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Growers Choice Seeds is an online cannabis seed seller website where they are known to provide different varieties of weed seeds. The company has two different branches in different locations; however, they sell seeds via the official website only. Growers Choice Seeds aim to provide the highest quality marijuana seeds to growers.

Well, the company is new to the marijuana market but they claim that they have one of the experienced team members which consistently work hard for satisfying their buyers. 

It is expected that the company has been started in Barcelona, Spain, and now it is one of the top marijuana sellers around the world. However, the company claims to provide the best-quality marijuana seeds to their buyers along with unmatchable customer services. Well, it will be quite interesting to know how true their promises are!

Therefore, in this guide, we will be revealing each secret of Growers Choice Seeds and finally, you will be able to decide whether to buy cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. 

So, let’s get started:

Growers Choice Seeds

First Glance at the Website

First of all, Growers Choice Seeds is impressively designed, easy to navigate, and fully loaded with lots of information regarding cannabis and grow guide. Considering the info available on the website, they are a 100% legit online store. Therefore, you can be free from the thought of a ‘scam’ while buying seeds from this online store. 

The next thing to be considered is their arrangement of seed stock which is easy to go through. Different categories are there to access feminized, autoflowering, high CBD strains. Along with different strains categories they have highlighted their services such as discreet shipment, latest offers, and germination guaranteed on their seeds which are up to 90%. Therefore, from the first page of the site, you can have an idea of the benefits you will be getting from Growers Choice Seeds. Growers Choice \ strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 9 out of 10!

For the new seed stock, they have a different category under which you can access their latest imported seeds. 

Apart from this, if you are a newbie weed grower then you can visit the blog page of Growers Choice Seeds where you can find useful growth hacks along with cannabis information that will make you aware of many new things.

At the bottom of the page, you can find their contact options along with different cannabis strains available at their store.

Overall, Growers Choice Seeds is impressively designed, easy user interface, and is loaded with information that makes an overall positive impact. Even you can directly put your required strain term in the search box to find out the availability at the store. As a whole, Growers Choice Seeds has maintained the attractive appearance of their store!


  1. You can get up to $200 worth of cannabis seeds at GCS just by signing up at their website. 
  2. The price range is quite affordable. Within the $30 price range, you can get their latest best seed strain.
  3. They have a separate category for medical weed enthusiasts where they have marijuana strains with high CBD cannabinoids. 
  4. They have all feminized seeds. That is why they provide a 90% germination guarantee. It means GCS seeds will make your garden filled with female plants resulting in higher output.
  5. They have a separate blog where they have provided marijuana growth hacks along with some useful articles regarding cannabis seeds. Newbie growers are recommended to go through the section at least once.

Social media handles

Growers Choice Seeds is available on multiple social media platforms to connect with its audience. Here are their available social media handles:

Instagram – Connect

Facebook – Connect

Twitter – Connect

LinkedIn – Connect 

History of GCS (Growers Choice Seeds)

As for their official website, they didn’t have revealed much about their company. However, they claim to have a team of horticulturalists, cannabis experts that have more than 20 years of experience in the same industry working and managing. 

They have been started to provide the best quality cannabis seeds to growers with the best customer service. Well, they are quite new to the marijuana market and they have limited seed stock as well. 

They stock more than 150 weed strains in their store whereas they regularly import new weed seeds and updates them on their website. Starting with a small online store, now the company has come far away. They have now a wide selection of popular seed strains where you can access the latest seed stock as well.

Apart from this, they claim to provide the highest quality of seeds resulting in a germination rate of up to 90%. That means if 9 out of 10 seeds didn’t germinate then they will replace their seeds. However, for that, you have to contact their customer support team.

Talking about customer support then their services are decent. They have mail, contact numbers along with a ‘Leave a message’ feature on their website, which sometimes doesn’t work that fast. However, they ship to all of the US states and most of the regions in the world where cannabis is not banned.

Overall, the history of Growers Choice Seeds is available limited but the store has an impressive range of marijuana seeds which shows their team’s experience and hard work. Well, in 2020, if you are finding many new online cannabis stores then it is sure that Growers Choice Seeds is better than the rest of all!

Market Reputation

As said earlier that this online store seems quite new although they claim to have an experienced team working behind the brand. However, yet they have an average market reputation. From Trustpilot, they have earned 3 stars out of 5, which should be more for an excellent market valued store. Well, this online seed company is quite popular in the American region. As the company’s distribution branch is located in California and therefore, it directly sells its seeds from there. Even the orders from the US region, are shipped directly from there. That is why those orders are free from customs eyes!

Apart from this, there are many satisfied growers as well who appreciate the quality of seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. Though the company needs to improve its services, for which they are `working consistently.

