Crop King Seeds Review 2023

While searching for the best marijuana seeds online, there are very few online websites that provide quality seeds along with top-notch services.

Well, Crop King Seeds is one of those rarest websites that are known for storing the world’s finest cannabis seeds. 

For buying the best cannabis seeds of any strain, weed-growers opt for visiting!

The reason is the 80% germination rate guarantee which is very little to be found in any reputed seed store and their top-quality customer services as well, which is icing over the cake!

Don’t worry! If you are new to Crop king seeds, read along to know everything about this one of the best marijuana seed stores!

We are going to do the anatomy of Crop King Seeds here and it is sure that in the end, you will be very much clear whether you should seed from Crop King seeds or not?

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds Website Overview

At very first, Crop King Seeds looks eye-catchy and it is quite attractive as well. This is due to the colorful appearance of the website which catches our attention.

Well, the website is fully loaded with their latest updates in their stock, highlighting features and everything that you can expect from an ideal seed store!

This is quite impressive that just after entering the site, you will be able to find out what the best they can provide you. They firstly mention their seed stock’s update if any.

That means if they import new strains then you don’t need to dig out their whole catalog, which is time-saving and a plus point for them as well! It also shows they regularly regulate their stock and website too!

If you love to try out trending strains of the market then you will love the large banners on the first page! The latest stock of strains, their best-selling seeds will be flashing on your device screen. Just tap on either of them to buy directly! It’s as simple as that!

Certain things replicate the original picture of the website such as the site’s regular update along with their new services, latest stock, ongoing offers, etc. These all features are impressively there on this seed bank website.

They have kept their all information short and compact to show you on their first page, which is quite impressive for those who don’t want to spend their whole time exploring just a website instead of their quality seeds!

Overall, the appearance of the Crop King Website at first is impressive, eye-catchy, engaging, and easily accessible to what you will look for. This is something that will hold you with their online store for sure!

However, if you are quite concerned about your time then don’t worry, they have categorized their stock beautifully to make you access the strains that you look for!

Crop King Seeds Offering

  1. Crop King Seeds has made it easy to access their stock by giving you the option to directly jump to the strain type you are searching for. That means you directly dig their stock in either of the strain categories- Feminized, Autoflowering, and Regular, High CBD, and more!
  2. ‘Chat to the King’ at the bottom right of the site! This is basically chatting support by the CropKingSeeds and you can chat 24/7 regarding any help. This is a unique and a plus feature as well for those seeking quality customer services.
  3. They have multiple payment options; we will be going into detail later.
  4. Free Shipping is available above a specific amount. 
  5. Fast and reliable shipping with complete privacy, which is the best part concerning the marijuana laws in different regions of the globe.
  6. They have a specific blog for novice weed gardeners, which is quite helpful. If you are new to the marijuana world then read that for sure! 
  7. Recently 500 new marijuana strains have been released by this seed bank which means you can grab jaw-dropping offers, discounted rates, and the latest coverage over the recently launched seed strains in the market. All in one place!

Crop King Seed’s Social Media

Availability of an online website on different social media platforms ensures their legitimacy and trust. However, Crop King Seeds is widely available on different social media platforms. You can check below:

On Twitter – Connect

On Facebook – Connect

On Instagram – Connect

On Pinterest – Connect

History Of Crop King Seeds

CropKingSeeds physically is located in Canada and they serve virtually to each weed grower in the world until or unless marijuana laws don’t bother them to send their quality seeds to you.

However, the journey of the CropKingSeeds started from Canada but it is now popular in every weeder’s list all around the globe. Let’s have a quick overview of its history:

All the journey of CropKingSeeds started with a mission to ‘perfect the genetics of the cannabis plant for medical and commercial growers seeking maximum results in THC levels and harvest size’ and they started in 2005 to accomplish it. From then, they never looked back!

As their main goal is to ‘perfect the genetics’ therefore, each of the marijuana seeds they import in their stock is expert-checked, quality ensured, and checked for providing the best results in the garden.

That is why within 15 years they have been one of the best choices for getting cannabis seeds for weed growers. 

Well, historically, in the beginning, the company has also faced some ups and downs but ultimately, they stood on their goal to provide the highest yielding marijuana seeds to the marijuana growers and this made them the ‘king of cannabis seed store’ within a decade. 

Along with their quality seeds, their customer service is one of the major factors in making them one of the leading seed banks in the cannabis market. That is why in 2020, they are now one of the best cannabis seeds-selling websites!

Overall, is a legit website that runs seed stores physically and virtually both to make their mission complete!

Crop King Seeds Reviews on Web

CropKingSeeds has fours star rating from its customers on Trustpilot while 95% of the reviews are positive! It is all due to the quality seeds that they provide and their customer support at CropKingSeeds which is excellent and we personally liked that too!

Apart from this, if you will be digging out deep for more information then you will be getting positive results for sure about CropKingSeeds which speaks about their legitimacy itself and the quality of the services that they provide, you will be purchasing from them again and again for sure!

