i49 Seed Bank Review 2023

Want a four-star online seed store for USA and Australia purchases? 

Don’t miss out on the i49 Seed Bank store in 2023! 

i49 Seed Bank is one of the popular websites in the USA and Australia to buy cannabis seeds online. Although this online store provides its highest quality cannabis seeds worldwide but mainly it is quite popular within the mentioned two regions. 

Also, this online store is not only known for selling only cannabis seeds but one of the factors for being so popular is their quite affordable price ranges that make this online store different from the rest of the others. 

Well, a cheaper price never means that this store compromises the quality. Rather they promise to give you the highest quality marijuana seeds at the affordable price available. Even you can compare by yourself and you will observe the same!

With that said, this 2023 review of i49 Seed Bank will tell you everything that you just need to know as a weed lover!

Let’s get straight into it:

i49 Seed Bank Review

First Glance at i49 Seed Bank

i49 Seed Bank is fully loaded with huge colorful banners on the very first page. However, if you are the one who likes simple interfaces then here you might have to be a little funky with the i49 Seed Bank. Even they have categorized their seed stock in the banners, which ultimately leads to different categories of cannabis such as autoflowering, feminized, cheap marijuana seeds, and much more. 

The website can be categorized better for getting directly into the specific strain type. Well, under ‘Cannabis Seeds USA’ you can head to the regular, indoor, outdoor, feminized, cheap, Indica, Sativa, and many more categories. There you will be getting specific marijuana strain types. 

This is true that i49 has limited marijuana strains of different varieties but they all are of top quality, which is unmatchable. Well, that doesn’t mean that you will be struggling to get the popular strains too. i49 has almost all of the strains that have won cannabis cups, known for specific effects and popular among the weeders. 

One of the best parts at i49 Seed Bank is that they have specially dedicated one of the seed categories to novice growers as ‘Cheap marijuana seeds’ where you can access a wide seed selection that is cheaper than other seed strains. However, quality is always maintained high for even cheaper strains. Therefore, you are sure to have maximum output with even cheap marijuana strains from i49.

Apart from this, if you are looking for strains that are specifically developed for producing intense yield then too, you can check out the ‘high yield’ category of i49’s stock, where you can get those seed strains!

Overall, the website looks quite eye-catchy with the fancy banners while the site can be managed more efficiently to access easily specific strains. However, for some users, it might be a plus point as well. Therefore, as a whole, i49 Seed Bank has a decent website interface!


  1. This online store will provide you the cheapest marijuana seeds of higher quality. That is why many novice weed growers love to buy from i49 seed bank. 
  2. Most of the i49’s stock is filled with THC enriched strains. Well, they have even CBD dedicated strain’s category too, where you can get those CBD enriched marijuana strains.
  3. I49 believes in delivering the original quality of seed strains and therefore they are strictly against purchases with fake names. That is why in case of any issue while purchasing from fake names, they are not responsible.
  4. A four-star rating at Trustpilot shows the massive respect for this online store among weed lovers. It also makes you trust the company more!
  5. Shipping time and customer service within the USA are excellent!

Social Media Handles

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I49 is available on social media platforms too, which shows their legitimacy and dedication to connect with marijuana lovers through different platforms.

History of i49 Seed Bank

The company didn’t have provided much information regarding its establishment on its website. However, they claim to be one of the newest cannabis stores in the market, and also, they are founded by serial entrepreneurs. The team of i49 has aimed to provide the original and best quality of weed genetics to the weeders around the globe and they are doing it excellently for a few years. 

Based in California, i49 ships from the USA and therefore, they are mainly popular in those regions i.e., the US and Australia. Well, they even sell their seeds to other regions according to Pacific Standard Time. 

As of 2023, the company is quite popular for selling marijuana seeds at a cheaper rate along with the highest quality of strains. They dedicate their online stores to all the marijuana growers but most novice growers are likely to be attracted to this online store for purchasing the best strains in low price ranges. 

Even they provide specific sales for their popular seed strains which you can check out for grabbing legendary strains at jaw-dropping price rates. 

However, along with the quality of seed strains, the company is known for providing accessible, friendly customer service, which made them popular in less time. Well, we will be digging out each section in detail later. 

Overall, i49 Seed Bank has been a new online store that does not has a rich history as other seed banks but the team they have has worked hard consistently for meeting the demands of their buyers, which made them a popular seed bank in the USA!

Market Reputation

As this online company is quite new, therefore, it is growing right now and can achieve more heights but still, in just a few years of its establishment, this brand has made its name quite popular among the weed-growers, which they believe that their consistent quality service is the key!

