Gorilla Seeds Review 2023

If you are residing within the United Kingdom and searching for the best cannabis seed bank from where you can start your cultivation journey then Gorilla Seeds are somewhat sure to come across your path! The reason is their high-quality seeds and selection of wide varieties that led them to be one of the best online seed stores. 

As the aim of Gorilla Seeds is to provide the best quality marijuana seeds from the best breeders and at the best price, therefore, you can hope for nothing but the best! 

Well, as in this guide, we will be digging out the Gorilla-cannabis-seeds.co.uk website and we will find out a reason for you to decide whether to choose this seed bank to buy for your garden. Although the company is established in the UK it is popular around the world for its quality seeds. 

Let’s see how true the promises of this seed bank are:

Gorilla Seeds Review

First Glance at Gorilla Seeds Website

At first look, you will be bombarded with the different weed strains on the homepage. The big dark banners allowing you to access their all-time best strain with powerful weed genetics will surely make you a little scary! All-time best cannabis seeds, one by one will come in front of you as you will be scrolling down. 

One of the best parts of buying cannabis seeds from Gorilla Seeds is that they are quite affordable. Though they provide only the best quality of marijuana seeds that explode in the garden and produce excellent yield. Yet they manage to attract weed growers with their reasonable prices. 

Apart from this, the website is professional, designed to impress, and easy to navigate. They have a wide category of cannabis seeds at their store. Either it is about feminized, autoflower, high THC, high CBD, high yield, or about all mix strains, Gorilla Seeds has got you all!

They have also covered over the popular strain breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, and much more. Ultimately, they are a one-stop destination for all of your marijuana seeds need!

They deliver worldwide and they ensure that the seeds to be delivered are of fresh quality. 

Overall, at first look, the Gorilla Seeds’ website is very impressive. They have not only coverage over the wide selection of cannabis seeds but they have also acquired some popular breeders. Although the website is fully loaded with a huge selection of seeds, information about their services, and everything that you can expect from an ideal cannabis store. 


  1. Their official website is impressively categorized for different marijuana seed strains, which gives you easy access to your specific need for weed seeds.
  2. They promise the best quality of cannabis seeds from the best breeders and at the best price! Therefore, you can hope for better service and quality from the other novice seed banks. 
  3. Gorilla Seeds ships worldwide. They also offer you free seeds on specific orders, which you can check on their official page. (They regularly update)
  4. If you want to access only the best seller seeds then they have a special category for that. At the top left side, you can choose the category of best seller auto, feminized, medical, and other sections accordingly. 
  5. The simple and easy user interface at the website. 

Social media handles

The Gorilla Seeds is available on multiple social media platforms. You can connect on the following page:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect

History of the Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seeds have been in the online marijuana market for over a decade now. Alex (the founder) launched Gorilla Seed Bank in 2011 in the United Kingdom with a group of marijuana enthusiasts. The actual story of the seed bank begins from the founder’s earlier life when he used to buy online marijuana seeds and he used to be frustrated with the poor quality of seeds and services. 

Finally, after collecting a team with years of experience in the marijuana industry, he launched the seed bank intending to provide the best in all cannabis seeds to growers around the globe. That is why within a short time, this seed bank has come a far way. Started from the UK now this seed bank is worldwide known for its quality of seeds and services. 

Gorilla Seeds are started from scratch and now they are a huge empire. Even they have given their yearly story on their official page, which you can check out under ‘The Gorilla Story’ section. 

Coming back to 2020, the company is consistently providing high-quality cannabis seeds that not only produce a high yield in the garden but ultimately help the weeders to have the best weed experience. That is why they have a very positive audience, which we will be discussing later. 

Overall, the history of Gorilla Seeds is based on the experience, hard work, and consistent quality services to its buyers, which made this seed bank one of the top seed banks in the UK and around the globe. 

Market Reputation 

Gorilla Seeds has a very positive market reputation. Buyers of this seed bank are quite happy, satisfied with the quality of cannabis seeds. At Trustpilot, Gorilla Seeds has a 4.5 rating with around 3000 reviews, which is a positive point. 

Apart from this, buyers of this store, appreciate the quality of services at Gorilla Seeds. Even at different forums, review sites, you can find good words about this online seed bank. Well, this is due to the Gorilla Seeds’ wide variety of cannabis seeds that pull the weed growers and once they buy cannabis seeds, the rest of the impression is made by the results in the garden. 

Just like other online stores, Gorilla Seeds has also some complaints from its buyers, which the company hears out and solves the query quickly. With an around 84% of 5-star rating, you are sure to have the best experience at Gorilla Seeds!

In a nutshell, the market reputation of Gorilla Seeds is excellently positive. Most of the buyers are happy, satisfied, and impressed by the quality of cannabis seeds that this store provides. 

