Dinafem Seeds Review 2023

Dinafem Seeds is an online cannabis seed-selling website, which is known for having high-quality Sativa, Indica, and CBD dominant strains. This online store is popular among weed growers around the world for providing the strains which result in impressive yield in the garden. 

Therefore, this ultimate guide will let you know everything about this store in deep and help you to decide whether to buy cannabis seeds from this shop. 

So, let’s get straight into it:

Dinafem Seeds Review

First Glance at the Website

The first appearance of the Dinafem Seeds is impressive! As the website looks quite professional, filled with the strain info, and has an attractive user interface. The store has main categories of strains i.e., feminized, auto-flowering, regular, and CBD. While they have highlighted the available services at their stores such as fast and free shipping, the superior quality of seeds, and guaranteed delivery. 

The store has given information about itself as you will scroll down the page a little. After that, you can access their most famous seed strains. Dinafem Seeds store has a separate blog where they have given useful information regarding cannabis, consumption, and cultivation. Beginner marijuana enthusiasts must check out their blog!

Overall, the appearance of Dinafem Seeds is excellent, which is due to the design, organization, and easy-to-use interface on the website. 


  1. The store has a separate selection of seeds under ‘Quick Seeds’, which is the best option for marijuana enthusiasts who want instant results in their garden!
  2. The website has simple and easy-to-navigate categories. For example, medical weed enthusiasts can directly check out the CBD strain category. 
  3. Blog: where the newbie growers and weeders will get many new things to know about. 
  4. Apart from informative banners, blogs, you will be able to find out most of the cannabis strains on their website. You can directly put your required strain name in the search box as well!
  5. The website has an excellent rating at Trustpilot, which we will discuss in detail later. 

Social Media Handles

The company is widely available on different social media platforms to connect with its audience. Check out these platforms:

  1. Facebook – Connect
  2. Twitter – Connect
  3. YouTube – Connect
  4. Instagram – Connect
  5. Spotify – Connect
  6. Vimeo – Connect

History of the Store

If you love to shop from a source that has years of experience in the same industry then you will love the Dinafem Seeds the most! The store has started in 2005 and it has been more than 15 years serving weed growers around the globe. In 2020, Dinafem Seeds has its 15th anniversary. 

Within just 15 years of existence in the marijuana industry, this company has its own laboratory to analyze cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis genetics. In the starting journey of the store, Dinafem Seeds had very limited strains in their stock, which now they have upgraded to more than most of the novice seed stores. 

With that said, now, one can find most of the latest, trending marijuana strains at Dinafem Seeds in 2023! 

Apart from this, the company claims to have had a historic journey away before 2005 when the Dianfem came into existence. As the founders of the company were having experience through experiments and growing at their homes. When the founders got the confidence to share their knowledge with the other weed lovers, they launched this company. 

Consistently, the company started to launch their seed strains catalog and now they have one of the largest stocks of marijuana strains. 

Market Reputation 

The store has a very positive market image around the globe. Dinafem Seeds has only the highest quality cannabis seeds that produce high yield, therefore, among weed-growers, Dinafem Seeds is a very popular name!

Apart from this, the store possesses an excellent rating of 4 at Trustpilot with around 150 reviews. However, the reviews are quite less but the company’s other social media platforms and forums are loaded with people’s positive reviews. 

As the company has a decent customer support and high-quality cannabis strains in their store, therefore, they have a positive market reputation, and therefore, you can 100% be sure that you will be investing money at the right place and you will get for what you will pay for!

Best Seller Strains

Dinafem Seeds has a wide selection of cannabis seeds, which you can check out on their official website. However, here we are putting our top three picks:

1. Gorilla

This is one of the most potent Indica strains that has around 20% Of THC concentration and has very potent genetics to induce intense euphoria. Apart from this, the strain flowers within average time and produce a high yield. This strain can be a great choice for kick-starting your cannabis cultivation journey.

2. Amnesia Kush

Amnesia Kush is a powerful strain that produces immense yield indoor and outdoor. That is why it is suitable for most of the growing conditions. However, THC around 20% and low CBD cannabinoids will make sure that you have an intense euphoria. This hybrid strain flowers within average time!

3. Quick Critical

This cannabis strain is for those growers who want results in 49 days and harvesting around mid of September. However, Quick Critical suits the outdoor growing conditions and produces more than 1 kg of yield. The height of the plant goes up to 250cm. THC content is around 19%, which is enough to make your day!