Apart from the website itself, there are many positive reviews about the i49 store on different forums, review sites, and other platforms as well. One of the popular review sites, Trustpilot has given this online store a rating of 4 stars, which is quite an impressive point being as a newbie online store. Many people are satisfied and happy after buying cannabis seeds from here. 

Along with positives, there are negatives as well but i49’s team always tries to satisfy their buyers and they consider their issues as well. That is why weed growers love to buy from i49 again and again!

Overall, considering the other popular seed stores, i49 is quite new but still, it has achieved a very impressive height and that is why you will be observing quite positivities about this seed store on different platforms.

Best Seller Seeds

At i49 Seed Bank, you will be having different varieties of marijuana strains. However, you might need to dig out for some time but as you are here, we will be giving you access to the best-selling seed strain of this store as well as our favorites:

  • OG Kush

One of the legendary marijuana strains in the stock of i49 is mainly known for relieving stress by providing intense euphoria. The strain has intense THC levels along with an excellent yield that will make you enjoy weed all day!

  • Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem

Don’t miss out on this beast combination if you want to get on the journey of the real pleasure of weed! With 50-50% Indica and Sativa genetics, this strain produces up to 30% THC and is capable of knock-out anyone with its effects. 

For people with low tolerance, check out the next strains!

  • AK-47 Fem

Around 18% THC, with 1% CBD allows you to fight anxiety, stress happily. Easy to grow and moderate to high yield are the key features of this strain. Novice weeders are recommended to must try this!

Well, considering the stock of the i49 website, there might have more best-seller strains on this list. However, you can check more on the official webpage!

Payment Options

Placing orders at i49 Seed Bank is quite easy. Thanks to the wide payment options that are available on their site. Here are the payment options that i49 accepts for receiving orders:

  • Cash

You might be surprised that in this era of digital payment, this online store still accepts cash as one of the payment options. Well, that is true and therefore, residents of the USA and Australia can pay them via cash. Make sure to read the procedure carefully as the company will not be responsible for any kind of loss.

  • Cards

One of the major payment options for online shopping is cards and therefore, i49 accepts Credit Cards for international orders or local orders. Just make sure your card is activated while ordering from an international location.

  • Digital coins

You can also place your order at i49 via digital coins. 

  • Money Order

Even this online store also accepts payment by money order. However, make sure that you don’t write anything over the money order. For appropriate instructions to money order mail them at usa@i49.net

  • Checks and E-checks

If you find e-checks or check as convenient payment ways then you can also use these ways. Well, in case of any issue or trouble you can also take the help of their customer service team.

Shipping Time

Shipping at i49 Seed Bank is very fast, secure, and trustworthy for orders within the USA and Australia. Well, that doesn’t mean that the people of other regions than the US and Australia will receive their orders without proper care. I49 never compromises with the quality of its services!

This online store maintains the proper privacy of the user and it ensures the package which is about to ship doesn’t contain the information of content or the user. That means they will ship your order in a completely discrete manner for international orders. 

The average time i49 takes to deliver your order is around 7 days to 10 days locally. However, the delivery time also depends on your location. Apart from this, i49.com charges around $20 to $30 for shipment, therefore, make sure to check out the shipment fee during ordering. 

Overall, at i49, the shipping time is decent and they deliver your order within one week to two, which is a decent time but yet they need to improve their services!

Customer Service

Customer support by i49 is decent. They have given limited options for contacting their support team. However, they claim to hear your issue as soon as possible within 24 hours. 

Well, you can directly ring them on 1-888-441-4949, they also accept the orders from this number. Apart from this, you can fill up the contact form at their official site, where you can drop them your query. To be honest, i49 needs to improve its services and speed. 

However, the company is better at delivering the order but they can be faster in customer support along with if they provide more options to contact them such as an e-mail also, another communicating number.

Talking about the other buyer’s opinions then they are quite positive and satisfied with the company’s services however they hope for more from such online store! Well, the company also claims that they are regularly improving their services along with the other aspects where they can impress their buyers. 

Overall, in 2023, i49 is an excellent store to buy cannabis seeds where you are sure that you will not be disappointed. Also, you will be getting what you will pay for!

i49 Seed Bank Review: Final word

i49 Seed Bank is the recent web store that has been quiet for selling high-quality cannabis seeds at affordable rates. Talking about its overall services then it is excellent yet they can be impressive. For which the company and the team are regularly working too. As a weed lover or grower, you will be finding quite exciting things on the official page of i49 Seed Bank. Either it is about the marijuana strain quality, quantity, or the services of the company, you are sure to be amazed!

Overall, i49 Seed Bank is a 100% legit store that is dedicated to providing the best quality services to marijuana lovers. Therefore, you are recommended to consider this online store whenever you have cannabis thought in your mind!

Visit: https://i49.net/

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