Best Autoflower Seed Banks for Auto Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower weed strains are very special. 

They flower faster. 

That means with autoflower seeds you can reach to harvest stage earlier than other weed strains. 

Hence, if you are looking to grow autoflower weed seeds then you must buy the seeds from the best autoflower seed banks around the world. 

Irrespective of your location there are top-notch quality seed banks that can provide you finest quality autoflower marijuana seeds.

So, let’s find out them:

Best Auto Flower Seed Bank

Top 7 Best Autoflower Seed Banks

While investing in marijuana seeds, you just can’t put your money in any random store. Therefore, I have listed here a detailed review for each popular and recommended autoflower seed bank around the world. 

You can go with any of them to get the world’s top-quality autos.

I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. 

And, there are right now among the top seed banks around the globe for selling the finest quality weed seeds including autoflowers as well. 

If you want your complete investment to be worth then choose the ILGM store. 

ILGM stores wonderful varieties of autoflower weed strains and they sell them at very affordable prices. 

Their virtual store is quite responsive and engaging. You will find every information related to their store, which makes them more trustworthy. 

Apart from this, they have a special grow guide section for the beginner growers out there as “Grow Bible.” 

Although one drawback of buying autoflower seeds from ILGM is that they ship only to U.S.A and Australia. Hence, ILGM services are limited to these two countries only. 


  1. Best quality autoflower seeds.
  2. Affordable price range. 
  3. Loyalty program.
  4. Grow guides for beginners. 
  5. Trustworthy.
  6. Regular offers.
  7. Free shipping to the U.S.

ILGM is one of the most popular and in-demand stores in the U.S.A. Their seed quality is unmatchable while the after-sale services are commendable. So, overall, you can blindly trust this store for buying the best quality autoflower marijuana seeds.


MSNL Seed Bank website

In search of the best autoflower seed bank, one cannot forget MSNL or 

With more than two decades in the marijuana industry, MSNL has separate respect among the weed growers. Doesn’t matter you are buying autos, feminized, or regular strains, you are 100% sure to get the best quality seeds from here. 

Under the auto-flowering section, you can choose indoor, outdoor, or any other specific variety of the strain. Therefore, at MSNL you will get a huge variety for the selection of weed seeds. 

Unlike ILGM, MSNL ships worldwide. Though you can check your specific location. 

This best autoflower seed bank also offers free shipping which you can check on their website.

Moreover, they offer you regular sales and offers too. 

When it comes to the services then MSNL is just amazing. They are instantly available for any kind of order query. Hence, you are sure to have the overall best experience at MSNL. 


  • Most trustworthy store. 
  • Over 20 years of experience in the industry. 
  • Best range of autoflower seeds.
  • Worldwide shipping. 
  • Affordable price.
  • Fast shipping. 
  • Best customer support.

Though MSNL stores a variety of autoflower strains but they have limited stock for premium marijuana seeds. Moreover, the quality of seeds at MSNL is top-notch which makes you able to get the most out of your garden every time you cultivate. Hence, your money will be worth buying autoflower seeds from MSNL.  


seedsman website

Seedsman’s autoflower strains have a rating of 4.6/5 from the genuine 2561 buyers. And, believe me, their strain selection is very impressive. From experimentally unique auto-flowering seeds to the premium range of autos, Seedsman has got you all!

For beginner growers, this store is a favorite. Because Seedsman is quite affordable and you can have the premium range of seeds starting from just $10. Isn’t it amazing? Well, yes!

Growers in search of medical strain don’t forget to try out the Doctor Seedsman with a 30:1 CBD cannabinoid ratio at their store. 

Apart from this, multiple varieties make you able to find your favorite strain at Seedsman for sure.

Seedsman’s website is good. It is well-designed and informative. And, the best part while shopping from their store is that you can filter out your search as per price, brand, breeder, cannabinoid content, features, yield, and many more options.

This feature of Seedsman makes you find exactly what you are looking for instantly.