Payment Options

Dinafem Seeds provides multiple ways by which you can place your order. Doesn’t matter you are residing within the same region or internationally, you can place orders as per your convenient method. Here are the major payment options that Dinafem Seeds accept:

  • Bank transfer

This seed bank accepts payment through Bank Transfer and therefore, you can directly pay at the store through your bank. Make sure your bank didn’t make trouble while paying to a cannabis company. Apart from this, the bank transfer payment statement will be formed with just ‘Dinafem Seeds…’.

  • Cash

The company also allows its buyers to pay them through cash. However, you have to make sure that you have packed your money in such an envelope that can secure your cash until the company receives it. Apart from this, this payment option is suitable for local orders. 

Keep in mind that this option will round up the figures for payment in notes while the responsibility for the cash will be yours!

  • Cards

You can place the order through your credit card. It’s easy, simple, and quick. Well, you have to keep your card ready for international transactions if you are ordering from an international location. The best part of credit card payment is that if you are residing within Spain (except Balearic) and if seed orders that total exceeds the amount of 30 Euros will be eligible for free shipping.

Around the world, in different countries, free shipping is available on orders above 80 Euros. 

  • Bitcoin

The best way to place your order anonymously is Bitcoin. As the company accepts payment through cryptocurrency, you will be having this option to place the order whereas the transaction will be anonymous and therefore, no one will know where you are paying. 

So, these are the major payment options that Dinafem Seeds accept. Well, you can easily pay at your convenience. However, we recommend you to pay through bitcoin or card if you are an international buyer.  

Shipping Service

Dinafem Seeds is a global seed company and it ships around the world. Well, you will be informed during the order process of the shipping charges according to your location. As the company ships through different methods, therefore, the arriving time of the orders may vary. 

The fastest shipping service of the company is for Spain where it takes around 2-3 days to deliver your order after dispatch. EU regions can expect delivery time around 3-4 working days after dispatch. However, remote locations can take a little longer time than usual. 

Well, in different countries, around the globe, Dinafem Seeds usually takes around 15 to 30 working days to deliver cannabis seeds, which is the average time. 

One thing to be mentioned here is that international orders are not guaranteed by the company. That means before ordering from Dinafem Seeds, make sure you are well aware of the local laws and authorities do not seize your order. 

Another thing is Dinafem Seeds doesn’t ship to the USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and South Africa. This might be a little disappointing as the company has limited-service regions, which we hope for continuity in the future. 

Coming to the packaging of the seeds then the company makes sure it is not easily suspected by the authorities. Therefore, ensuring the security and privacy of its buyers, Dinafem Seeds is 100% dedicated. 

Overall, the company is excellent in shipping service where it is available. However, as a global company, it is expected that Dinafem Seeds will continue its services even in the USA, Australia, and other regions where it is not available. 

Customer Support

Customer support of the Dinafem Seeds is excellent! They have given multiple ways through which you can approach their support team in case of any help. Even the company has a friendly team that is eager to solve the queries of their buyers. 

Well, they have mainly given mail and calling facility through you can approach to the company. However, in the case of mail, you will be having a different mail facility for different queries. 

Regarding technical issues – support-tech@dinafem.org

Regarding order issues – pedidos@dinafem.org

Other queries – support@dinafem.org

Most of the order queries are mailed at pedidos@dinafem.org while other issues have separate mailing addresses. The company hears out the mail queries within 24 working hours. Therefore, this is not an instant option though. Therefore, you can ring up the customer support at the given number below:

Phone number – +34 943 218 688

Well, for getting an instant response from the support team, you must ring the team during the working hours of business days i.e., Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm (Central European Time). 

In a nutshell, if you are ordering seeds from Dinafem Seeds then you are sure to have a back support team in case of any issues. That is why Dinafem Seeds company is one of the popular companies in providing high-quality cannabis seeds and super-responsive support to its buyers. 

Dinafem Seeds Review: Final Word

Till here, you are sure to have detailed info about the Dinafem Seeds company and its pros and cons. However, considering the company’s quality services, seed selection, and variety, Dinafem Seeds will be your best choice to kick-start your cultivation journey in 2023!

Even at different review sites, forums, and websites, the store has earned very huge respect which is only due to the consistent quality work in the industry. Therefore, you are sure to make your money worth buying seeds from Dinafem Seeds!

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