Herbies Seeds Shop Review 2023

Herbies Seeds Shop or aka Herbies Seeds is an online cannabis seed selling store that is popular worldwide for its quality cannabis seeds and unmatchable customer service. This online store provides a lot of varieties under cannabis strains to choose from. 

Many cannabis experts believe that they were launched many years ago as a head shop with limited marijuana strains. However, within the time they got hands-on a large stock of marijuana strain.

Therefore, if you are a marijuana lover and want to buy cannabis seeds online then Herbies Seeds might come in your path. Well, whether this seed store is for you or not will be clear by the end of this guide. 

As in this guide, we are going to expose Herbies Seeds! From their history, seed selection to quality of customer service, everything will be revealed and till the end, you will be 100% clear as to whether to buy cannabis seeds from Herbies Seeds!

So, let’s get started:

Herbies Seeds Shop Review

First Glance at Herbies Seeds Website

Herbies Seeds’ official website is very impressive! It is loaded with all the information that you can expect from an ideal seed store. They have banners first of all to let you know the latest offers going on their seed stock. 

As you scroll down, you can access different seed collections such as top 20 of 2023, autoflowering, feminized, easy to grow, and many more. Therefore, as a weed enthusiast, you are going to love the website at first.

Digging out the website to the bottom will let you know the reviews from buyers around the globe with the latest arrivals of seed strains in their stock. A little information on the website is at the bottom of the page where you can also find different social media pages of the store. 

Apart from this, one of the best parts of Herbies Seeds’ website is their categories of different seed strains which give quick access to head directly to specific seed strain categories. That means you will be able to find categories such as for beginners, high yield, high CBD, Indica dominant, directly from the breeders, and much more!

Overall, the website of Herbies Seeds is attractive, loaded with information, stocked with thousands of seed strains that make it a perfect place to buy cannabis seeds in 2023!


  1. Herbies Seeds provides you huge discounts on their seeds. Up to 20% off is available on their latest stock.
  2. The store has categorized its seed stock perfectly in a manner that every weed grower can directly head to their specific required seed strain.
  3. For knowing their breeders, growth hacks for beginners, and other useful information for cannabis, you can check out their blog page as well.
  4. They have a special category for the cheap marijuana strains under which you can find the cannabis strains at the lowest price ever available. 
  5. They have 4.5 ratings at Trustpilot from over 2500 reviews. That means you are buying cannabis seeds from a trustworthy source. 

Social media handles

Herbies Seeds has been available on many social media platforms where they connect with their buyers. You can check them out as well:

Instagram – Connect

Facebook – Connect

Twitter – Connect

YouTube – Connect

Even you can find out Herbies Seeds on YouTube where they have been active for the past year.

History of the Herbies Seeds

As of their official page, they didn’t have mentioned their history that much but they are in the marijuana industry since 2007 year and they are located in Spain. They have been started as a small shop but their consistent quality work led them to be the king of more than 3000 seed strains from more than hundreds of breeders around the globe. 

They aim to provide the highest quality marijuana seeds to their buyers along with the best customer support in case of need. With that said, the Herbies Seeds team has been working hard to achieve their goal on the daily basis. That is why they have positive reviews on many forums and review sites. 

Apart from this, at the beginning of the Herbies Seeds bank, they have limited seed strains to sell. As they got popular across their locality, they increased their contacts with the breeders around the globe and now they have around 125 breeders from where they sell cannabis seeds. This led them to become one of the top seed banks around the globe. Therefore, in 2023, they are one of the best and popular cannabis seed shops in the world. 

Overall, the Herbies Seeds’ history as much as it is available shows their consistent quality work for which they are appreciated and ultimately led them to become one of the top seed banks to sell cannabis seeds. 

Best Seller Seeds of Herbies Seeds

You don’t need to dig out their whole stock to find out the best seller seed strain. Thanks to their team which has made it easy to access any specific category of weed strain. Although, here are some of their best seed strains which are quite popular:

  • GDP (Granddaddy Purple)

This strain is for those weeders who want to get knock-out weed effects. With up to sky levels of THC (up to 35%) you can grab this strain for ultimate weed pleasures. However, the weeders with low tolerance can check out the next strains. 

  • Lemon Kush Feminized

The perfect combination of strong weed effects and intense yield. With around 4 kilograms of weed buds, your weed garden will rain the buds! Around 20% THC is enough for you to fly high and ultimate relaxation at the end of a tiring day. 

