MSNL Seed Bank Review 2023

As a marijuana lover if you will have to choose the best online store where you can buy the best cannabis seeds then most probably you will be going with MSNL (MSNL Seed Bank). Isn’t it? Well, there are many reasons for it, which we will be exploring in this review.

MSNL or MSNL Seed Bank is an online website that is known for selling the best quality cannabis seeds all over the globe. However, the company has been in the marijuana market for more than a decade now and as of 2020, it comes on the top of the list of best seed stores online. 

However, let’s dig out deeper and find out what are the reasons that MSNL is one of the best online companies to serve the best customer services along with quality cannabis seeds. From history to the establishment and from beginning to becoming the top seed seller store, read along to know everything:

MSNL Seed Bank

First Glance at MSNL Seed Bank

At first look, the MSNL Seed Bank looks genuine site where the stock of the company is bombarded with the latest weed strains. On the very first page, you can get the view of the latest update in the company’s stock under large banners. Well, it is also a good point for the marijuana growers who visit the store for seeking the latest marijuana seeds. 

However, under that banner, you can also get information about the latest offer going on in the MSNL store by which you can get huge discounts on the popular weed strains.

As you will drag a little down, you will be getting the main course of their stock. From AutoFlowering, Feminized to Regular strains, a direct catalog will be in front of you to access their stock directly, which is a plus point for the website that it provides a hassle-free interface to access the strains.

The MSNL website is dedicated to weeding growers and hence you will be observing a wide category under which they have divided their stock of seed strains. Apart from this, at the bottom of the first page, MSNL has given their short story of journey and they claim to be ‘The best online seed bank since 99’. Well, how much that is true, you will be aware of at the end of this review.

In short, for weed enthusiasts, the MSNL website is quite attractive and filled with the different varieties of weed strains along with categories, which makes you able to access the stock quickly. Therefore, at MSNL Seed Bank, the interface is hassle-free and simple to access. 

Overall, at first, you will be impressed by the attractive appearance of the website while the site is well-categorized considering the seed stock which gives an easy interface for visitors. 


  1. First of all, the MSNL website has an interface that is simple and easy to navigate through its latest stock of cannabis seeds. Therefore, it is quite a hassle-free experience over there. 
  2. Get free seeds with every order at MSNL Seed Bank, which is quite an impressive offer for weed growers. Similarly, choose Bitcoin as the payment method and get 15% off on your purchase.
  3. As MSNL is more than 20 years in the marijuana market, therefore, you can 100% rely on the quality of seeds along with the services that it provides.
  4. MSNL is helping weed growers to cultivate the seed strain for maximum output through their blog. Either you are a novice grower or an expert cultivator, you must read their blog to get some unknown grow hacks to maximize cannabis seed output.
  5. The shipping time of MSNL is excellent. They provide you same-day dispatch service along with one of the fastest delivery services. Similarly, for placing an order you will be getting many options. You can choose any of the available payment gateways according to your convenience. Well, we will be discussing it later in detail. 

Overall, the MSNL Seed Bank is fully loaded with useful information regarding cannabis and its grow hacks whereas the stock of MSNL has a wide variety of cannabis seed strains which allows you to choose your favorite seed accordingly. 

Social Media Handles

If you want to connect with MSNL through social media rather than a website then you can also check out their official handle:

Instagram – Connect


As said earlier that this online company has been 20 years old. Well, the actual story of the establishment of the MSNL begins earlier than that, when the founder of the company was quite interested in growing marijuana at home. However, the founder and his friend used to deal with marijuana and its genetics in limited areas but they know the actual big picture of marijuana in the world. 

The enthusiasm of both marijuana lovers led them to build up a collection of over 40 different genetic lines, some Landrace strains, some F1’s, and 10 of their own creations within just three years. With this catalog, the first true online seed bank was born: MSNL seed bank. It was started in 1999 and in 2020, it has come far away and is known as one of the best marijuana seed banks around the globe. 

Within the upcoming time, MSNL seed bank and its team started to stock a wide variety of strains that made them able to fulfill the demand of weeders around the world. Now, in 2020, you will be able to find the seed packs of MSNL branding at your nearest physical seed store. 

MSNL has aimed to provide impeccable quality marijuana seeds to the growers and they are doing it excellently!

Overall, the history of the MSNL Seed Bank has been filled with the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the founders that ultimately led this company to be the king of online marijuana stores. 

Review From Other Sites

MSNL has a great market reputation. They have top-quality services according to the people reviews who have bought marijuana products from MSNL. With over 4000 reviews at Trustpilot, they have scored a 4-star rating of quality services, which is quite impressive. Also, MSNL seed has positive users reviews on SeedFinder!

Apart from this, on some different marijuana forums, review sites, you will be able to get the positives about MSNL Seed Bank. The reason for MSNL’s reputation is their top-notch customer services along with the unmatchable quality of cannabis seeds, which results in higher yield. It is true that the consistent work of the MSNL team in favor of the weed growers ultimately led them to become one of the online seed companies where the growers can blindly trust for the quality of marijuana products. 