  1. Very affordable store.
  2. High-quality autoflower seeds.
  3. Impressive website.
  4. Free seeds on order above 30 Euros. 
  5. Multiple breeders and brands. 
  6. Loyalty program.
  7. Multiple payment options.

Seedsman is a one-stop store for what you might be searching for. The company knows what a quality grower looks for and that is why you will be able to observe clearly that how their store stands out in terms of quality seeds and services. 

While the best part of ordering seeds from Seedsman is that you get your seeds from a reputed brand that has ultimate experience of several years in the market. 


Based in Amsterdam, Weed Seeds Express is one of the newest autoflower seed banks which deliver quality seeds and services. 

This seed bank ships across the globe discreetly with a guarantee. The quality of seeds at Weed Seeds Express is top-notch. And as a new autoflower seed bank, it is promising top-notch quality services too. 

Although this seed bank has limited autoflower seeds they claim to store only “the best.” Apart from this, you will be getting regular offers on their stock. Right now, they are offering a “Buy 3 and get 3 free” offer. 

Weed Seeds Express offers worldwide delivery of its seeds. They take a maximum of 26 days to deliver to any location around the world. However, USA, Canada, and European regional orders are shipped and delivered faster. 

And, they also charge a nominal shipping fee. 

Well, the company claims to give you the best customer service though they need improvement in their services yet. 


  1. Limited stock of best autoflower seeds.
  2. New seed banks. 
  3. Attractive deals. 
  4. Reasonable price. 
  5. Average services.

What makes Weed Seeds Express be listed as the best autoflower seed bank is their limited yet only best quality auto seeds. If a grower wants to have a specific strain from Weed Seeds Express then surely it will be of top quality. While for variety lovers, this seed bank might not be the ideal option. 

WeedSeedsExpress has a 4.8 user rating on Trustpilot.


Crop King Seeds

CKS or Crop King Seeds is quite popular in Canada. This is one of the first best online autoflower seed banks which has over 100 physical branches in Canada. 

Crop King Seeds stores over 100+ autoflower seed strains. Maybe more. And, therefore, you are sure to find the auto strain which might not be available elsewhere. 

Additionally, your seeds will come with an 80% germination guarantee. That means you are eligible to get a free pack of new seeds if 8 out of every 10 seeds didn’t germinate. Well, most of the time, this offer remains unused as the CKS autoflower seeds never disappoint. 

To be honest, this seed bank might fall to the pricey side as compared to the above seed stores but each penny will be worth invested at Crop King Seeds. Because Crop King Seeds imports only the best autoflower seeds in their stock. 

Apart from this, ordering at CKS is very easy. Even now they are accepting payment via crypto. Although you will also have some other payment options as well, which you can check at their store. 

Crop King Seeds ships worldwide discreetly and that is why they are right now one of the best autoflower seed banks with a 4.7/5 rating at Trustpilot. 

Crop King Seeds got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!


  1. Only best autoflower seeds.
  2. Every week new seeds are released. 
  3. Crypto payment option available. 
  4. 24/7 online chat support. 
  5. Reputed store.
  6. A wide stock of marijuana seeds is available. 
  7. Ships worldwide.

Crop King Seeds has everything that a weed grower can look for in an ideal seed store. They store only the finest quality seeds. While they regularly release the new stock of seeds. Additionally, you get instant customer support in case of queries. So, from storing the world’s best auto-flowering seeds to shipping across the world with additional services, Crop King Seeds becomes the best autoflower seed bank for 2021. 


  • Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis website

Ministry of Cannabis is another option while searching for affordable autoflower seed banks. This autoflower seed store offers some unique auto strains which you will love to grow. 

While the price range at the Ministry of Cannabis is just amazing. You can say it is one of the cheapest autoflower seed banks out there. 

To be honest, personally, I didn’t like the website’s appearance. Though you will be getting multiple filtering options which makes you find exactly what you are looking for. 

The company claims to have over a million happy customers across the world with over 15 years of experience in the market. Whatever the claims, you will be getting a high-quality autoflower strain from here. 