  • Somatic Auto CBD

Best strain for medical patients, Solomatic Auto CBD produces sky level of CBD just like high-THC strains. With up to 21% of CBD content, medical patients in need of therapeutic benefits of cannabis can get the most out of this strain.

So, these are some of the popular weed strain from Herbies Seeds which has been developed for specific outcomes. You can check more at their official store!

Payment Options

Payment options at Herbies Seeds are limited. However, the available options are enough to make you place the order before it gets out of stock. The convenient payment options available at Herbies Seeds are as follows:

  • Bitcoin

There is no better way to pay than the cryptocurrency format. You can check their website for paying by bitcoin. This payment option will keep the transaction anonymous between you and your bank. Also, this is faster than other payment methods.

  • Cards

Other than the bitcoin option; you can pay through cards. Keep your card in the activated mode for international orders. While also be ready to bear the transaction charges as per the price which is in Euro and to convert the currency, you might be charged.

  • Bank transfer

Another alternative available is a bank transfer. However, this payment option can be risky as well because sometimes the bank authorities deny the transaction to an online company dealing with marijuana.

Overall, at Herbies Seeds, you will be getting convenient payment ways through which you can quickly place your order. However, while buying internationally, the recommended payment method is bitcoin.

Shipping Services

Herbies Seeds is an online global company therefore, it ships around the globe. Also, they care for their buyer’s privacy and that is why they discreetly pack your seeds so that no one can suspect the content of the packaging. 

Herbies Seeds processes your order fast as they receive your payment. However, shipping charges are dependent on your location. The same goes for the delivery time. Well, the shipping fee costs you around 8 Euros to 20 Euros maximum. As you choose the express shipping service, the shipment fee might increase.

The delivery time of Herbies Seeds is faster within UK and US regions. They take usually one to two weeks maximum to deliver your seeds. Remote locations can take more time. However, international orders can take around 25 working days (maximum) to be delivered. 

Apart from this, as said earlier that, as the Herbies Seeds receive your payment, it processes your order quickly, and therefore, you can expect quick delivery as well.

Overall, the shipping service at Herbies Seeds is excellent. They deliver faster and in a secure manner, which every online buyer loves the most. Along with their fast shipping service, their shipping fee is also reasonable.

Customer Services

Although at Herbie’s you will be getting many ways to contact their customer service team their quality of service is decent. Many other buyers have faced issues while contacting their support team. Well, in return the company claims to be a technical issue or something else. 

However, many peoples are satisfied as well by the customer service from Herbies Seeds. Well, for you, in 2023, the customer service at Herbies Seeds will be excellent. This is because of the company’s regular improvement in its services. They claim that their support team is eager to help but in some cases, they might be busy somewhere else to hear you at that time. 

The available options to contact their support team are as follows:

  • Calling facility 
  1. UK: +44 800 520 0058, Mon – Sun 12 pm – 12 am (British Summer Time (BST), UTC +1)
  2. EU:  +34 900 423 356, Mon – Sun 1 pm – 1 am (European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2)
  3. USA:  +1 888 427 0772, Mon – Sun 7 am – 7 pm (Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC -4)
  • Whatsapp: +34 633 32 60 20
  • E-mail – sales@herbiesheadshop.com

Therefore, you will be getting many options to contact their customer support team. However, the calling facility is faster than others but make sure to ring them during the working hours of business days. 

Overall, Herbies Seeds has always been trying to provide the best quality customer support though it has been successful around 60% only. Well, the good thing is that the company is regularly keeping an eye over the issues of their buyers while they are working hard to improve as much as they can parallelly!

Herbies Seeds Shop Review: Final Words

Till here, you must be aware of all the quality aspects of Herbies Seeds. Well, they are quite better at providing high-quality cannabis seeds along with a lot of varieties. Even their shipping services are amazing. As for an international store, one has to maintain a positive reputation which this company has earned very well.

Even Herbies Seeds has been in the cannabis seeds industry for many years, which means they are experienced in their field as well.

Overall, this online shop is 100% legit, reliable, and the best to buy cannabis seeds from 2023. Coming to the customer services then too, the company is decent and it’s working regularly to make it better!

Visit: https://herbiesheadshop.com/

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