Free Cannabis Seeds from Top Seed Banks

There are very few seed banks that give free cannabis seeds on every order. 

Because quality marijuana seeds are expensive, to be honest. 

And, getting free marijuana seeds is something that not every seed bank offers. 

Fortunately, there are still some seed banks in the market that give freebies as free pot seeds

So, let’s check out them:

Free Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds: Overview

  1. ILGM – buy 10 seeds and get another 10 seeds for free
  2. MSNL – up to 10 free seeds with every order
  3. Seedsman – up to 6 free seeds with orders above $35
  4. – get 1 free seed with every order
  5. Seed Supreme – free seeds with every order (check website for more info)
  6. Ministry of Cannabis – up to 5 free seeds with order above $50
  7. True North Seed Bank – free seeds with every order (option to choose freebies)

Here we go:


I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the best seed banks in the market right now. 

Not because of their freebies but due to their high-quality marijuana seeds which come with a 100% germination guarantee. 

ILGM is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and ships mainly to the EU regions and US. 

Moreover, if you will buy 10 seeds from the store then you will be eligible to get another 10 free seeds for sure. 

While the store also has some amazing deals and offers on their website which you can check out for more heavy discounts. 

Additionally, the shipping service from ILGM is just amazing. They ship faster and deliver products instantly within a few working days. 

ILGM has one of the most reliable customer services. Their team instantly helps with any concerns. You can ask their teams through mail or contact form and they will help you accordingly. 

Features apart from freebies:

  1. Finest quality weed seeds
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. Multiple payment options for ordering 
  4. Faster delivery in US and EU regions
  5. One of the most reputed online seed banks that give free seeds

What we liked most about ILGM is the overall balanced facilities that they provide in their virtual store. From having the finest grade weed to instant shipping and excellent customer support, ILGM has got your back with every weed order!

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MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is the seed bank that has been in the market since 1999. 

Therefore, it is one of the most experienced seed banks right now to provide top-shelf marijuana seeds. 

MSNL is based in London and ships to most locations around the world. While you can get up to 5 free seeds with every order from here. 

Although you can get a maximum of 10 free seeds with one-time order. 

You can also buy seeds in bulk at very affordable rates from MSNL. Because MSNL provides regular deals and promotional offers, which you can check on the website as well.

The shipping service at MSNL is amazing. They deliver usually between two to three weeks to all the locations. 

Depending upon your location the delivery time might vary. 

Above all, more than two decades of the establishment have made this seed bank to be in the top list of the world’s most reputed seed banks. 

Features apart from freebies:

  1. More than 20 years old seed bank
  2. Top-notch quality seeds
  3. Affordable price range
  4. Worldwide shipping
  5. Finest customer service

Overall, MSNL is an ideal store for getting the latest weed seeds. It has a stock of almost every strain. Also, the regular offers at the store make you access premium products at a lower price. So, MSNL is surely a perfect place to buy quality weed along with freebies.



seedsman website

Seedsman has bestselling seed banks in contact and hence it stocks one of the largest seed selections. 

Moreover, the price at Seedsman is quite cheaper than some other stores. Therefore, it is an ideal store for beginner weeders. 

Because on a low budget, you can access the finest grade weed strains. 

Further, Seedsman also provides you freebies if you order above $35. 

If you will pay through bitcoin then you will be eligible for double freebies. Additionally, Seedsman also has a promotional offer that gives over 40 free seeds. Therefore, Seedsman is the ideal store for getting freebies. 

While the services at Seedsman are commendable. They provide faster shipping and instant customer support. Orders of EU regions get free shipping. 

Multiple payment options are also there to place orders faster before stock out. And, the website is professionally designed for a 100% secure shopping experience. 

Features apart from freebies:

  1. One of the largest seed stocks
  2. Quality seeds at a low price
  3. Buy from bestselling producers and seed banks
  4. Appealing website
  5. Excellent customer support 

Seedsman is right now among the top seed banks that give free seeds and heavy discounts. Because they have large stock and hence you will observe regular stock clearance sales. So, keep a regular eye on the website for the latest offers. 



For freebies, Gorilla Seed Bank offers only one seed per order. Though freebies can increase depending upon the order size. 

Well, right now, this seed bank is also offering pick and mix free seeds offer under which you can choose your own free seeds. So, don’t miss the chance, go, grab it!

However, the seed bank has been in the market for over one decade and that is why it can deliver top-quality marijuana seeds at the lowest price. 

You can pick their top-shelf weed strains starting from just 10 Euros. 

While shipping from Gorilla Seed Bank is 100% discreet and faster. 

The best part is the customer service by them. It is very reliable, responsive, and faster.

You can directly ring their team for any query and they will respond to you quickly during business hours.

Moreover, Gorilla Seed Bank also offers some great discount offers which you can grab for lowering the price even more. While the freebies will be cherry on the top!

Features apart from freebies:

  1. Experienced seed bank
  2. Top-notch weed strains
  3. Top brands
  4. Faster shipping
  5. Instant customer support
  6. Low price
  7. Option for choosing freebies

Summing up, Gorilla Seed Bank is for those who are on a low budget and still want to get the most out of it. From freebies to quality strains at low prices, Gorilla is the perfect place if you are just stepping into the weed world!

The gorilla seed bank has an overall 5.2 users rating on SeedFinder!


