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In many states of the U.S, cannabis laws are quite strict and Arkansas is one of those states where recreational marijuana is still illegal in 2023! Well, there have been many attempts from different authorities to make cannabis exist officially, however, they didn’t succeed till now!

Well, doesn’t matter if you are planning a trip in Arkansas or wanted to think about cannabis there, you must have to be known about cannabis laws in action in the region. Hence, this expert guide has everything that you need the most to know about cannabis laws in Arkansas!

So, let’s begin:

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Arkansas

Is Cannabis Legal in Arkansas in 2023?

In short, recreational marijuana is illegal in 2023 though medical cannabis is somehow allowed to some extent, which we will discuss in detail later. However, the state has a very long cannabis history as well in which the earlier time of the state was against cannabis cultivation and consumption due to its obvious effects. 

Well, as time went on and the whole world accepted the importance of cannabis in people’s daily lives, Arkansas also got some proposals to allow cannabis in the region. Unfortunately, most of the attempts were failed and till now, in 2023, recreational cannabis is banned in the state. 

Additionally, it is not only illegal in the state but also a heavily punishable offense under which the offender can be fined hugely or sent to imprisonment. Apart from that, medical cannabis was in huge demand in the state due to its healing properties. Therefore, medical cannabis got allowed after some years though recreational cannabis was still in between. 

In a nutshell, cannabis and its historical journey have been filled with the attempts of organizations, authorities to make it exist in the state. Somehow, in 2023 only medical cannabis is permitted with guidelines. That means recreational cannabis remains illegal! 

History of the State Regarding Cannabis

From the starting era of the 20th century, cannabis was about to vanish from the United States. It was the time when the whole world had stood against marijuana and as a result, cannabis was criminalized in 1923 in Arkansas along with Washington, New Mexico, and some other states. 

Additionally, authorities were ordered to fine up to $2,500 or send to jail to the individual caught with more than 4 ounces of cannabis which was treated as a class A misdemeanor under the state law. Apart from this, the regular conviction can also lead the offender to up to 6 years of imprisonment along with a $6,000 fine. 

With that said, you can get an idea about the strict policies against cannabis in the state from earlier times. Also, since then, marijuana is still prohibited in the state. However, there have been consistent attempts to legalize and change these penalties but they were failed. Those were the attempts in 2012, Arkansas medical marijuana act, which aim was to authorize non-profit organizations to grow and sell medical cannabis. Also, this law ultimately permits the patients to grow their own cannabis plants as well with certain conditions. 

However, this proposal was defeated by 48.6% of the votes. 

Well, the latest change in marijuana law occurred in 2016 when Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved on 8 November 2016. From then, medical use of cannabis was allowed in the Arkansas state. That legislative change allowed the doctors to recommend cannabis treatment in 12 different medical symptoms. To fulfill the demand for cannabis, around 4 to 8 cultivators and about 20 to 40 dispensaries are to be licensed in the state. 

With that said, personal cannabis cultivation was not permitted in the state even though in medical urgency. However, the patient was allowed to get medical cannabis treatment after the physician’s recommendation. 

Along with 5 cultivators, the first dispensary for medical cannabis amendment was licensed in Hot Spring in May 2019. 

Overall, the historical journey of the state has been quite interesting about cannabis when the attempts were closely defeated for legalization. This also shows the cannabis popularity among the people and therefore, the future might be quite positive for cannabis lovers in the state!

Current Laws in Action in the State

Before you head to Arkansas, you have to keep the current guidelines in your mind before dealing with cannabis-related stuff:

  1. As cannabis is illegal, therefore, the offender can be fined by the authorities up to $2,500 and can even be sent to jail. 
  2. As Arkansas is a ‘Smoke a joint and lose your license’ state, therefore, you will never want to lose your driving license for 6 months by indulging in cannabis activity. 
  3. Even to get medical cannabis benefits, one has to get a recommendation from the doctor. To qualify for the medical marijuana program, the government has approved 12 different medical diseases. 

Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption of Cannabis


Cannabis possession by anyone in the state is strictly prohibited. The offender will be treated as a drug trafficker while the authorities can put a heavy fine of up to $2,500 and even jail. 


Even though medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, cultivation is not! Cannabis cultivation for personal use or medicinal purpose both is illegal in the state. Additionally, fines and punishment are the same as per the possession offense. 

However, after the medical marijuana program, the authorities will give licenses and authorization to specific cultivators and dispensaries to fulfill the cannabis demand in the state. 


Consumption is not allowed in the state after the illegalization of cannabis. However, medical patients after consent from the authorities and doctor’s recommendation can consume medical cannabis in a private space.

Medical Marijuana Law in Arkansas

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved on November 8, 2016, and from then, medical cannabis use was permitted in the state. However, the laws were quite strict even for medically ill patients, therefore, the authorities didn’t permit the cultivation of cannabis plants in their homes. 

Patients after the doctor’s consent can have cannabis treatment. Additionally, as there is no private retail store where the sellers can sell cannabis stuff, therefore, the government has planned to open around 40 dispensaries for the patients where they can get medical cannabis stuff. 

To fulfill the cannabis demand in the state, around 8 cultivators will be authorized for the same. 

Overall, the state has a very beneficial medical marijuana program for the needy. The only concern is to get a recommendation from the doctor and hence you can have cannabis for treatment. 

Conditions to get medical cannabis:

  1. The government has approved 12 medical diseases to qualify for the medical marijuana program. 
  2. Patients can have marijuana treatment only after a doctor’s recommendation. 

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in Arkansas in 2023?

Although recreational cannabis is illegal in Arkansas right now in 2023, however, having cannabis seeds is not an issue there. That means you will not be offending the laws until you grow your cannabis seeds. That means you can buy cannabis seeds and can have them in your house without any issues until you don’t put them in your garden to cultivate. 

Well, we strongly recommend you not to offend any laws in your region, however, to keep the cannabis seeds in your house, there shouldn’t be any legal trouble. Additionally, the future of cannabis in Arkansas seems to be positive for weed lovers. Therefore, we recommend you cultivate cannabis seeds only when it is officially legal. 

Apart from this, as the state doesn’t have retail shops right now that can sell cannabis seeds due to illegalization, therefore, we recommend you to check out the online seed stores. These online seed banks are far better than physical stores due to several reasons. One of the most important reasons is their wide selection which gives you the freedom to choose your strain from a wide category. Also, these online stores have regular stock clearance and seasonal sales that means you can have huge deals at low prices. 

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Future of Cannabis in Arkansas

Cannabis in Arkansas is right now illegal for recreational purposes, however, within the upcoming time, the future of cannabis lovers should be bright! Even the recent law was failed with a short margin and the increasing demand for cannabis among people will create pressure on the authorities to take the right decision. 

Therefore, within the upcoming time, we may witness some positive changes in the cannabis legislation of the state!

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