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However, before heading to the purchasing website, you need to know the laws first, that is in action in Chicago. Therefore, this ultimate guide will make you aware of all the laws going on in your state. Additionally, you will get to know some awesome cannabis seed banks that directly ship to Chicago!

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Chicago

Is Cannabis or Weed Legal in Chicago?

First and foremost, this is the most asked question and probably this doubt might be in your mind as well that whether weed is legal in Chicago? 

Well, Chicago comes under Illinois state, and recently the U.S government has legalized medical and recreational marijuana from 1st January 2020. Illinois was the seventh state which got marijuana legalized in the United States.

Marijuana in Illinois was a topic to debate from the earlier 20th century. The reason was the prohibition on cannabis from 1931, which was the result of the global trend on cannabis prohibition. Even in the other states as well, the U.S government prohibited the use of cannabis. 

As time passed and the world started knowing the importance of cannabis in daily lives, especially in the medical field, therefore, in 1978, the state took a step ahead to allow medicinal cannabis to some extent. Well, this action was also not taken properly. 

Fast forward, in 2013, medical marijuana was again a hot topic to discuss and somehow it got allowed. Later on, 2018-19 was the year when recreational marijuana was in the process to be legalized. Ultimately, from the 1st of January 2020, medical and recreational marijuana was permitted in the state resulting in the allowance of cannabis in Chicago too!

However, there has been a regulated way to deal with cannabis stuff in the state, which we will be discussing further in detail. Before that, have a look at the currently cannabis laws in action in Chicago:

Current Laws in Chicago For Marijuana

Currently, marijuana is legalized in Chicago and there are certain guidelines that you need to follow for avoiding the authorities disturbing, during your enjoyment!

Also, you have to keep in mind that where you don’t need to indulge in cannabis activity within Chicago. As authorities have been strict for marijuana activity in such places:

  1. You don’t have to drive while being high over cannabis. This might lead you to a huge penalty. Well, the charges are dependent on the severity of the crime. However, you will not want to take the risk though!
  2. You cannot sell cannabis stuff individually. That means license-owned retailers are permitted to do cannabis business in Chicago. 
  3. Only medical patients are permitted to grow cannabis plants at home. Recreational users are still not allowed to do so. 
  4. You are not permitted to use cannabis in a public place such as in a bus, park, or around a public gathering. This might cause you a $50 fine at first which can go higher accordingly. 
  5. Even to get marijuana stuff from an authorized shop, you may need to show your I.D card as well. Also, you must be equal or above of adult age to indulge in such activity. 

Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


The possession of cannabis in public places in Chicago is illegal. That means if you are found with cannabis stuff in public space then the authorities have the right to take legal action. After the recreational marijuana allowance in 2017, the possession of cannabis in Chicago is permitted up to one ounce (28 grams) per individual. 


Although cannabis laws in the state got relaxed, however, the government has strict regulations over the cultivation of marijuana. If you are found growing marijuana plants in your home for recreational purposes then the authorities might take action against you, which will include 200 dollars fine as well. 

However, considering the cannabis’ positive results in the medicinal field, the authorities have permitted the medical patients to grow some cannabis plants. Well, a medical patient individual can grow only up to 5 plants only. 

Apart from this, for commercial purposes, license holders are permitted to grow only up to 5,000 square feet of the crop. 


First of all, an individual of Chicago must be an adult (18 years or above) to indulge in cannabis activity. Apart from this, personal usage is allowed in the private space only. That means public possession and consumption are not permitted according to the latest laws.  

Medical Marijuana in Chicago

The medical benefits of marijuana have been in the eyes of authorities since a very earlier time and therefore, in Illinois state, the first medical marijuana legalization process came into the effect in 2013. Well, in the beginning, the authorities have been very strict and only prescribed patient in urgent need of marijuana treatment was allowed to have medicinal cannabis dose. 

As time passed, laws got relaxed, and within 2020, 1,50,000 medical patients got benefited from the government’s medical marijuana program. That means the laws are in favor of medical patients in need of cannabis treatment right now in 2023. 

However, to avoid illegal usage and sale, the government has prohibited the individual sale of marijuana either for medical patients. Additionally, only those medical patients who are prescribed by an expert physician are allowed to avail the medical marijuana facility. 

As said earlier, cultivating marijuana plants is allowed for medicinal ill individuals therefore, one can also grow their own cannabis garden in case of need. However, growing cannabis plants in the home for medical purposes is restricted to 5 plants per individual only. 

Overall, medical marijuana laws in Chicago are very relaxed and if you have the right reasons and prescription then you can have this facility without any hassle. Also, cultivation is permitted so, you can have your own cannabis plants as well.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Chicago?

This is the question that you might be waiting for to be answered. Well, if you want to grow cannabis plants for your medicinal treatment or medical purpose then there is no issue, you can have cannabis seeds in your home, and also you can grow them in your garden. 

However, if you want to grow for recreational purposes then it is banned and you might be charged for that by the authorities. 

Well, coming back to your home marijuana gardening for medical treatment, you can either buy from the local stores and also from the online cannabis seed banks. 

However, buying cannabis seeds from physical stores might include some hassle process. This is where the online seed banks come into play! Online cannabis seed banks are reliable, safe, private, and have quality seed sources. 

Additionally, the online stores have many varieties for you to choose from according to your requirement. Also, you can directly get your seeds at the doorstep without anyone letting know your plans! 

Therefore, overall, online seed banks are the best option!

Well, you might be puzzled while deciding the best cannabis seed bank for your city i.e. Chicago. Therefore, we have mentioned here some of the all-time best seed banks online that directly ship to Chicago. Also, they have a wide selection of seeds along with many strain varieties. 

Recommended Seed Banks that Ship to Chicago

Here are our top picked cannabis seed banks that ship worldwide and also to Chicago:

1. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

One of the most reliable, trustworthy seed banks. Instant shipping, affordable price. Highest-quality seeds with many varieties. Multiple payment options are available. Crop King Seeds these strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!



MSNL Seed Bank website

Completely trustworthy seed bank with many cannabis strains in stock (also the latest ones). Multiple payment options including bitcoin (15% off). Fast shipping and discreet delivery of the seeds worldwide. 

So, these are two seedbanks that will 100% meet your expectations. Both seed banks have a very huge market reputation, instant customer support, and service across the world. Therefore, this ensures that you will be having the best experience with them.


How to Choose the Best Seed Bank?

Well, here is the pro guide on how you can choose the best seed bank that can benefit you the most:

  • Market Reputation

An online seed bank’s market image matters the most. As this will give you an idea about the company’s service quality and also about the seeds. Therefore, make sure to do background research and get to know about the quality of the seed bank you are choosing!

  • Quality and quantity

Always prefer quality over quantity. However, nowadays, most of the seed banks have a wide variety of cannabis seeds but as you need the best cannabis seeds, therefore, you must be choosing the best quality seeds over quantity. 

  • Customer support

Make sure, seeds you are buying from the online website must have good customer service. As in the case of returns or help, you may need to approach the company for help. Therefore, an online website with supportive customer service will be the best combination. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Chicago: Final Words

Till here, you are aware of most of the cannabis laws in Chicago. However, we always recommend you confirm the latest laws in your local region and then take a step ahead for cannabis activity. Well, once you are allowed by the laws, there are several options to get cannabis seeds and grow them in your garden. 

We have also mentioned some of the best cannabis seed banks around the globe. Now, there is nothing that can stop you to buy cannabis seeds in Chicago!

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