Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review 2023

While searching for the best seed banks in Canada, you are sure to come across Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank. Well, Montreal Cannabis Seeds (not is an online store where you can purchase high-quality cannabis seeds to grow. This seed company is based in Canada and they serve throughout the globe. 

The company claims to be in the marijuana market for over 5 years consistently selling the highest quality cannabis seeds. 

If you are thinking to buy cannabis seeds from this online store then you need to read this guide. As we are going to expose this online company and its promises. Ultimately, in the end, you will be having a reason to decide whether to choose this online website to buy cannabis seeds!

So, let’s get started:

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review

First Glance at Montreal Cannabis Seeds

The first look at the website is decent. The website is professional, well-designed, and impressively categorized too for accessing specific marijuana strains. They have mainly feminized, fast version, autoflower, CBD dominant, and outdoor seeds. As you will scroll down a little you will be able to access their latest stock of cannabis seeds. 

Below that, you can find out their featured strains as well. However, if you want to get their best-seller seed strain then you can easily pick from the left sidebar. 

At the bottom, you can access their physical address as well as contact number and mail. In the last, they have even a blog where they have written about growing marijuana in different U.S states. For U.S growers, this blog can be helpful. Although they have also given some articles about growing marijuana as well, which you can read. 

Overall, the first impression of the Montreal Cannabis Seeds is impressive. Whatever they have in their virtual store, they have shown on the very first page. Different marijuana strains variety are easy to access from the website. Easy to navigate and simple interface without unnecessary pop-ups and banners is something to be appreciated.


  1. They have a special category of seed strains, where they provide very affordable deals, discounts, and attractive offers on cannabis seeds. You can access the ‘seeds on offer’ under the ‘special’ section of their website. 
  2. Montreal cannabis seed bank has very limited yet highest-quality cannabis strains, which are developed for the purpose to give the highest output in the garden. 
  3. Under the bulk seeds category, they sell cannabis seeds at a very attractive price range. Therefore, if you want to buy cannabis seeds in larger quantity then don’t miss out on Montreal Seed Bank’s bulk offers. 

Social media handles

Montreal cannabis seed bank is available on the following social media platforms:

Facebook – Connect

Twitter – Connect

Google Plus – Connect

History of the Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

As per their official website, they didn’t have revealed much about their history. However, they have been established in Canada and they aim to preserve cannabis genetics and to allow the weed growers to access high-quality cannabis seeds. Well, the company is aware of different marijuana legislation around the globe and in Canada. That is why this company also shares some part of the profit to help in the legalization of marijuana. 

As of 2020, the company has been for more than 5 years in the industry and due to consistent quality services and experience, now, Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank lists among the top seed banks in Canada and the world. 

Though this store has limited cannabis strains in its stock they make sure that they import only the best quality of seeds from the hearty plants. That is why their seeds have the highest germination rate. 

In selecting cannabis seeds, they make sure that cannabis genetics are pure and possess some impressive concentrations of THC and CBD. Therefore, you will be able to observe different sections for high THC and high CBD strains. 

Apart from this, the company works hard to meet their buyer’s requirements, and therefore, they regularly update the stock with new cannabis strains. Due to the regular quality work, this seed bank has come a far way within a short time. 

Overall, the history of the seed bank is not so old and within a short time, it has risen to make the place among top seedbanks with its quality seeds and services.

Market Reputation 

Montreal Cannabis Seed bank is a global company based in Canada; therefore, they have loyal and happy buyers around the globe. At Trustpilot, Montreal Seed bank has 3.5 user ratings. 

Well, at other review forums and websites, people have spread positive words about it. Some of the reviews are quite old too, however, some recent buyers, have been satisfied with the quality of seeds. 

As this seed bank is quite new in the market and it has been just 5 years so, therefore, this company has to work harder to be more popular around the world. However, in Canada, it is one of the seed banks that growers often buy cannabis seeds and they are happy with the quality too. 

Considering the company’s history, service, and quality of seeds the market reputation is decent. Therefore, if you will be buying seeds from this store then you are sure not to be disappointed!

