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In many states of the U.S, cannabis has been legalized for personal and medical usage. However, where recreational marijuana is not legalized, medical allowance exists to some extent. Minnesota is one of the U.S states where medical marijuana is legalized while recreational cannabis remains illegal. 

Even the state has much more cannabis regulations which we are going to make you aware of in this guide. Therefore, read along to know everything about cannabis in Minnesota. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Minnesota

Is Cannabis Legal in Minnesota in 2021?

As said earlier, cannabis is legal for only medical usage. Recreational cannabis is illegal in Minnesota and the authorities have strict punishments for the law offenders. Although the state history goes way back to the 20th century when the state government decriminalized the small cannabis possession although since then the state struggles to make recreational cannabis exist in the region officially. 

Apart from this, for medical cannabis enthusiasts, Minnesota has one of the restricted medical marijuana programs under which the state government has permitted limited medical conditions to qualify for cannabis treatment. However, we will discuss medical marijuana in detail later on. 

After medical marijuana legalization, people were in favor to allow recreational cannabis as well. Even there were attempts from the authorities in 2019, however, none of the attempts could make recreational marijuana legalize. 

Comparing to the other states where recreational and medical marijuana is legalized, Minnesota residents have only access to medical cannabis even only for limited medical conditions. Other states with the legalization of cannabis are heading to increase revenue through cannabis sales in the region, which is also a positive thing. Although Minnesota lawmakers have also that concern, which was showed by Tim Walz in 2018 when he argued that the legalization of cannabis could bring a new source of revenue in the region. 

Coming back to 2021, for those who are seeking to access marijuana for personal usage, unfortunately, the state doesn’t permit that. Although if any medical patient has qualifying conditions for the state’s medical marijuana program then he or she can get access to that. 

History of the State Regarding Cannabis

Cannabis has been known to Minnesota residents from the earlier time of its existence in the region and country. People were into using cannabis for personal usage and other requirements. Even the country’s hemp cultivation history is quite rich, which shows the popularity of hemp among the people. Although at the starting of the 20th century, when there was a marijuana prohibition trend around the country, the state was also against cannabis usage, and therefore, at that time, cannabis was officially banned. 

However, until 1976, the state didn’t take any major step for marijuana legislation while in that year, Minnesota decriminalized the possession of marijuana up to 42.5 grams or less to a petty misdemeanor. This was the first time when the state has reduced the penalty for marijuana offenses in the region. Well, from then to the end of the 20th century, there were no changes in the cannabis legislation. 

Well, as marijuana acceptance in different aspects took trend during the 2010s, people of the state demanded medical legalization. Ultimately, in May 2014, Governor Mark Dayton signed into law allowing medical cannabis for medical patients. However, this medical marijuana program was for limited medical symptoms only. Around nine medical symptoms were considered to qualify for medical cannabis treatment. At that time, the state didn’t mention anything about the sale of medical marijuana though it was the 23rd state to allow medical marijuana legally in the region. 

Overall, the history of the state has very few changes in the legislation although those changes were in favor of marijuana enthusiasts. Either it is about 1976 decriminalization or about 2014’s medical legalization. However, even in 2021 when other U.S states have permitted personal marijuana, Minnesota has recreational cannabis illegalized. 

Current Laws in Action in the State

Here is the summarization of the marijuana guidelines and laws that are in action in the state:

  1. Driving under the influence of marijuana in Minnesota remains illegal and the offender can be charged with the penalty for that. 
  2. Marijuana for minors remains illegal and sharing cannabis with minors can lead one to huge penalties and legal court trials. 
  3. Minnesota Medical Cannabis Act from 2014 is in action currently in the state which gives access to medical cannabis to the patients. 
  4. Medical patients in the state can access medical cannabis through dispensaries. One can also search for licensed dispensaries in different cities through delivery remains illegal in the region. However, some dispensaries might also offer curbside pickup services. 
  5. Personal possession of marijuana remains illegal and one can be charged with up to a $300 fine.

Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


Once the medical patient is qualified for the medical marijuana program, medical cannabis will be available in the form of a liquid, pill, or vaporized delivery method. Though the quantity of medical cannabis should not exceed the 30-day supply limit. 

Apart from this, personal possession of marijuana under 42.5 grams remains decriminalized and the offender can be fined up to $300. Though the possession of more than the limited quantity will be treated as a felony. 


Right now, the medical marijuana program remains restricted to limited medical conditions, however, cultivation is illegal in the state. Either medical patients or recreational users no one is allowed in the region to grow their own cannabis plants. 


