service

The customer service at Neptune Seed Bank is average. As they claim to sell cannabis seeds for novelty purposes, therefore, they don’t take any responsibility for the cannabis legality issues in your region. Therefore, you have to make sure that your local laws will not create any issues while buying online seeds. 

Apart from this, the company didn’t have mentioned about their customer support, and therefore, you are left with only one option to reach the – contact form. Well, as the giant cannabis companies provide a calling and mail facility to hear the customer’s issues, that will be missed with this seed bank. 

Well, it is hoped that the company will be improving its customer support within the coming time. As the quality of cannabis seeds is much better than the other novice seed stores, the company might also improve the quality of customer support on its website. 

Neptune Seed Bank Review: Final Word

Neptune Seed Bank is one of the quality seed banks which ships to the USA and around the globe. However, you have to keep the thing in mind that it doesn’t take responsibility for any issues regarding cannabis seeds. 

Apart from this, the company sells high-quality seeds that not only germinate well but also give an amazing weed cultivation experience. As they have a wide range of selections, therefore, it is one of the best stores for novice cultivators. 

Overall, the Neptune Seed Bank is 100% legit, and therefore, you can kick start your cultivation journey from this virtual store!

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