Gorilla Seeds has got 6.53 users ratings on SeedFinder out of 10!

Best Seller Seeds

Well, this store has a separate section for its best seller seed strains which you can access on the website. Even you will be able to find the best seller under different categories such as feminized, auto, and much more. However, here are our top three picks from their best seller seed strains:

  • Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is fully loaded with perfect genetics. It fetches around 22% THC concentration with around 650 g indoor yield and with a quick flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. This perfect pack can be the best pick for beginner growers to grab the maximum output from their garden in the first hit!

  • Californian Snow

This rapid strain shows results within 8 weeks and results in a heavy yield of around 550 g. Whereas the strain has 19% of THC concentration to produce medicinal effects and give relief from stress and tiredness. 

  • CBD Kush

Dedicated to medical marijuana enthusiasts, this CBD Kush strain possesses 1:1 CBD to THC concentration and therefore, it produces intense medicinal effects that can relieve you from stress and other medical symptoms. 

Payment Options

At Gorilla Seeds, you will be having multiple payment options. They give you quick and ample ways so that you can rapidly place your order for your favorite seeds before getting out of stock. 

  • Cards

They accept all the major Credit and Debit cards (Mastercard & VISA) whereas they ship to the billing address of the card. Also, while paying international through your card you will be charged with the processing fee, which is not the company’s responsibility. 

  • Bank transfer

One of the quick ways of payment is, to directly transfer funds from your bank account. However, while paying a marijuana company, some banks interrupt the transaction. So, make sure you don’t have any issues. 

  • Cryptocurrency

If you want to keep the bank away from your transactions along with the real-time transfer then there is no better way to place your order through cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. The confirmation will be sent to you by mail. 

  • Cash

You can also pay at Gorilla Seeds by choosing cash options. However, the processing instructions will be sent to you through the mail. 

Apart from all the given payment ways, Gorilla Seeds gives you an option to place your order through phone calls. Well, you can ring at 01934 807 173 and place your order. However, while doing the online payment, we recommend you to choose crypto (Bitcoin) as it is safe, secure, and instant. Well, due to multiple options available you can go at your convenience. 

Shipping Service

This company’s shipping services are excellent!

Gorilla Seeds cares for your privacy and therefore, they offer you guaranteed discreet shipment. However, if you want more stealth then you can opt for guaranteed stealth as well under which they pack your seeds in random objects such as T-shirts, DVDs, and other things. However, they will charge extra for this facility. Additionally, they give you a backup of reshipment as well, which means if your seeds are lost in between transportation then they will send you another pack!

Once they will make sure that your seeds are packed in a manner so that no one can suspect the content of the package then they will ship to your location within 1 to 3 days. However, the company offers same-day shipment as well for the UK orders if you place them before 12:30 PM. 

As Gorilla Seeds ships worldwide, therefore, you can get high-quality cannabis seeds to any of the corners in the world but one thing you have to make sure that the local laws of your region do not create any issue. 

Apart from the UK, Gorilla Seeds may take the time up to 3 days to ship your package after receiving payment. However, they start processing your order just after confirmation of the payment. Whereas to completely arrive the seeds at your doorstep that you have ordered, can take up to 7 working days depending upon your location. Whereas the international orders might take time up to 21 working days. 

Overall, Gorilla Seeds offer a high-quality shipping service along with complete tracking information. They even guarantee your seeds and re-ships if seeds are lost, therefore, you can completely rely on the company that will deliver your seeds in the best manner. 

Customer Service

Customer support at Gorilla Seeds is available at:

CALL: 01934 807 173 (UK) / 1-720-316-6474 (USA)

You can ring customer support in need of help or even to place your order, however, make sure that you call them during working hours for a quick response. 

Mail: info@gorilla-seeds.co.uk

You can even drop them mail informing them about your query. However, usually, they reply to the emails within 24 working hours. 

Coming to the customer service quality Gorilla Seeds team is excellent to impress their buyers! They are quite friendly, eager to help, and responsive. Though sometimes, they delay usually it happens due to heavy traffic on calls or emails. 

Overall, the customer support team at Gorilla Seeds is excellently responsive which helps you in case of need. Therefore, you are sure to have a back while ordering seeds from here!

Gorilla Seeds Review: Final Words

Gorilla-cannabis-seeds.co.uk is one of the best online websites that deliver high-quality cannabis seeds along with responsive customer support. Therefore, as a new buyer or experienced shopper, you shouldn’t have any issues at this store. 

Apart from this, the attractive price range of high-quality cannabis seeds attracts the newbie cultivators more. Well, if you are getting high-quality cannabis seeds that produce immense yield to enjoy all day even at affordable rates then why not buy from Gorilla Seeds!

Gorilla Seeds is a genuine store with an experienced team working behind it to deliver high-quality services to weed growers. Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best from this online store!

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