Consuming marijuana in public space is illegal though medical patients are permitted to consume medical cannabis in private space only. Even though medical marijuana use is not allowed near public gatherings such as parks, schools, university campuses, etc. 

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

The Minnesota Medical Marijuana Act creates a patient registry under the Department of Health to allow medical cannabis usage for limited medical conditions to the patients. However, this legislation update allows medical cannabis consumption in a limited form only. May 2014’s legalization of medical marijuana includes nine different medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis treatment. 

However, within the upcoming time, the authorities added more medical conditions to these for making medical cannabis available for more medical patients. In 2016, intractable pain, PTSD in 2017, and Chronic pain in 2019 was added to the list. 

If we summarize the total medical conditions then medical patients with the following conditions can qualify for medical cannabis treatment:

  1. Cancer-associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea
  2. or severe vomiting, or cachexia, or severe wasting.
  3. Glaucoma.
  4. HIV/AIDS.
  5. Tourette Syndrome.
  6. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
  7. Seizures, including those characteristics of Epilepsy.
  8. Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including
  9. those characteristics of Multiple Sclerosis.
  10. Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease.
  11. Terminal illness, with a probable life expectancy of less than one year*
  12. Intractable pain
  13. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In 2021, the above medical conditions of patients directly qualify for accessing medical marijuana. 

Well, medical cannabis sales in the state were not started initially though it began in 2018 after proper regulations. However, to access medical marijuana in the state, one must have to register under the Medical Cannabis Registry. The process includes the following steps:

Step 1. One must have to visit the registered physician for getting a recommendation for medical cannabis treatment following the qualifying symptoms. 

Step 2. Register online through government-issued ID and pay registration charges (around $200). Once you are registered you can move for the further process. 

Step 3. Now, once you have the doctor’s consent and registered through the medical marijuana program, you can go to the Cannabis Patient Centre for purchasing cannabis medication. 

So, these are the three simple steps that one can follow for getting medical marijuana treatment in Minnesota. 

Overall, the medical marijuana program in the state was restricted to only nine medical symptoms initially, however, within upcoming years, the lawmakers made this program available for more medical conditions as well. Even accessing medical cannabis in the state is also hassle-free. Therefore, now, the state has one of the relaxing medical marijuana programs in 2021. 

How to Get the Marijuana Seeds in Minnesota?

Cultivating marijuana plants in the state is illegal and therefore, offending the laws might lead you to huge monetary penalties and imprisonment as well. We also recommend our readers follow the local guidelines strictly. Although cultivating marijuana plants is illegal but keeping the cannabis seeds is not. However, you are recommended to confirm from the local authorities about the same.

Once you are comfortable about having marijuana seeds in your home, you can search out online cannabis seed banks as it will be quite tough to find out the local stores which can provide you the high-quality marijuana seeds. 

Even online seed banks provide you coverage over different marijuana strains which in physical stores might not be possible. Apart from this, the online stores have regular sales, offers which can give you access to premium cannabis seeds at a very less price. However, these things are tough to be seen in an offline store. Especially where cannabis is not completely legal. 

Best Online Seed Banks

Here are some best cannabis seed banks that are popular worldwide and has a very huge market reputation in 2021:

1. ILGM 

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MSNL Seed Bank website

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3. CKS

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Overall, these seed banks are thousands of cannabis lovers’ recommendations which you will be 100% sure to worth your money by purchasing cannabis seeds from them. 

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Some Important FAQs

  • When will recreational marijuana be legal in Minnesota?

The state’s authorities have already proposed a bill for the adult use of marijuana which unfortunately didn’t come into effect. Therefore, right now, in 2021 there is no update regarding recreational marijuana. 

  • How can I access medical marijuana in Minnesota?

One must have to get registered through the state medical marijuana program after the physician’s recommendation. Then the patient can access medical cannabis through different authorized pharmacies. 

  • Can I have medical cannabis in form of edibles?

No! cannabis for medical treatment is permitted in the form of liquids, pills, and not in the form of leaves or edibles. This comes under the Medical Marijuana Law of the state. 

Final Thoughts on Marijuana in Minnesota

Marijuana in Minnesota is not allowed for recreational purposes. However, within the upcoming time, the state might take some positive decisions as one of the previous attempts for the adult use of cannabis got failed. Although it also depends on the people’s demand for the same. 

Overall, in the future, cannabis in the state can take positive decisions for recreational marijuana enthusiasts. However, until then we have to wait and stay under the current guidelines. 

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