If you are still not convinced then you can also prefer for looking out for different forums and review sites. All of the forums, review sites will be speaking the truth about CropKingSeeds and the truth is that CropKingSeeds is a 100% legit source to buy the highest yielding quality cannabis seeds online!

Overall, apart from the website itself, other resources will be speaking quite positive words about CropKingSeeds. With a Trustpilot score of 4.2, you are sure that you will be dealing with something that you can rely on!

Crop King Seeds got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!

Best Seller Seeds from Crop King Seeds

At CropKingSeeds you will be getting a variety of marijuana seed options, which is obvious as well due to being one of the leading online stores of cannabis seeds. However, you can also search out for their all-time best selling seed strains which some of them are listed here:

  1. Northern Lights – One of the classical strains for getting high with enriched THC and the best genetics of cannabis to get the maximum yield.
  2. White Widow – Want to get quick everything? Then grow White Widow! With short 8 weeks flowering period and around 400g of yield, you will not want to miss 25% of THC packed high!
  3. Purple Kush – One of the beautiful strains for weed growers along with the best cerebral effects. High THC strain with purple-colored leaves.
  4. Sour Girl – For those who love tasty buds, grow Sour Girl. Enriched terpene profile along with easy to grow in both conditions (indoor and outdoor). High THC strain.
  5. Sativa Star – The name itself speaks the Sativa dominance of the strain which is around 90% and therefore, it is the game to be played by master for getting immense pleasure of weed!

Overall, the stock of CropKingSeeds is filled with tons of seed strains that you can choose according to your requirement and need. However, some of their best-selling strains are above and if you still want to explore more then you can check out their website and find out their all-time best seeds under the ‘bestselling’ category.

Contact Support

CropKingSeeds is one of the leading seed sellers online and therefore, they have maintained their customer service top-notch to maintain their reputation as well. Contacting their customer service team is super easy!

Just rang them on +1 (844) 276-7546 (toll-free) or drop them a mail at and they will hear you as quickly as they will be available. 

TipTo contact them faster try to ring or mail during the weekdays as they might be unavailable during the weekends. 

Well, making avail super-fast customer service is not where everything completes! Regularly making it easier for customers to be helped out by their team is something that actually makes customer support reliable for a company!

However, CropKingSeeds has maintained it excellently! Their customer service executives are friendly, supportive, and quick. To help you out in each manner is their goal and they try their 1000% to accomplish it.

The ultimate benefit will be yours that you can ask any kind of cannabis query by just a step ahead. 

Even at different cannabis forums, review sites, you will be able to find positive words about CropKing’s customer services, which is also a plus point for this company!

Overall, the customer support at CropKingSeeds is something that works as a deal-maker! Once you are buying seeds from here than just be relaxed and sit over your couch, they will be doing everything for you!

If you got some issue or even want to return their seeds then to nothing to be worried about! They will send their executives to look out for the issue and happily, you can replace your seeds. Isn’t it amazing? Well, it is!

Shipping Time

At CropKingSeeds shipping service is faster and reliable. For orders within Canada, you will be getting your seeds within a maximum of 5-7 working days.

As the company ships worldwide, therefore, you can expect different arrival times of seeds as well.

Averagely, your seeds can arrive within 7 to 15 working days, which is faster compared to the other online seed stores.

Coming to privacy then for international orders, they maintain the privacy of the buyer excellently.

They care for your information and to avoid customs and legal issues they ship cannabis seeds in different packages such as CDs and others instead of the original packaging. 

CropKingSeeds has a variety of shipping options. Although CropKingSeeds ships worldwide in different shipping manner. If you are ordering cannabis seeds internationally then make sure that you are opting for an Express shipping option which will ensure the guaranteed delivery of your seeds without signature in a completely private manner.

Well, there’s a nominal fee for shipping facilities other than the standard one but it is worth taking to avoid loss!

Overall, CropKingSeeds has excellent shipping service. It is faster, reliable, and private. Therefore, you can be sure that you will not be getting any issues while buying cannabis seeds from here! 

Payment Support

Here are the major payment options that CropKingSeeds accepts:

  1. Cards (Mastercard and VISA)
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Others

CropKingSeeds is a global seed seller and therefore, it offers wide payment ways to ensure everyone can get hands-on the world’s finest seeds!

That is why you will be getting different payment options such as Credit and Debit cards (Mastercard and VISA) along with digital payment options too. Bitcoin is one of those quickest ways from which you can pay faster and place your order before it gets out of stock.

For security, CropKingSeeds ensures a 100% secure gateway to make your payment successful without access to a third party. 

Overall, there are different payment options that you can check out on their website, therefore, it is quite easy for one to order seeds from them.

Crop King Seeds Review Concluding…

CropKIngSeeds is a reliable website for buying cannabis seeds online and they are in the market for many years. That is why they have been succeeded in getting the trust of many weed growers around the globe.

Therefore, trust, reliability, and quality service are their top priority.

Overall, we found CropKingSeeds a complete package of quality cannabis seeds and one of the best customer services in one place. 

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