Best Seller Seeds

Here are the top three picks from the stock of Growers Choice Seeds, which you are sure to find worth it growing. Let’s have a quick look:

  • Cinderella 99 Feminized

C99 or Cinderella 99 is Sativa dominant high THC (22%) strain which is the best solution for insomnia and other sleeping issues. Suits every weed grower’s profile, C99 is one of the best strains to start weed cultivation. 

  • Power Plant Feminized

This is an 80% Sativa genetic strain with a lot of medicinal benefits. The strain is even helpful in overcoming depression along with fatigue, avoiding stress, and treating muscle pain as well. This is a one-in-all strain for availing therapeutic benefits from weed.

  • Northern Lights

This is one of the legendary marijuana strains with 80% Indica dominance and intense weed effects. The effects of the strain are euphoric, uplifting, and mood-boosting that ultimately relaxes from several medicinal symptoms. 

So, there are more strains available at Growers Choice Seeds but here are the top 3 picks and you are sure to find more amazing strains at their official website.

Payment Methods

Payment options at Growers Choice Seeds are limited but those options are enough as well for an individual to pay safely. However, compared to the other big seed banks, this company needs to provide more options. 

Well, have a look over the available payment options:

  • Cryptocurrency

When it comes to limited payment options then it will be 100% safe, secure, and the best option to pay by cryptocurrencies. Well, this online seed store accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum too. 

The best part of playing at GCS is that you will also get a discount on your purchase!

  • Zelle (U.S Only)

Another hassle-free payment option is Zelle, which is enabled for purchases within the U.S only. If you are ordering within that region then use this payment option. It is simple and hassle-free!

  • ACH

You can also directly transfer funds from your bank account to them for placing the order. Well, with this payment option, you have to keep in mind that there might be a delay in the processing of your order. As the company doesn’t process your order until they don’t receive the payment. 

Well, a bank transfer usually takes some time to complete the transaction.

  • Payment by mail

Growers Choice Seeds even accepts payment through the mail but it might be risky for some regions as they are not responsible for the money that never arrived at them. However, you are recommended to use the above payment options available while ordering. 

Here are some important things to keep in mind while playing at GCS:

  1. You will be responsible for any CC charges while buying cryptocurrencies or paying to them.
  2. The order will be processed only then when they receive your complete payment. 
  3. International transaction charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

So, these are the payment conditions at the seed store, however, in case you are in trouble or you got an issue, you can contact their customer service team!

Shipment Service

Growers Choice Seeds claim to ship worldwide in a discreet, secure, and fastest way. Within multiple distribution centers, the shipment service becomes quicker within those regions. However, apart from the regions where they don’t have distribution centers then they ship there within two to three weeks. However, in this time frame, international orders are also included. 

That means depending on your location, you will be able to get your seeds within 7 days to 21 days. Apart from this, they have a nominal shipping fee (around 10$) which is reasonable. However, if you want to avail of free shipping then you have to purchase seeds from them worth $500. 

All international orders are stealth packed, sent privately so that no one can know the content of the packaging. Thanks to their team, which cares about the user’s privacy. 

Well, if you are ordering from the U.S then you can expect your order to arrive in original art packaging due to their distribution center in California. However, one of the best parts while ordering internationally is that there will be no name on the packaging along with no extra charge for securer shipping. 

Overall, at Growers Choice Seeds, you are sure to have one of the best shipping services. Additionally, they have a nominal shipping fee while they provide extra care for privately delivering your order. 

Customer Services

You can contact the customer service team of Growers Choice Seeds in multiple ways. Here are the available options to contact them:

  1. Mail them at
  2. Ring them at 1.855.811.4769
  3. Contact form – Click here

If you will ring at given number then the company’s one of the representatives will be there to help you solve your issue. However, this is also one of the fastest ways to contact their support team. Keep in mind that call their support team during the working hours of weekdays. 

Also, while dropping their mail, you have to wait for up to 24 hours maximum to get your issue heard. 

Considering the experience of the support team, you are sure to get a better experience from them. However, many people complain about their mail service under which they usually delay to reply. Also, in some cases, they do not update the order process. 

Well, in reply, the company hears the issue of their buyers and tries to solve them out quickly. Considering the services of GCS, you will be having a good experience with them while buying seeds.

Apart from this, in case of returns which are available within 7 days of received order, you must have to contact their support team for further assistance. To make your return successful you must have to follow this procedure of contacting their customer support. As because, your return will be accepted only then when they will confirm from their side. Therefore, as a whole, customer support is needed to be better for quicker services, which the company improving consistently.

Growers Choice Seeds: Final Word

Growers Choice Seeds has a good range of marijuana seeds. Even the price range is quite affordable. Considering the strain selection, price, discounts, GCS is a great place to buy seeds from. Although it has average reviews on some websites it is also a fact that they have the highest quality seeds for which they give a germination guarantee. 

Overall, the company needs to improve its services for which it is consistently working. However, otherwise, Growers Choice Seeds is one of the best places to buy cannabis seeds from. 

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