While they also provide you good customer service. The customer support is eager to help and contacts you within 24 hours to solve your query, which is a plus point. 


  1. Cheapest autoflower seed bank.
  2. Quality seeds.
  3. Ships worldwide. 
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Reputed and experienced store.

Ministry of Cannabis is a confident brand that gives you a 90% germination guarantee on their seeds. Therefore, while purchasing seeds from here, you will be sure that you are buying quality autoflower seeds. 


With multiple seed banks in contact and varieties of strains, TNS or True North Seed Bank is our next choice for the best autoflower seed banks around the world. 

TNS has very wide contact with the breeders and other seed banks. Therefore, they can stock a wide autoflower cannabis seed selection. Additionally, they deliver their seeds worldwide with extra security and insurance. Though they charge a nominal fee for the same. 

However, at TNS, shipping time is quite fast and your order will be at your doorstep within a maximum of two weeks for U.S and Canada growers. 

Coming to the autoflower seed quality then they are top-notch. You are recommended to try out their premium range of autos which gives an impressive result in the garden. Although you can also buy seeds in bulk at a low price from True North Seed Bank. 

Additionally, the website is professionally designed for easy navigation, searching out the stuff you are interested in. You can also filter out your seed strain according to the brand from their website, which is a plus point. 


  1. A variety of auto strains are available. 
  2. Finest quality seeds. 
  3. Reasonable pricing. 
  4. Worldwide shipping. 
  5. A wide range of breeders. 

Summing up, True North Seed Bank is an ideal autoflower seed bank for the growers who are looking for something unique and special. As this seed store stocks from multiple breeders and hence you can find the latest or new strains of the market here. While the quality of seeds is completely commendable. 


Factors for Choosing the Best Autoflower Seed Bank

Before putting out the above best autoflower seed banks, we have measured their qualities on some factors, which you must know while selecting the best autoflower seed store or even any seed bank. 

  • Quality of seeds

Irrespective of the wide stock or variety, we have mainly focused on the quality of seeds. 

Doesn’t matter if a store has only 29 autoflower seeds but the quality of these seeds must be “best.” 

That is why you will be able to get the limited yet best auto seeds. 

However, having a large variety of selections makes a seed bank have an edge for being the best seed bank. Because growers will have more options at a single store to choose from. 

Therefore, in our list, we have listed both types of seed banks while keeping one thing common – the best seeds. 

  • Reviews

While making the best list, we have taken the other buyers’ reviews into the account. Because the genuine reviews actually make you get the idea that how will be your experience at that particular store. 

If more users are saying good about a store then there are high chances that you will also have a good experience from there. 

Even for choosing a particular weed strain, you are recommended to consider the ‘genuine reviews’ before making a decision. 

  • Price

Although we prefer quality over price. But, still, we have considered only those seed banks which even a fresh weed enthusiast can afford while keeping the quality of seeds top-notch. 

Therefore, you can visit any of the above seed stores. You will surely be able to get quality seeds at a reasonable and affordable price rate. 

  • Customer service

I don’t like to wait over phone calls or checking mail again and again for a reply. Hence, I love to buy things from a store that has responsive and fast customer service. 

That is why I have especially taken care of this factor in the best autoflower seed bank. Because just in case if you got any issue then you will be having a back of supportive, fast, and reliable team that will solve your problem. 

  • Website or information

For trusting out on a store we need information. Info about the store, establishment, and even about a particular strain. 

This is where the appearance, design, theme, and engagement of the website come into play. 

If a store’s website is informative and has listed everything that a grower might need to know about then it impresses at a very first glance. 

From having info about a particular seed strain to the shipping info, payment info, and more, the store must have everything informed to the visitor to be the best seed bank. 

Best Autoflower Seed Banks – Final Words

Choosing the best autoflower seed bank is easy when you know what to look for. However, we have made it easy for you. Now, you know the best autoflower seed banks of 2021, which can make your growing experience fantastic. 

Now, it is your turn, go, get, growing! Also, tell us your experience in the comment section below. We will love to hear you!

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