Crazy Cannabis Dispensary Review 2023

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Because this Crazy Cannabis review is going to clear your all doubts. 

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Crazy Cannabis Dispensary Review


Is Crazy Cannabis a Legit Dispensary?

Yes, they are a legit dispensary. 

Though services at Crazy Cannabis might not be that impressive. And, that is why weeders start doubting if it is a legit store.

Well, there is no doubt Crazy Cannabis is a legit store and known for selling some quality weed products in Canada. However, about its services and quality, we will discuss in detail in the later section. 

Coming to the legitimacy then Crazy Cannabis passes the test. 

Therefore, you can trust this online dispensary Canada for quality marijuana products. Don’t worry! They are neither scams nor frauds. They are a 100% genuine online dispensary in Canada. 

Crazy Cannabis Short and Quick Review

For people who don’t have patience, here is the quick and short Crazy Cannabis review for you:

Products available – AA to AAAA+ grade flowers, pre-rolls, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, concentrates, edibles, accessories, CBD, and many more.

Shipping – across Canada with Xpress post. Delivery time takes an average of between 2 to 5 working days. 

Pricing – the affordable price of every marijuana product. Perfect for beginners or experienced weeders.

Customer support – 10 AM to 9 PM EST via mail or online live chat. No contact numbers. 

Reviews – 4.9/5.0 at the website itself based on 124 reviews. 4.7/5.0 Google rating with 100+ reviews.

Website – Click here to visit the official website. 

Crazy Cannabis Review in Detail

To know more about Crazy Cannabis in detail, read along to have a deep insight:

Quality of products and availability (8/10)

No doubt! Crazy Cannabis has one of the best quality cannabis products in stock. 

Because this online dispensary stocks weed and derived products only from Canada’s top suppliers. 

And, the best part is that you can have almost every weed product here. 

Flowers, concentrates, edibles, accessories, pens, CBD, and many more. Therefore, you can understand Crazy Cannabis as a complete weed hub. 

Though I really loved their mix and match selection. Where they have provided premium AAA marijuana strains at very affordable prices. I definitely recommend you to check out those offers once. 

Crazy Cannabis even stores some premium range of concentrate tinctures but I’ve been a fan of their flower and edible selection more. 

Right now, this online dispensary Canada is offering their premium range of edibles at a very cheap price under the sale. You shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity!

Apart from this, these guys don’t have a wide stock of marijuana accessories. 

Payment options (6/10)

Well, payment options at Crazy Cannabis are quite limited. 

You will have mainly two payment methods at the store – Interac E-transfer, and Credit Card.

Even this store has recently started accepting Credit Cards because, before this, they were accepting only E-transfer.

Although, it should not be an issue to place an order at the website with these payment options.

Further, if you are new and don’t know how to use Interac E-transfer then you can read instructions on the vendor’s site. 

However, in this online world, as a customer, we expect to have multiple payment options at the virtual store. Hopefully, this dispensary will soon bring more convenient payment ways. 

Shipping and delivery service (7.5/10)

Once you complete your payment on the website, they will process your order and ship within 1-2 working days. 

These guys only ship within Canada. Same-day shipping is also available if you place your order before 3 PM EST. 

While your order can take time somewhere maximum up to 7 working days to arrive. Though most of the orders from Crazy Cannabis arrive within 3-5 days. 

Keep in mind that if you are residing within a remote location or if the weather is not in favor, then probably your order can take some more time to reach you. 

Additionally, you will also have an option to throw a query to the backend team of Crazy Cannabis if your order does not arrive up to 2 days of the expected delivery time. 

You can easily track your order with the link which you will receive after successful placement of the order.

So, summing up, shipping and delivery time at Crazy Cannabis is great. 

Customer support (7/10)

Customer support is one of the crucial factors. 

And, at Crazy Cannabis, you get great customer support. This dispensary has given you their mail ID by which you can ask your queries or get help if needed. 

Additionally, you also have the “Contact Us” form on the store. 

