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Cannabis can be used for either personal usage or treatment in different medical conditions. However, due to its psychoactive effects, the state authorities and countries often illegalize it. Well, if you are residing within the U.S then you will find out that many states permit the usage of marijuana to some extent whereas some states are strictly against it for either usage i.e., recreational or medical. 

Louisiana is one of the states which has illegalized the recreational use of marijuana in the region while medical cannabis is permitted. Although there is much more to know about the laws regarding marijuana as the state has continuously changed its legislation for marijuana use. 

Doesn’t matter you are planning a trip there or residing in Louisiana, you must have to be aware of the latest marijuana laws. Therefore, this guide will be covering the whole marijuana guidelines and laws that are in action in Louisiana state.

So, Let’s dive deep into it:

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana

Is Cannabis Legal in Louisiana in 2023?

First of all, it is necessary to know that Louisiana state has illegalized recreational cannabis in the state whereas medical marijuana is legal since 1991. That means you cannot use marijuana for your personal need while medical patients with qualifying medical conditions can access medical marijuana in the state. Also, one has to get medical marijuana from the authorized stores only. In other words, there are dispensaries for medical marijuana patients, which dispense marijuana stuff for treatment. 

Well, the state has a very interesting history of cannabis which we will be discussing later in detail. However, Louisiana state has been quite strict regarding cannabis from the earlier time of its existence. Although the state legalized medical marijuana up to the late 20th century, however, the proper framework for dispensing medical marijuana to patients was settled a few years back. 

Coming back to 2023, if you are residing in Louisiana, you cannot access recreational marijuana legally. Offending the laws can lead one to huge monetary fines and legal court trials. Although patients with hope for the betterment of cannabis treatment have quite relaxing laws and they can also access medical marijuana through a hassle-free process.

History of the State Regarding Cannabis

Starting from the 20th century, the people of Louisiana were aware of hemp, cannabis, and its usage in different aspects. Even though at that time, most of the U.S state was into cannabis and hemp usage or cultivation. Well, as the people of the region got to know about its psychoactive effects, there was a drastic decline in the productivity of the people while the cannabis-related offenses were increased in the country. 

Therefore, this was a major concern for the different state authorities including Louisiana. Ultimately, the world took a trend to prohibit marijuana usage among its people due to obvious results. Therefore, between the 1920s to 1930s, Louisiana completely banned marijuana in the state. However, after the ban, there was a decline in marijuana convictions. 

Up to the late 20th century, the state didn’t make any major changes in the cannabis legislation until 1991, when Louisiana legalized medical use in the state considering the demand among people. However, recreational marijuana remained illegal even at that time. 

After several years, when there was a demand for decriminalizing recreational cannabis in the state, the state Governor signed into a law decriminalizing the possession of cannabis in 2014. This bill ultimately decreased the penalties and hence first offense will be treated with a $300 fine and 15 days in jail while subsequent offenses will be treated up to 8 years of imprisonment and up to $5,000 fine depending upon repetition of the offense. 

Well, in the same year, Governor signed another law that settled a working framework for dispensing marijuana for medical marijuana enthusiasts in the state. However, the first time medical cannabis was dispensed in the state took effect on 6 August 2019, four years later of signing the law. 

In a nutshell, the state has changed legislation quite a few times but ultimately has legalized marijuana in either aspect i.e., for medical usage. Even according to the latest laws, the state authorities have settled the framework for dispensing medical cannabis which is good for medical patients.  

Current Laws in Action in the State

Although medical marijuana is permitted in the state, however, there are certain guidelines and laws which you must know. In other words, current laws in Louisiana are given in a nutshell here:

  1. ACT 286 is in action currently in the state allowing physicians to recommend cannabis for the debilitating condition of a patient. That means for severe medical conditions, a patient can get medical marijuana access.
  2. Medical marijuana patients in Louisiana are permitted to have a 30-day supply of cannabis in non-smokable preparations. 
  3. Now, the state has taken off the restriction over the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and the authorized physician in the state can recommend medical marijuana to any patient with severe medical conditions. 
  4. With the permission of parents or guardians and after registration, minors can also register for medical marijuana. 
  5. Driving under the influence of cannabis remains illegal and will be treated as same as the other marijuana-related offenses.  

Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


Recreational marijuana possession remains illegal in the state. However, medical patients after the doctor’s recommendation can access the cannabis supply for up to 30 days only. Marijuana possession with more quantity will not be treated as medical possession and can lead one to legal issues. 


Growing marijuana plants either for personal use or medical usage, both remain illegal in Louisiana. Even medical patients are not permitted to cultivate cannabis plants for their needs. 


Consumption of medical cannabis by the patients must be done in a private space. Although there is no specific mention of the consumption of cannabis by the patients. However, distribution, possession, share, and consumption in the public space remain illegal, and hence, even for medical purposes, it will be safe to consume at home. 

Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Louisiana state does not have any specific marijuana program and separates marijuana card schemes for medical patients like other states. Though it has legalized the medical use of cannabis since 1991. Therefore, it will be safe to indulge in cannabis activity for medical needs. 

One thing to be mentioned here is that as cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, therefore, state-authorized doctors cannot prescribe marijuana except they can recommend it to the patient. 

Once the patient gets a recommendation from the expert physician, there will be no process in between to access medical marijuana. One can directly possess up to 30 days of medical cannabis supply as per the legislation. 

However, yet medical marijuana is legal in the state, driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal under the law and there are several penalties for the same:

  1. Driving under influence of marijuana can lead to up to $1,000 or up to six months of jail depending upon the severity of the offense. 
  2. The subsequent offense can even lead to more heavy charges. 

Apart from this, medical marijuana in the state previously had qualifying medical conditions, however, from the latest update in the legislation, this restriction was taken off, and accessing medical marijuana depends upon the authorized doctor’s recommendation.

How to Get Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana in 2023?

Growing cannabis plants in Louisiana remains illegal in the state in 2023. Either for medical patients or personal usage, cannabis cultivation is against the legislation and there are several monetary fines and imprisonment. 

Although the state regulation does not allow the cultivation of cannabis for personal or medical use, one can wait for the legalization by the state authorities. Also, we strongly recommend our readers follow local guidelines before indulging in any cannabis activities. 

Well, once you are aware of local laws and comfortable with that, you can possess cannabis seeds while keeping in mind that growing them is illegal. As possessing seeds do not create legal issues, you can search out for the best seed banks online due to the lack of physical stores in the state. 

As marijuana for medical patients is sourced from dispensaries, therefore, there is no chance that you can get cannabis seeds even just for keeping them. This is where the online cannabis seed banks play an important role. 

Even online stores have a wide variety of cannabis seeds and regular offers by which you can have multiple cannabis strains at a very affordable rate. 

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#1. Can medical patients grow personal marijuana plants?

No, the cultivation of cannabis plants in Louisiana remains illegal in 2023. 

#2. Can you get a medical card for medical marijuana?

The state does not have a medical marijuana card program for accessing medical cannabis. Though medical patients must need to get a recommendation from state-authorized physicians. 

#3. Can you smoke cannabis in Louisiana?

No, you cannot smoke marijuana in the state. The accepted forms for delivery include oils, extracts, tinctures, sprays, capsules, pills, solutions, suspension, gelatin-based chewable, lotions, and transdermal patches.

#4. Can a minor also access medical marijuana?

Yes! With permission from parents or guardians, minors can also register for medical marijuana. 

#5. What are the penalties for marijuana-related offenses in Louisiana?

After the reduction of criminal penalties in 2015, the first offense related to marijuana possession can lead the offender to up to a $300 fine and 15 days in jail. While the second time offense can result in up to six months of imprisonment and up to $1,000 monetary charges. Similarly, subsequent offenses can result in more hard punishments. 

Future of Marijuana in Louisiana

Currently, the state has balanced legislation for marijuana enthusiasts though recreational cannabis is illegal. However, medical marijuana patients are getting benefits through the legalization of medical cannabis. Well, according to a recent measure, the residents of the state are in favor of the legalization of recreational cannabis, which is good news for recreational marijuana enthusiasts in the region. 

However, until the state authorities didn’t make any further changes in cannabis legislation, we have to wait and work under the laws. 

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