Best Seller Seeds From MSNL

Want to check out the best seed strains of MSNL Seed Bank? Well, you don’t need to dig out deeper just have a quick look over the all-time best-seller seed strains of MSNL store below:

  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Under feminized seed strains, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the best choices for getting intense effects. The yield is excellent and you are sure to have the best weed experience with more than 22% THC content in it. 

  • Blue Dream Auto

Want to have a beautiful cannabis garden? Then don’t miss Blue Dream! The beautiful blue-hued cannabis garden will be a treat to your eyes while the moderate THC concentration will make you feel fly into the sky! Best for weeders with low tolerance to cannabis. 

  • Gorilla Glue

One of the legendary strains for the growers seeking strains for faster growth and quick results. Within 7 to 9 weeks, this strain results in enough yield to enjoy all day! The effects of the strain are unforgettable!

So, these are some of the best strains from MSNL that are dedicated to different weed growers. However, at MSNL Seed Bank, you can dig out many strains that are not only potent but also results in heavy yield. Well, they have categorized their strains in different catalogs so that you can choose according to your need.

Customer Support

One of the major factors deciding the reputation of an online store is customer support and MSNL has won this game excellently! They have one of the most supportive customer service teams. 

To contact their customer support team regarding any kind of issue, you can fill out their contact form under the ‘contact us’ tab at the official website and send them mail. They will hear you out as soon as possible within 24 hours. 

On the other hand, if you want to get a faster response then you can ring them on 02037332498 within the UK. However, if you are ordering internationally then call them at +44(0)7909316916 between 9 AM to 5 PM GMT. 

Apart from the contacting options, they have a supportive team that is always eager to help marijuana lovers. Even at different forums, you will be able to find out positive reviews regarding their customer services.

Overall, at MSNL, you are 100% sure not to have any kind of issue regarding marijuana products. Somehow, if you got then their superfast customer service team will solve your query rapidly. Therefore, you are completely tension-free while buying cannabis seeds from MSNL Seed Bank!

Shipping Time

As MSNL is a global store, therefore, it ships throughout the world. MSNL is known for stealth shipping and maintaining the privacy of the buyer. That is why they discreetly deliver your order that no one knows what you are having until you don’t expose it to others. 

While purchasing seeds from them they offer you free shipping within the United Kingdom. For that, you have to spend a minimum of up to 55 Euros and your order will be dispatched to you free of cost. However, for the international orders, they have different options under they offer guaranteed delivery as well.

For standard shipping, you have to pay around 6 Euros extra under which they will safely deliver your order. However, this shipping option doesn’t provide you tracking feature. Well, you must opt for a stealth shipping option when you are ordering from a suspicious location as in this option, they will send your seeds in unrelated items. 

Apart from this, if you don’t want to take any kind of risk for your order then you can opt for guaranteed stealth shipping. This will not only allow you to track your order but they will provide extra security to your order for making it privately arrive at you. Well, this feature costs a little more than the standard one but it totally worth it when you are ordering internationally from a suspicious location. The guaranteed stealth shipping costs you around 17 Euros.

However, the order arrives between 7 to 20 working days. Well, this time frame includes international orders too. However, if you are ordering from the same region then you can expect your order to arrive in under 7 days.

Overall, at MSNL, shipping cost is dependent on the type of facility you want to avail but considering their quality of service it is totally worth it. Apart from this, they also make your order arrive faster than other online stores.

Payment Options

MSNL provides several payment options to order from their site. They all are 100% secured and ensure that your money directly reaches them while placing an order. However, in case of any issue, you can also take the help of their customer support team. 

Well, at MSNL you will be having the following payment gateways:

  • Cards

MSNL accepts cards (Credit Card and Debit Card) worldwide. This payment gateway is 256 bits encrypted and safe. After a successful transaction, they will initiate the processing of the order in no time. 

  • Bitcoin

One of the faster and safer payment options is bitcoin. That is why MSNL provides you an extra 15% off while paying them through bitcoin. 

  • Bank Transfer

You can also pay MSNL directly from your bank. Just select the ‘Bank Transfer’ option while paying them and you are good to go further!

  • Cash

MSNL even accepts payment via cash but it is handy for local orders. However, for the cash payment option, you have to select the same option from the payment page and then you will be receiving a mail regarding the further process and cash delivery. 

Well, for faster payment and processing of orders along with a hassle-free experience, you are recommended to go with other payment options than cash!

MSNL Seed Bank Review: Final Words

MSNL Seed Bank is an impressive website which not only sells top-notch quality weed seeds but the services at this online store are unmatchable! Doesn’t matter, you are ordering internationally or from the local region, they are sure to give you the best buying experience. 

Overall, at MSNL you are sure to have a hassle-free and the best seed shopping experience as they have one of the best quality seeds and faster services that as a weed lover, you will not want to miss that out on!

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