Dutch Seeds Shop Review 2023

Based in Europe, Dutch seeds shop is an online company that provides high-quality marijuana seeds to weed growers. The company claims to be in the online marijuana industry since 2001 selling the highest quality of cannabis seeds. 

Apart from this, the company has been quite popular worldwide as well, therefore, in this guide, we will be digging out each section of the website and ultimately will give you a reason to decide on our own, whether to buy cannabis seeds from this seed company!

So, let’s begin:

Dutch Seeds Shop Review

First Impression

Dutch seeds shop is a professional-looking, informative, engaging website that is made attractive for the weeders by providing a lot of marijuana strains on the virtual store. The website has large banners informing you about their latest offers going on at their store along with the latest stock of cannabis strains. 

The website has mentioned fast shipping, discreet delivery, and free seeds as their top priorities while serving across the globe. 

Apart from this, the Dutch seeds shop has one of the widest selections of marijuana strains in its store. It is mentioned that around 200 cannabis strains are there, which are impressively categorized to access easily the required strain. 

The store has a separate blog as well, which is filled with information regarding cannabis growth hacks and even reviews about their strains, which will be helpful for novice weed growers. 

Overall, the first impression of the Dutch seeds shop is quite impressive, which is due to the website’s complete information, easy navigation, and well-organization of content. Now, let’s have a look over some features of it:


  1. The website has regular offers on their seeds. Therefore, for people looking for discounted deals, Dutchsseedsshop.com can be one of the best online stores.
  2. Doesn’t matter you are looking for high yield, outdoor, indoor, high CBD, high THC, Indica, Sativa, Medical, or other variety, Dutch Seed Shop has got you all!
  3. The website provides guaranteed shipping as well, which protects your order from getting seized by the authorities. 
  4. The store has a very positive rating by the reviews of its buyers, which makes a positive reputation. 
  5. The store provides free seeds on its specific orders, which we will be discussing later. 

Social Media Presence

Dutch seeds shop is available on the following social media handles:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Instagram – Connect
  3. Twitter – Connect
  4. Cannabuz – Connect

History of the Company

Dutch Seeds Shop has been in the online cannabis industry since 2001 and trying to meet the expectation of weed growers around the world. As this is a European company, it imports its seeds from Amsterdam and Netherlands, though it hadn’t revealed its sources. 

The company aims to provide different qualities and a variety of cannabis seeds matching every grower’s growing skills. That is why they have different cannabis categories on their website which is ideally set for differently skilled weeders. 

Apart from this, the company is also known for the guaranteed delivery of their orders. That means, they provide extra security to their orders. 

Well, most of the cannabis seed strains at Dutch seeds shop are Cannabis Cup winner strains, therefore, it is sure that the strain which you might be buying will be perfect in one of the genetic aspects of cannabis. 

As per their website, the company hasn’t mentioned their journey till now, but, they have been serving for more than 20 years, and it is something to appreciate as existing in the marijuana industry for so long is only possible due to consistent good service. 

Overall, the Dutch Seeds Shop has been for many years in cannabis industry, and therefore, you will be dealing with a company that has years of experience. That means there will be fewer chances of any issues with Dutchseedsshsop.com. 

Market Reputation 

The Dutch Seeds Shop has a very positive and excellent market reputation. At different forums, review websites, and communities, buyers are happy, satisfied, and impressed by the quality of cannabis seeds that this company provides. 

Moreover, at Trustpilot, the store has earned an excellent 4.5 rating out of 5, and therefore, you can completely trust the company for the quality of seeds. 

Many review websites have positively reviewed the store and its quality seeds. Therefore, considering the market reputation, you can rely on the store.

Even the company has some unsatisfied buyers as well, however, Dutch Seeds Shop approaches them and hears out the issue, and tries to solve it at their best. That means the company cares about its customers and therefore, it has a positive reputation for the right reasons. 

Overall, as the Dutch Seeds Shop has been for so many years, it knows how to meet the expectations of weed lovers, and therefore, it gives the quality services for which it has made a positive market image. 

Best Seller Strains

Although, the store holds a wide selection of bestseller cannabis strains, however, here are our top three picks:

1. Rainbow Kush Seeds

Rainbow Kush is one of the colorful and potent cannabis strains. This colorful strain has high levels of cannabinoids (THC and CBD). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening, Rainbow Kush possesses medical effects that are due to the potential genetics in strain.