Though it is better to reach the dispensary via email. As with this, you are more likely to be responded earlier. 

To ensure you get an instant reply, you have to mail the dispensary within business hours of working days, which is Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 9 PM PST. 

A good thing here is that they are available 7 days a week. 

Apart from this, you can also drop your queries on the chat box which is available on the website. However, dropping mail is a more reliable option.

Overall, you get a supportive team for having a better experience from the dispensary. However, you don’t get a contact number which is an even faster way to get customer support. 

Pricing (8/10)

Pricing at Crazy Cannabis is reasonable and affordable. 

Their premium range of marijuana products is cheaper than some other dispensaries. 

While during the sales, you can hunt some really premium marijuana buds, edibles at a way low price than the regular ones. 

Apart from this, if you are tight on the budget then you can even start purchasing from this dispensary with $15. 

While you can get hands-on the top-notch selection of concentrates from $50. 

Crazy Cannabis is offering some crazy sales right now. 

You can get mix and match the different marijuana strains and get them at discounted prices. Though this is a limited-time offer and you have to be quick to grab the deal. 

In a nutshell, you will be getting an affordable price range at Crazy Cannabis. Therefore, either you are a beginner weed enthusiast or an experienced vaper, you can always look at this dispensary to hunt for some amazing deals. 

Website review (7.5/10)

Crazy Cannabis has got an impressive website. 

It is interactive, informative, and easy to access. 

You can quickly find the product categories to directly jump into the required weed product. While you will also get the required information under every product page. From info on products to reviews, you can access everything on a single page.

And, this is an edge for this online dispensary. 

So, overall, the website is professionally designed and has an interactive theme to engage and provide related information. You will be able to navigate through different sections of the website easily. 

Market reputation (6/10)

The market reputation of Crazy Cannabis is average. 

It doesn’t have any reviews on Trustpilot. 

Though you get a few reviews to observe at Google and the website of the store itself. Therefore, limited information regarding market reputation is available. 

However, those few reviews are positive and say a lot of good things about Crazy Cannabis. Some are bad too but ultimately the store manages to get a score of above 4 out of 5. Crazy Cannabis has valuable use reviews on Reddit.  

If the dispensary’s quality of product and services are considered then it is quite impressive. Although the store indeed has to work hard to be on the list of top-notch dispensaries in the country. 

Overall (7/10)

Crazy Cannabis is a good choice to buy marijuana stuff if you are quite low on budget or starting out your journey in the marijuana world. 

Everything is almost good here. Though you get limited payment options. While customer service is also needed to be improved. 

Overall, Crazy Cannabis is a legit store for sure and you can definitely consider it to have some quality weed products. 


#1. What are the offers and discounts at Crazy Cannabis?

You can refer this dispensary to your friend and can earn $30. During sales, you can get huge discounts. While reward points are also there with every purchase. Apart from this, you are also eligible for 20% off on the first order. So, there are many offers available at this dispensary. 

#2. Where to buy cheap weed online in Canada?

Crazy Cannabis offers excellent weed products at a cheaper price. Though you can even get more discounts during the sales period of this dispensary which is right now going on. You can grab 15% off instantly under the offers.

#3. Does Crazy Cannabis accept bitcoin?

Right now, they don’t accept cryptos as the payment method. They only accept CC (Credit Card) and Interac E-transfer. 

#4. What are the best products at Crazy Cannabis?

Edibles, flowers, and concentrates are of the best quality. They also have mushrooms. Though they don’t have a good selection under the accessories section. 

#5. Is Crazy Cannabis a scam website?

No! They are not a scam website. These guys are 100% genuine stores with a good range of marijuana stuff. 

Crazy Cannabis Dispensary Review: Final Verdict

Till now, you must be cleared whether to buy weed from Crazy Cannabis. You can start with small purchases if you really want to play safe. Though Crazy Cannabis has been in the industry for years. 

Alternately, if you want me to tell you an alternative Canadian marijuana dispensary then I will recommend you check out Herb Approach. 

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