Seed Supreme

seedsupreme official website

Seed Supreme is a 100% legit and secure cannabis seed bank that gives free seeds for all orders. 

Seed Supreme stocks over 4000 cannabis strains and hence you can find almost every weed strain here. 

And, the best part is that they don’t give you a limit to spend a specific amount for freebies. Rather the more you will spend the more they will give you seeds. 

Additionally, you can also opt for getting free feminized cannabis seeds for your order. 

Seed Supreme ships worldwide discreetly. So, your safety is ensured here. Moreover, they also offer you a guaranteed delivery option with your order if you are more concerned. 

For US orders, the company ships from the hub in the USA, and hence, your order does not cross the border. While the UK and other regional orders are delivered within one week. 

And, the best part of ordering seeds from Seed Supreme is that along with freebies they are highly concerned with your seeds. 

Therefore, they use random objects such as toys, pens to discreetly deliver your orders. 

So, here you can just order the seeds and relax until it arrives at your doorstep within a few days!

Features apart from freebies:

  1. One of the largest strain stocks
  2. More freebies
  3. Discreet shipping
  4. Multiple payment options
  5. Promotional offers
  6. Worldwide delivery
  7. High-quality weed

Seed Supreme gives you the option to choose your freebies while they usually give free feminized seeds with the orders. However, additionally, the other features of Seed Supreme make it an, even more, better place to buy seeds from. 

Seed Supreme seed bank has a 4-star rating and over 700 user reviews on Trustpilot.


Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis website

Established in 2007, the Ministry of Cannabis is known for its premium cannabis seeds at very affordable prices.

This seed bank has over 15 years of experience in developing different marijuana genetic and hence, you can rely on for the weed information here. 

Although they have limited stock of premium seeds they regularly update their stock. 

Moreover, weed quality from the Ministry of Cannabis is top-notch and that is why it has a huge reputation among weeders across the world. 

Additionally, they ship within 24 to 48 hours worldwide. Also, your order will be guaranteed. This means, if your package is lost during transit then the Ministry of Cannabis resends the new package again without any question. 

Customer service is above average and therefore, you will have a balanced experience from here. 

While for freebies, the company gives you up to five free seeds for orders above $50. 


  1. Reputed store
  2. High-quality weed seeds
  3. Instant shipping
  4. Experienced staff
  5. Premium strains at affordable price

Overall, buying experience at the Ministry of Cannabis is good and you get a guarantee over the premium seeds that you order from here ensuring more safety and security. 

Hence, the Ministry of Cannabis comes to number six under the seed banks that give free seeds.


True North Cannabis Seed Bank


If you are residing within the US or Canada then you can’t miss TNS or True North Seed Bank.

Although it ships worldwide from mainly two hubs. One in Canada and another from the UK. 

Weed quality at TNS is impressive and you will have no complaints, for sure!

TNS offers you free cannabis seeds with every order and you can choose your own freebies. You can choose from 2 x regular or 1 x feminized or 1x auto fem seed. 

Additionally, True North Seed Bank delivers orders quickly. Usually, it takes from 7 days to 15 days maximum depending upon your location. 

Though nominal shipping charges are there. Moreover, guaranteed shipping is available for Canada and U.S orders only. 

You will be able to track your orders at TNS.

There are ample payment options available on True North Seed Bank’s website. 

You can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, Money Order (the US and Canada only), cash, bank transfer, e-transfer (Canada only), or even with bitcoin. 

 Features apart from freebies:

  1. One of the best seed banks
  2. Top-quality weed
  3. The regular arrival of new stock
  4. Worldwide secure shipping
  5. Easy and convenient payment options
  6. Reputed store
  7. Professional website

Although True North Seed Bank is a worldwide seed bank it provides special facilities to the U.S and Canadian weeders. That is why I have specially mentioned this seed bank for you. 

You can check out the website for the latest deals and offers. 


Free Cannabis Seeds FAQs

  1. Can I choose freebies?

Not every seed bank gives you this option. However, some seed banks are there that provide you an option to choose a specific strain to get as a freebie.

  1. What is the quality of freebies?

It depends upon the seed bank. If you are buying from a reputed and legit store then you will have the same quality as the purchased ones. However, most chances are that you will receive fresh seeds from the seller so that you can get to know the latest stock. 

  1. Do freebies have a germination guarantee?

Freebie seeds do not come with a germination guarantee. Although if you are purchasing from a trustworthy source then it is more likely that you can receive a germination guarantee over freebies too. 

  1. Why free seeds are not available from every seed bank?

Quality weed seeds are expensive. Although only some seed banks who are in the market for a long time and have more contacts with the sellers can provide freebies with intend of the introduction of new strains to the customers. 

Also, buying seeds in bulk can cost lesser and hence, the company can use this for providing a better experience to the customers but again, it depends on where you are buying. 

  1. How many freebies can I get?

Varies according to the seed banks. Some seed stores even provide freebies up to 40 seeds per order while some seed banks give only one free seed with the order. 

Free Cannabis Seeds: Final Words

Everyone loves to buy seeds from seed banks that give free seeds and so do you and me. Thankfully, we still have some quality seed banks that give more seeds than we pay for. 

Now it is your turn to show up your growing skills. Go, and grab freebies from those seed banks, right now!

Happy Buying!

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