2. Blue Dream Feminized

The combination of Blueberry and Haze has resulted in Blue Dream and up to 20% THC concentration in it. The strain is suitable to grow indoor or outdoor and due to Sativa dominance Blue Dream results in heavy yield in most of the growing conditions. 

3. White Fire OG

Wifi OG or White Fire OG strain is something that can make your cannabis cultivation journey intense. The strain flowers within around 53 days, and has strong genetics to give you weed effects! To kick-start your cannabis cultivation, White Fire OG is the perfect choice as it produces impressive yield in indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Payment Options Available

Dutch seeds shop accepts a wide range of payment methods. Doesn’t matter you are ordering internationally or locally; you will always be having convenient options to pay and buy your favorite seeds at the store. Here are the major payment options available at the Dutch seeds shop:

  • PayPal

Yes! You can pay at the store through the PayPal option. Though it is a rare payment method that is not available in most online stores. This payment option is secure, reliable, instant, and safe. Even there is another option available too, by which you can pay through your cards in PayPal. 

  • Bank Transfer

You can directly pay at Dutch Seeds Shop through your bank account. Make sure your bank doesn’t mind paying to a marijuana company!

  • Cash

The company also accepts orders through the cash option. However, you have to be responsible for your money and throughout the transit, which becomes a little risky. Therefore, this option is suitable for either local buyers or you have other options as well. 

  • Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is one of the best options available. Why? Bitcoin is anonymous and it will not let anyone know to whom you are paying. Second, it is safer than other payment options. 

  • Cards

If you have your CC then too, you can place an order at Dutch Seeds Shop. This is also one of the best and safe options. The payment gateway is secured with 128-bit SSL protection and therefore, you can to the company through your card. As this payment option encrypts your personal information, therefore, you can rely on this option for maintaining your privacy. 

Overall, at the Dutch seeds shop, you will be having many options by which you can place your order. Though we recommend you choose safe options such as Bitcoin or Card. However, you have always many options to go, at your convenience. 

Shipping Service

Dutch Seeds Shop is an online and global company; therefore, it ships to all countries worldwide. However, make sure you are ordering from a location where the local laws don’t create any issues for buying cannabis seeds. 

Well, Dutch Seeds Shop packs your seeds discreetly and safely so that no one can suspect and seize your order. Once the company received your payment, they will ship your order within the next 24 working hours. Therefore, the shipping service of the company is instant and reliable. 

Also, as they don’t mention any information above the package, therefore, the content of the box becomes doubt-free!

Once your order will be shipped, Dutch Seeds Shop will provide you tracking information at your mail address, which you can access to keep an eye over your seeds. 

Coming to the delivery time then the company is fast! They deliver all orders (including international) within 7 days to 21 days. However, remote areas might take some extra time but they are sure to make you grow your favorite seeds. 

Overall, the company has a reliable shipping service that is completely discreet and private. Therefore, they have the highest delivery rate of the orders. That means either you are ordering internationally or locally, you are sure to have one of the best experiences at Dutch Seeds Shop!

Customer Support

Customer service at the Dutch seeds shop is decent. You can access the ‘support ticket’ at the bottom of the website and raise your query to the company. The support team will hear your query out within the next 24 working hours. 

Apart from this, you can also drop a mail to the admin of the Dutch Seeds Shop in case of any help required to you by the store’s side. Just concern your issue at admin@dutchseedsshop.com and the company will hear you out as soon as possible. 

Well, comparing to the other seed banks where instant contact support such as a calling facility is available, Dutch Seeds Shop needs to add in their customer service as well! Although the company is reliable and hears the most of queries instantly by the support ticket. Therefore, you can also rely on the support team for help!

Overall, the customer service at Dutch Seeds Shop is decent yet there is space to improve. As a global company, they must provide a calling facility as well, which is supposed to get soon as the company is improving their services consistently. 

Dutch Seeds Shop Review: Final Word

Till here, you are aware of the pros and cons of the Dutch seeds shop. It is very true that this company is for more than 20 years in the industry and therefore, it is providing high-quality cannabis seeds that attract weed growers. 

Considering its customer service and quality of seeds, Dutch seeds shop is one of the best sources to buy marijuana stuff in 2023! A wide selection of cannabis strains with separate categorization suiting different skilled growers is something that weed lovers need and Dutch seeds shop provides it to the best version!

Overall, in a nutshell, Dutch seeds shop is one of the best online stores from where you can buy your favorite cannabis seeds in 2023!

Visit: https://dutchseedsshop.com/

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