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Marijuana has been found quite effective in different medical conditions therefore, many countries have legalized or established a medical marijuana program in their region so that medical patients can be benefitted from it. 

Well, U.S is one of the countries in which different states have implemented different marijuana laws for their residents. With that said, Kansas is the state which applies quite strict laws for cannabis possession and related offenses. 

Kansas has illegalized marijuana for all purposes. Therefore, if you are residing within the state or planning a journey there then you might have to be aware of the latest laws in 2023, which this guide is going to cover.

Read along to know everything about marijuana in Kansas:

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Kansas

Is Marijuana Legal in Kansas in 2023?

As said earlier, marijuana for all purposes is illegal in Kansas, however, recently the state authorities have changed the legislation to allow at least CBD oil with no THC content in the region. That ultimately shows that the higher authorities have been quite strict about the psychoactive effects of marijuana. That is why even medical marijuana is not permitted in the state. 

Well, the state’s cannabis laws have been historically against the use of it. Though in the modern era when people started raising their voice for legalization following the worldwide trend of marijuana acceptance in different aspects, the state could only legalize CBD oil with no THC content in it. 

However, we will cover the historical journey of the state later but for now, Kansas has the strictest laws for marijuana offenders, which can be observed by the Shona Banda case in 2015. Under this case, the offender used medical cannabis for debilitating Crohn’s disease, however, authorities arrested the offender, and afterward, a huge legal trial along with controversy started in the state. 

Overall, in a nutshell, marijuana in Kansas has been a debatable topic from earlier times. Even as now in many regions and countries, the government has allowed cannabis to some extent, Kansas has opposed all that in 2023. 

History of Cannabis in Kansas

From the earlier 20th century, the U.S has followed the cannabis prohibition trend across the globe and restricted cannabis usage and cultivation in the region. Although before that, people of the country including Kansas were aware of cannabis and its uses in different aspects. However, in 1927 Kansas banned cannabis in its region. 

However, up to the end of the 20th century, Kansas didn’t make any major changes in marijuana legislation though the authorities have regularly reported marijuana offenses in its region. Considering the marijuana demand in the region, there were regular attempts to legalize at least medical marijuana. Cannabis compassion and care act was proposed in the Senate in January 2013. This bill was ultimately aimed to allow medical marijuana for medical patients. If the bill was passed and implemented then the medical marijuana enthusiasts could access 6 ounces of marijuana along with the cultivation of up to 12 plants in their private house. 

Unfortunately, the law didn’t come into effect. 

Kansas state is so against the marijuana offenses that in 2015, 10 sheriffs along with two different states sued Colorado for the legalization of cannabis in their state creating undue enforcement in a neighboring state. Although the lawsuit was unsuccessful one can get the idea of the state’s marijuana condition from it. 

Finally, in May 2018, CBD oil was legalized in the state allowing its residents to access it for different medical conditions. 

Current Laws in Action in Kansas

Although the state has quite changing legislation though it could not make marijuana exist in the region. However, in 2023, you must have to be aware of the following guidelines and laws that are in action in the state:

  1. Kansas State has strict laws. Cannabis possession under 450 grams will be treated as a misdemeanor and can lead the offender to one year of imprisonment along with a monetary fine of up to $2,500. 
  2. Driving under the influence of marijuana can lead you to legal trouble and a fine. 
  3. Just like possession and consumption, selling or sharing marijuana in the region can lead one to be charged with up to a $500,000 fine and imprisonment depending upon the seized quantity. 
  4. Sharing marijuana with minors can lead one to huge legal trouble as it is a huge offense in Kansas. 
  5. Since 2018, the state has allowed only CBD oil therefore, one can access that marijuana product only. However, CBD oil must be under the limited THC quantity. 

Possession, Cultivation, And Cultivation


One cannot possess marijuana in Kansas as it is illegal. Punishment for the same can be a monetary fine along with imprisonment. However, these charges are dependent on the severity of the crime. That means if you are found with a large quantity of marijuana then you can be sent to jail for up to three and half years of imprisonment along with a $100,000 fine. 


Cultivating marijuana plants in Kansas is illegal and it is as punishable as possession of it. Even medical marijuana enthusiasts in the region cannot have their own cannabis plants. 


Along with possession and cultivation, consumption of marijuana is also illegal and that is why there will be no source from where you can have marijuana for personal usage in the state. Although CBD Oil is permitted it must be sourced from out-of-state. 

Medical Marijuana in Kansas

Other states of the U.S have a separate medical marijuana program for medical patients. Although some states are still struggling to allow medical marijuana in their region including Kansas. Therefore, medical patients in the state might have to visit other states where out-of-state residents can avail medical marijuana benefits from their region. 

As of 2023, there is no medical marijuana program in Kansas. 

Well, the good news is that recently the Governor of Kansas has announced that she will be proposing a marijuana legislation change under which the residents can get the medical benefits of marijuana. Medical patients hoping for marijuana treatment for their disease might be able to access marijuana soon in the state. Also, to expand health care, the revenue from the same scheme will be used. 

Though we have to wait until the laws didn’t come into effect in the state. However, for medical marijuana enthusiasts, this is the good news and the future is quite hopeful regarding marijuana treatment options. 

Overall, right now, there is no medical marijuana program like other states in Kansas, however, as the Governor has announced something exciting recently, the future of medical marijuana in the state might be something else!

How to Get Cannabis Seeds in Kansas?

Cultivating cannabis plants in Kansas is illegal. Even medical patients are not able to get their own cannabis plants in their homes legally. Therefore, cultivating marijuana plants in Kansas can lead one to huge trouble. 

Also, we want our readers to be happy and safe, therefore, we strongly recommend following the local guidelines before heading into any such activities. 

Though cultivating cannabis seeds is illegal in the state and keeping them is not. Therefore, once you are legally comfortable keeping marijuana seeds in your home you can head for searching out the best sources on the planet. 

Well, as the state has not legalized marijuana, therefore, there are no cannabis-related businesses that can source you the best quality seeds. That is why you must check out the online stores. However, the web is filled with thousands of online seed banks. 

Therefore, we here recommend you to buy from the planet’s best seed banks in which these are our favorites:

  • ILGMILGM or is the online seed bank that has different shipping locations and for the U.S orders it ships from California. The store holds a very huge coverage of marijuana lovers and sells a very wide cannabis seeds selection. Instant shipping and discrete delivery are the best features. Customer support is excellent and multiple payment options are available. You can join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub on Reddit for regular updates.
  • Crop King SeedsThis seed bank has the largest stock of cannabis seeds and at a very affordable price range. Has a positive market reputation and ships worldwide. 24/7 chat support is available and overall, one of the best seed banks for all types of marijuana enthusiasts. Crop King Seeds got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!
  • MSNLMSNL has a very wide selection of fresh cannabis seeds. It imports from the best breeders on the planet and sells at a very reasonable price. 4+ rating at Trustpilot and has a very impressive range of cannabis strains. 

Future of Marijuana in Kansas

Considering the current situation in the state for recreational marijuana it is tough to say when it will be legalized in the region though recently the government has announced a legislative change for medical marijuana, which is good news for medical marijuana enthusiasts. However, until the law didn’t come into effect in the state, one cannot access medical marijuana or recreational. 

Therefore, we need to wait until the government allows us legally to access cannabis. However, considering the authorities’ steps for medical legalization, the future might be positive for marijuana lovers. 

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