Best Seller Seeds

Here are the company’s most popular and top seeds that are popular among weed growers. However, you can find out more at their website but if you are a new grower then you can surely start your cultivation journey from the following cannabis strains:

  • Gorilla Glue

This legendary strain has all that a recreational cannabis grower needs! High THC, average flowering time, and intense effects that can relax you at the end of a tiring day. This is also considered as one of the powerful marijuana strains and therefore, people with low tolerance can move to the next strain.

  • Purple Kush

Purple Kush is one of the beautiful marijuana strains that grow well in minimum growth conditions. The strain has enriched THC cannabinoid which is sure to hit with euphoric effects. However, the main catch is the strain’s purple appearance which will make your friends jealous of you!

  • Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is another best choice if you want to start your cannabis cultivation journey. The strain possesses intense THC levels with quick flowering time and also has some medicinal effects. Try this strain to get the best marijuana experience in the garden and the body as well!

Payment Options

At Montreal Cannabis Seeds, you will be having limited payment options. Here are the main ways you can place your order:

  • Cards

You can use your CC or Debit card (Mastercard & VISA) for placing an order. However, keep in mind that, international transactions possess some fee which is the buyer’s responsibility. Well, if you want to avoid the charges and also your bank from knowing where you are transferring funds then you can move to the next payment method.

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the reliable payment options. It is fast, secure, and real-time. The best part of placing an order through Bitcoin is that your bank will not be able to know where you are paying. They will just get to know about the purchase of Bitcoin which further can be used to place the order. 

As you will have limited options to place the order, we recommend you to pay via bitcoin as it is more secure and also it doesn’t involve your bank. Therefore, if you want more privacy then Bitcoin is the best way. 

Shipping Service

Montreal Cannabis Seeds charges $10 for regular shipment. They pack your seeds in a completely discrete manner along with a sealed package so that you can receive the fresh quality of cannabis seeds. Also, they ship from Quebec, and therefore, the local orders are delivered fast compared to the remote locations and international locations. 

As they respect their buyer’s privacy, therefore, they make sure that their seeds are packed in a manner so that no one can suspect the content of their package. Therefore, their orders do not require a signature as well. 

Coming to the delivery time then they are fast and they take very little time to deliver the seeds. As said earlier, the company takes around 3 to 7 working days to deliver orders within Canada. Whereas closer locations can even expect the delivery within 5 days as well. 

However, USA orders are delivered within 7 days to 15 days, which is a decent time. Apart from this, international orders are delivered within 15 days to 21 days. 

Overall, the shipping service at Montreal Cannabis Seeds is excellent and they are fast, secure, and private. Therefore, while ordering from this company, you can be tension-free about your seeds. 

Customer Service

This online seed company provides only the highest quality cannabis seeds and that is why they also provide you an 80% germination guarantee as well. However, somehow, you got an issue regarding your order or seeds then you can approach the company’s customer support team in the following way:

Contact number – 514-805-2741

As the faster way is ringing the company, therefore, you can ring on the above number. However, for a quick response, you are recommended to call between working hours of weekdays. As they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. 

Mail or Contact form –

You can also drop them mail concerning your issue. They will hear your issue within 24 hours and therefore, you can expect a response within that time. However, if you don’t want to wait for long hours then you can ring them too. Apart from this, you can also go to the contact form under their official website, where you can drop your query. 

Coming to the quality of customer service then it is decent. Sometimes, they respond late but most of the time, they don’t disappoint their buyers. However, as an online store, there is much space to improve, which the company is regularly doing as well. 

However, in a nutshell, if you are going to buy cannabis seeds from this seed bank in 2020 then you are sure not to have any issues. Either it is about quality, customer support, or the selection of seeds, you are sure to have a good experience at!

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Final word

Till here, you must be aware of the company’s positives and negatives. However, the seed bank is quite impressive regarding the quality of seeds. Even they have a popular selection of seeds, which makes it a more attractive store. Apart from this, the price range of the store is quite reasonable and affordable. 

Overall, Montreal Cannabis Seeds is a 100% legit online website that provides high-quality cannabis seeds at an attractive price. The store not only provides the best cannabis seeds which have around 80% germination rate but also gives interactive and helpful support in case of need, which makes it one of the seed banks to be approached for high-quality seeds and services!


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